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Scandals that return to haunt Shell

Former Royal Dutch Shell executive director Malcolm Brinded (above left), sucked up to the Libyan dictator Muammar al-Gaddafi, the monster ultimately responsible for the Pan-Am 103 bombing and other terrorist atrocities. They include the murder of a British police constable Yvonne Fletcher shot outside the Libyan Embassy in London while policing an anti-Gaddafi demonstration. (Mr Brinded is currently embroiled in the OPL 245 Nigerian corruption scandal and previously had starring roles in the Brent Bravo “TFA” scandal and the Shell oil reserves fraud.)

By John Donovan

A chilling documentary “Mad Dog: Gaddafi’s Secret World” is currently available to view on BBC Player, but only for another 4 weeks. It is about “the dark world of Colonel Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who combined oil and the implied threat of terror to turn western powers into cowed appeasers”.

Another throughly disreputable politician makes an appearance. The then UK Prime Minister Tony Blair is shown embracing and kissing the monstrous dictator on both cheeks before announcing a £1billion Libyan oil deal with Shell. Blair knew all about Gaddafi’s terrorist exploits, but like Shell, put money before principle, as he inevitably does. Naturally, then Shell boss Malcolm Brinded was up to his neck in the scandalous deal.

Part of the documentary covers the bombing of Pan Am 103 and the subsequent release of the convicted bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi as part of the oil deal negotiated by Blair. Shell is the only oil company named in the documentary. It claims to operate under strict business principles, but in fact has no scruples at all.

The following are extracts from a related Daily Mail article published under the headline: Shell wrote letter Tony Blair used in £325m Libyan oil deal

Tony Blair used a letter written by Shell to lobby Colonel Gaddafi on its behalf to clinch an oil deal, documents reveal.

A letter he wrote to the Libyan leader bears a remarkable similarity to a briefing note Royal Dutch Shell sent him weeks earlier promoting a £325million deal.

The correspondence, obtained under a Freedom of Information request, reveals just how much Mr Blair was influenced by the oil company when he was Prime Minister.

It also puts into question the Government’s motives for releasing Lockerbie bomber Abdul Baset Ali al-Megrahi.

Lockerbie victims have accused the Government of releasing the terrorist in order to allow British companies better access to oil and gas deals in Libya. The letters reveal that

Shell asked Mr Blair to discuss progress on weapons of mass destruction and about information on the investigation into the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in London in 1984.

The objective was ‘to cause the Leader to instruct the Cabinet to approve/finalise quickly’ the company’s deal, according to the Shell draft.

Shell advised the Prime Minister to congratulate Colonel Muammar Gaddafi on Revolution Day and to comment on Libya’s ‘remarkable year of progress’.


The compilation of articles accessible below provide the answer to why Tony Blair and Royal Dutch Shell executive director Malcolm Brinded (now departed), sucked up to the Libyan dictator.

More about the documentary, which contains some violence and disturbing scenes. (Text that 

Colonel Gaddafi was called ‘mad dog’ by Ronald Reagan. His income from oil was a billion dollars a week. 

When he went abroad – bedecked in fake medals from unfought wars – a bulletproof tent was flown ahead, along with camels that would be tethered outside. His sons lived a Dolce & Gabbana lifestyle – one kept white tigers, while another commissioned a $500 million cruise liner with a shark pool.

Like other tyrants, Gaddafi used torture and murder to silence opposition, but what made his rule especially terrifying was that death came so casually. A man who complained that Gaddafi had an affair with his wife was allegedly tied between two cars and torn in half. On visits to schools and orphanages Gaddafi would tap underage girls on the head to show his henchmen which ones he wanted. They would be taken to his palace and abused. Young boys were held in tunnels under the palace.

Yet because of his vast oil lake there seemed no limit to western generosity. British intelligence trapped one of his enemies overseas and sent him to Libya as a gift. The same week, Tony Blair arrived in Libya and a huge energy deal was announced.

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