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Unexplainable ascent of ethically flawed Malcolm Brinded

Malcolm Brinded – ethically challenged President of the Energy Institute and Chairman of the Shell Foundation. 

By John Donovan

I recently received an email asking how it is possible that the Energy Institute could have a crook as its president. A reference to Malcolm Brinded, alleged in the email to have a “history of quasi psychopathic behaviour towards hundreds of offshore workers put at risk for years to protect Brinded’s personal ambitions.”

Brinded was elected as President of the Energy Institute on 4 July 2017. Equally astonishing is the fact that Brinded also remains Chairman of the Shell Foundation.

He holds these prestigious posts despite a track record of scandal and corruption during his many years at the highest levels of Shell and his role in the OPL 245 affair.


Brinded received a letter of censure from the then Shell CEO Jeroen van der Veer in respect of his conduct in the “TFA” Brent Bravo scandal, for which Brinded has blood on his hands.


Brinded supported a dishonest Shell executive who masterminded a plan to steal intellectual property from third party companies who thought they were participating in a fair tender process for a major Shell contract. Brinded ignored incontrovertible documentary evident of the devious plan involving several Shell executives. The contract was dishonestly awarded to a company that did not participate in the tender.


Brinded came close to being sacked for his cover-up role in the Shell hydrocarbon reserves fraud.


I have personally published countless articles over the years warning about his lack of scruples, all apparently ignored by his fellow Shell executives e.g. in 2009 – Royal Dutch Shell Fat Cat Malcolm Brinded: Big Brain but no scruples.

How on earth is this man President of the Energy Institute and Chairman of the Shell Foundation given his past track record and the evidence of his key role in OPL 245?

While it remains to be seen if he is criminally guilty, there is no doubt that his actions and those of his exotic colleagues, John Copleston and Guy Colegate, were totally at odds with Shell’s claimed business principles. Honesty, integrity, transparency etc. All worthless unenforced pledges designed to trick the public and shareholders into believing that Shell is an ethical company when its deeds indicate otherwise. and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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