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Shell Brent Bravo Deaths: Dynamite Bill Campbell representations to Unions, Scottish Justice Committee & HSE: Dec 2018

Despite his sleazy record, Malcolm Brinded (above) remains President of the Energy Institute

… a Secretary for State for Scotland intervened in the Regulatory process to help out her lover Malcolm Brinded and this action allowed Shell to maintain in office a mentally unbalanced Asset Manager… …the infamous Touch F-All Policy was halted by the intervention of a government Minister namely Helen Liddell…

Printed below are self-explanatory emails recently sent by Bill Campbell, retired global safety guru for Royal Dutch Shell Plc. See related article Malcolm Brinded’s responsibility for Brent Bravo deaths for more information.

First, an Email sent to the Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell Plc

From: Bill Campbell
Date: 14 December 2018 at 10:34:14 WET
Cc: John Donovan <>, dc.richmond@
Subject: Trade Unions

First of a number of submissions- the contents are explained.

Please comment by Monday, if not will state that you and OSDR have been given this info and have raised no moral or legal objections because the info provided is fundamentally accurate.

The other submissions are in chronological order and will be copied to you shortly.

(1) Audit Notes
(2) Technical Notes used to convey concerns to Managers and Directors
(3) Management Presentation of 1999 Audit Findings by that time accepted in full by the Auditees.
(4) Submission to parliament
(5) Notes on loss of containment
(6) Notes on non-compliance
(7) The Case against Brinded

Bill Campbell

PS: Chris Flint is head of the Offshore Safety Division Regulator (OSDR) and had no involvement in any of the above just like yourself
Messrs Donovan and Richmond are witnesses to these communications.

A subsequent email to Trade Unions, Scottish Parliment Justice Committee and the Health & Safety Executive.

From: Bill Campbell@
Subject: Fwd: Trade Unions
Date: 18 December 2018 at 12:17:30 GMT
Cc:, susan moncrieff

Please see attached which covers in some detail the concerns of trade unions, this is copied to the Justice Committee and also the Moncrieff family.  Apparently the unions namely STUC and RTU placed reliance on the FAI held in Aberdeen getting at the underlying causes of the death of Keith Moncrieff and the apprentice OT Sean McCue, there was never any possibility of this happening. In fact in an action both repugnant, and morally reprehensible the Offshore Safety Officials namely Taff Powell, David Bainbridge and Tom McClaren purposefully withheld the evidence I passed to them only days after the fatalities on 28 Oct 2003 and again the 2003 follow up material from the Shell internal post fatalities review passed to them on 22 May 2005, months before the FAI commenced in November of that year.  To prevent a FAI being held McClaren et all met with the then Fiscal Earnest Barbour where furnished with the red handled screwdriver that was found at the 81m level of the Bravo utility shaft told the Fiscal that this was an open and shut case, no need Earnest for a FAI, Shell working in collusion with OSD had also informed Barbour, who they had been conditioning such that by the time of the FAI he was totally compromised, that my evidence was the ranting and ravings of a disgruntled ex employee and did not merit his attention. The meeting over a cup of tea lasted some 15 minutes where my letter, see attached, was discussed but the evidence provided with the letter, both evidence from 1999 and from 2003 was not passed to the Fiscal. This is NOT contentious, OSD in 2006 confirmed this to be the case in writing. What OSD told the Fiscal is that Keith Moncrieff went into the shaft of 11 Sept, 2003 to repair patch 86 without authority to do so, he didn’t have a permit to work, and they thus contributed to their own demise and rather foolishly did not even bother to done their individual self rescue apparatus.  I will pass you shortly what happened on that Fateful Day.

Judge for yourself, and you can compare it with the FAI findings and the Sheriff, devoid of help from an expert witness struggling to understand what terms like operations under the Operations Umbrella actually meant. If the Author, who would at the time would have presented evidence against both Shell and OSD but was debarred from so doing, it would have reached a far more detailed and informative conclusion than it did and I am confident would have led to the prosecution of Shell Directors and Managers and also of OSD officials for their criminal misconduct whilst employed by a public authority funded by you and I and whose only role in life was to reduce risks to protect people.

To the Justice Committee, the Moncrieff family have been treated shamefully, the death of their brother covered up by both the them Labour Government, specifically the Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson, and later by the SNP government all to mask from public scrutiny that the investigation into the genuine concerns of workers in 1999, the infamous Touch F-All Policy was halted by the intervention of a government Minister namely Helen Liddell.

No one in the establishment of the secret Society that is modern Scotland wanted you as Trade Unions to be made aware that a Secretary for State for Scotland intervened in the Regulatory process to help out her lover Malcolm Brinded and this action allowed Shell to maintain in office a mentally unbalanced Asset Manager and if the vapour cloud had ignited on the 11th September, 2003 is likely to have caused the total destruction of an offshore installation with 156 persons on board. This is explained in the later attachments.

I would respectfully suggest that the STUC coordinated a response to the information passed to them and take the matter up directly with the Justice Committee.  To the committee you are bound by your own doctrine to make a positive difference to the lives of the people of Scotland so I beg you to study the letter sent to Shell and the totally unacceptable reply from the then Justice Minister Matheson.  The family are victims of the most atrocious crime and need to be treated as such, including pro bono legal help to take action against the Managers and Directors who failed their brother and his workmates in 2003.  I would very much like yet again, I have tried 6 times before, to present this evidence in public to the Committee on behalf of the Moncrieff family.

Bill Campbell
Tel: 0xxx XXXXX Email as per attached

I am currently abroad and will not return to 23 Dec, I would also welcome opportunity to discuss with STUC executive committee if this is deemed necessary because the evidence is not disputed by Royal Dutch Shell or by OSDR, and in fairness I will add that both the Shell Chairman and the current head of OSDR played no role in this sordid affair.


“Trade Union” file sent with the above email dated 18 December 2018. Includes correspondence with Royal Dutch Shell Plc Chairman Charles O. Holliday

Attachment supplied with the immediately above email.

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