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Amnesty International sign: Esther Kiobel standing outside Dutch Court building 12 February 2019

Declaration of Esther Kiobel

Hon. (Dr) Barinem Nubari Kiobel was a man with a prodigy with refined heart that cared for others. A kind-hearted man that was selfless. He was a wonderful husband, a God-fearing man, good Father, brother and a best Friend. He was the finest definition of refinement, consummate technocrat and upright character. He has been very much missed and will always be remembered.

Shell came into my life to take the best crown l ever wore off my head. Shell came into my life to make me a poverty-stricken widow with all my businesses shut down. Shell came into my life to make me a refugee living in harsh conditions before l came to the United States through REFUGEE program and now Citizen.

The abuses my family and l went through are such an awful experience that has left us traumatized to date without help. We all have lived with so much pain and agony, but rather than giving up, the thought of how ruthlessly my husband was killed and acidized has spurred me to remain resilient in my fight for justice.

Nigeria and Shell killed my late husband:  Dr  Barinem kiobel, and his compatriots: Kenule Tua Saro Wiwa, John Kpuinen, Baribor Bera, Paul Levula, Nordu Eawo and the rest innocent souls. My husband and the rest were killed and acidized. The memory of the physical torture my family and l went through has remained fresh in my mind, and whenever l look at the scar of the injury l sustained during the incident, my heart races for justice the more.

I was detained twice when my husband was in prison. Okuntimo assaulted me. I still have the scar. During the trial, he lied that I was crazy and that they locked me up in a psychiatric hospital.

QUESTION: What is Shell hiding if they are innocent why not challenge me in court?

Shell invited me and my husband to the Presidential Hotel in Port Harcourt. They took my husband by helicopter to show him the Shell facilities. A second time they invited us to their offices. They took my husband to the conference meeting. After that meeting my husband told me that they tried to bribe him. They wanted him to play a role in the destruction of MOSOP, to support Shell. 

They invited my husband in Giokoo. They said he was needed to use his influence to convince the youth to resolve their fight. My husband was always willing to help other people, so he went but he had to flee. He was set up.   

During my deposition, when I showed my evidence to Shell’s lawyer at Philadelphia, she was outraged, silent for a while then asked me how much l was suing for. l told her that l needed justice. My husband and the rest of victims MUST be exonerated! They offered me a settlement but only if I would keep silent, like the Wiwa descendants. but l refused and fought back and that is the reason they want me silent by fighting to ensure the case is not heard anywhere.

This Case will find no justice should it be heard in Nigeria. This is because the Federal Government of Nigeria is already an accomplice and mastermind of this whole mess. So, they always work to cover their traces. The Nigerian judicial system sentenced my husband to death at kangaroo court. There was no real trial. I am a refugee from the Nigerian system. Shell is a part of the system they have infiltrated over years to do business as they please. The system holds no hope for the common man or woman. 

My Family and l felt betrayed, disappointed, conspired against and Sad that the heart of justice was running away from helping the helpless get justice against a multinational evildoer that boasts of her evil.

My life, and those of my Children, and other family members right now is far from where we ought to be because of Shell. Today l labore round the Clock just to keep body and soul together as the responsibilities of my late husband’s loss fall squarely on me. There is no helping hand so l do everything for myself. I have to do four to five jobs sometimes just to make ends meet. l barely sleep. My dependants are not able to adequately get help from me and they fall back to despair caused by this one death. l have been made to pay the penalty for the crime perpetrated by Shell. 

UNITED STATES dismissed the case for lack of international jurisdiction. l have been fighting for justice since 22yrs now. Your Honor: l plead, with this case l seek justice for my murdered husband so that he can be exonerated from a crime he never committed. l seek justice against the oppressor. This is what will give us a sense of belonging as well as go a long way to give hope to countless victims of corporate human rights violations the world over. Your Honor; My family and l have been through so much emotional trauma. Our consolation over the years has been that the succors we found in this land will translate into bringing Shell to book for all the violations we suffered, the trauma of which we have battled to date.

I wish to thank all the Non-profit Groups, Media, Friends and well-wishers who stood (and are still standing, fighting) by the oppressed seeking justice. May God bless you all.

Your honour; I hope that Shell will be brought to justice. l hope for total recovery of all that my husband and l lost because of Shell’s evil deed.


Esther Kiobel      

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