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Message to George Clooney: How to rocket boost your campaign against the Sultan of Brunei

Dear Mr Clooney

As you may have noticed from the New York Times article (“The Sultan of Brunei: Opulence, Power and Hard-Line Islam“) Shell is the main financial supporter of the Brunei despot and has been for many years. They are as close as thieves. Shell gave him a $500,000 wedding present (bribe).


Powered by the oil company Brunei Shell Petroleum — Brunei was nicknamed the “Shellfare state” for its entitlement programs — the country of about 430,000 people remained relatively secluded compared with its neighbors.

Given these circumstances, why not call for a boycott of Shell’s 44,000 gas stations worldwide?

It would generate massive publicity instantly ramping up your campaign and punishing Shell for ignoring previous warnings over the years about its support for this evil regime. Many of them published on my website


Shell CEO Ben van Beurden audience with the corrupt despot, the Sultan of Brunei

Corrupt Sultan of Brunei introduces tough Islamic penal code

Best regards from John Donovan: [email protected]




“Fireworks will light up the sky for three nights. The local unit of oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has donated 500,000 Brunei dollars (US$292,400; euro 243,700) for the display, and for cultural events to be hosted by popular performers from Malaysia.”

DAILY MAIL ONLINE: In April, Brunei shocked world by introducing harsh sharia penal code: Under the code limbs can be severed for theft and people stoned to death: 8 Jan 2015

THE DAILY BEAST: How the Sultan of Brunei Violated His Sharia Law With Me: 6 May 2014 

FOX NEWS: Can Beverly Hills force Sultan of Brunei to sell his hotel chain?: 8 May 2014

FRONTPAGE MAG: Will the Sultan of Brunei Stone his Gay Son to Death?: 6 May 2014

THE NEW YORK POST: The sex-obsessed world of Brunei: (Extract from article: Oil is the source of all wealth, and when Shell began pumping in the 1970s, Brunei soon became known as “the Shellfare state.”:10 May 2014

Corrupt Sultan Of Brunei introduces tough Islamic penal code: 30 April 2014

THE BRUNEI TIMES: Brunei steps up to fight corruption: 9 Dec 2013

BRUDIRECT: Bribery Lands M’sian In Jail For 6 Yrs 4 Mths: 29 Nov 2013

THE BRUNEI TIMES: Man pleads not guilty to bribing BSP staff: 31 May 2012

BUSINESS INSIDER: How The Playboy Prince Of Brunei Blew Through $14.8 Billion: 7 June 2011

DAILY RECORD: Nude statue scandal as brother of Sultan of Brunei sues former lawyers: 11 Nov 2010 

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: Prince Jefri Bolkiah, brother of Sultan of Brunei, wants X-rated sex trophies out of court case: 4 Nov 2010 Shell Rewards Employees: 17 Feb 2008 

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Will the Prince Turn Pauper?: 1 March 2008 

THE TELEGRAPH: The £8 billion family feud: 14 May 2006 

THE TELEGRAPH: Sultan of Brunei’s ex-wife and the £2m con: 12 July 2007 

THE TELEGRAPH: Sultan of Brunei marries his second, second wife: (WITH FIREWORKS SPONSORED BY AN OIL COMPANY): May 2005

REPORT OF DAVIS POLK & WARDELL TO SHELL AUDIT COMMITTEE: Highly Confidential Shell Internal Document shows Shell Brunei was involved in the Shell Reserves Scandal: (PDF so takes a while to download: 31 March 2004 

BRUNEI-ONLINE.COM: Brunei Shell contributes $500,000 for royal wedding ceremonies: 6 Aug 2004

REPORT PUBLISHED BY UK FINANCIAL SERVICES AUTHORITY: Confirms Shell Brunei involvement in Shell Reserves Fraud: (PDF so takes a few moments to load): 24 Aug 2004

ASIAN JOURNAL: Brunei sultan sends Lear jet to fetch Arroyo: 9 Sept 2004 

THE INDEPENDENT: The $5m royal wedding: 10 Sept 2004 

BLOOMBERG: Brothers Grim: The Scandal In Brunei: 9 Aug 1998

His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei meeting Malcolm (TFA) Brinded, Shell’s then Executive Director, Upstream International

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