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Shell Energy Broadband completely useless

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 13 March 2020.

Completely useless

Completely useless
Tried to change my broadband to them and they claimed Virgin would not release my number. Rang Virgin and they confirmed they had not asked. Helpline took ages , were of no help , couldn’t sort the issue , didn’t reply when they said they would and didn’t return a call when they said they would.

They need to stick to what they know i.e. selling petrol.

Bunch of clowns

Completely out of the blue I received a letter from Shell demanding immediate payment of £514.40. If I failed to act they would send the baliffs round. I’ve been a customer of OVO for the last 8 years and I’VE NEVER BEEN A CUSTOMER OF SHELL ENERGY.

The bill was for someone else from a completely different town. But because my house had the same name they are now pursuing me for the debt. More worryingly they even fraudulently changed the customer’s name to mine and claimed I had responsibility for the other address. I assumed a quick phone call to the company would resolve the issue. But no. They insist I must pay even though

I tried to lodge a complaint with the Energy Ombudsman but they said they couldn’t help because I’VE NEVER BEEN A CUSTOMER OF SHELL ENERGY.

What a bunch of clowns. Good luck if you are actually a customer.

Absolutely THE worst energy supplier…

Absolutely THE worst energy supplier I’ve ever been with. Don’t recommend them.

On hold for an eternity

Take the day of Work, get comfortable be prepared to spend all day on hold when trying to change or cancel your account. Same old excuses but when you call the sales line boom,,,,,, instant access to a handler.

Absolutely appalling service

Absolutely appalling service. Took me months to get them to confirm a date to install a gas metre and they then turned up with an electricity meter and messed up the electric supply whilst they were there so my builders had to call their electrician in! This has delayed the installation of our new heating system and kitchen in our renovation project and put everyone behind, meaning we’ve had to extend our rental property for another month, costing £1400 (& that’s just the rent, not the bills and council tax on the two properties!). The customer service team repeat hollow mantras such as ‘I’ve set a commitment to you’ but the issue remained unresolved until I got cross (which I didn’t want to do) after spending my birthday waiting for someone to call me back. Finally have a metre but let’s now see how the account set up and billing goes… I’m not feeling positive about it to put it mildly… If I could give minus stars, I would. And if you actually read this Shell, I’d like my rent and bills back.

Wouldnt even give 1 star to shell…

Wouldnt even give 1 star to shell energy, phoning them is useless, if you do get through you get no help what so ever, once you leave to another companyafter settling your bill you get hassle for more money, as a pensioner i feel like i have been robbed by this company, disgracefull, was told by shell couldnt get warm home benifit, but once i switched new company got it for me in 2 weeks, so so glad i have managed to get away from this company, dont even use shell petrol stations anymore due to way we treated

There is no way I would recommend…

There is no way I would recommend anyone uses this company I’m pretty sure there is one person that answers the phone to customers , the chat app is absolutely useless and closes when you wait for an answer , phoning them is a joke and their prices are ludicrous.

I think I’d rather go back to British Gas and that bad enough avoid s_hell at all costs

Do not recommend.

Moved into a property where Shell energy was the current supplier, i switched three days after moving in. I was supplied energy through shell for 21 days until the switch became effective. Working full time, heating on a timer, 1 bed flat. I got a first and final bill of £96. for one person, who is out of the house 12 hours a day. I asked Shell to look into it and didnt hear a word back except being sent an email saying my balance is outstanding and being sent to collections. I’ve seen enough about Shell customer services to not bother pursuing the issue any further. I called and paid, the customer service provider was fine, but when i needed to give my card number i asked if someone has a speech impediment how are they able to pass their card number and she said “I am sorry i cannot answer that” interesting. Good training provided to call staff dealing with potentially vulnerable consumers. OFGEM would be interested to know about this i’m sure. Secondly i asked if my payment confirmation could be sent electronically which there is no system capacity to do so according to customer service agent. Again short comings in systems and controls and very manual processes. SO GLAD i switched straight away, in my experience to date i would definitely shop around.

If I could leave no stars I would.!

If I could leave no stars I would.!
What a absolute joke of a company, I was a brilliant payer never missed a payment until they doubled my bill without me knowing, and failed to let me know until bill was too high to be able to pay to leave,then objecting for me to move even though they said on phone I would be able to move, liars.! If they would have told me the first month how much they were trying to charge me I would of moved company’s straight away.I was only paying £15 a week with British gas and Shell are saying I am using £145 a month.
Stay clear of this company and for more reviews check out the Facebook shell energy ripping up off

Not worth going with shell.

Very expensive. If you want to change the supplier then you have to pay heavy fine.

Poor take over process from first…

Poor take over process from first utility put my DD up taken 4 months to sort it and get a refund of a massive credit

Avoid at all costs

I would give it 0 if I could. Absolutely shocking service and cost is unbelievable. For a one bedroom flat, ymto which I only use 1 radiator which is on a timer they have hit me with a £194 month bill. When I queried and asked why my bill has tripled compared to all previous bill, I got stupid answers like, the festive season, the winter, lonely month, utterly rediculous comments. How do they know what I use… The “festive season” I don’t have any extra useage as I go home for the 4 weeks. And as for “the winter” in Scotland it’s always cold so again useage doesn’t really change apaty from one week ib the summer, I’d were lucky ?? not happy with the service and would avoid at all costs. Happy to take take take, but not willing to give it back when they are in the wrong

Cancellation not actioned

I reviewed Shell based on a promise that my account was cancelled. This was confirmed on the phone via email and now I am getting texts and emails saying I owe payment. I was guaranteed this wouldn’t happen.

Please can you honour the agreement and look into this account. I have spent at least half an hour on the phone to explain that the account was cancelled and two different customer service agents worked to cancel the account. I did not take up internet service with you.

Don’t, just DON’T!

I’m with this shower by default since they acquired First Utility, where the service was literally faultless.
Now I get kids answering the phone and telling me that my usage is too high, my thermostat is incorrectly set & I should knock it down to 18 degrees and how much money I could save by following their advice.
Oh right!! Have you been to my house? Was it built in 2019 or 1890? Brick or stone? Do you know how I live day to day? My lifestyle?
I shan’t bore the readers of this review with my own billing details or stupidly increased monthly payment request (+£80 despite only being £19 in ‘debit’ after 9 months!), needless to say I’m speaking to another provider tomorrow to move as quickly as possible.
The loss of my 2 small accounts (house and separate barn) won’t affect Shell’s income one iota – I’m writing this in the hope that I save other people both financially & mentally!
Seriously, look elsewhere……

I would give 0 stars if possible

I would give 0 stars if possible. Shocking service, fees are ridiculous. The agents go back on their word after they have confirmed in writing.

Appalling customer service

Appalling customer service, never follow through on their actions, and have taken over £3,000 in excess fees (in one go) and despite being promised an immediate refund (well, within ten days), still nothing.

Along with other reviews here, Shell seem to be VERY keen to take your money, but not to return YOUR money when they have made a clear mistake. I mean, who spends £3,000 on fuel bills?

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