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Shell Energy need to be named and shamed

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 20 April 2020.

So disgusted with this company I live…

So disgusted with this company I live alone am nearly 80 and in the winter only had my heating on for 6 hours
A day wrapped in a blanket when heating was off and went to bed early 8pm to keep warm, only had radiators
On in the rooms I use, now they are telling me they want to increase my monthly payments for gas and electricity from £83 a month to £100 a month starting 3 months before my renewal is due saying I’m £57 in debit. Have made a complaint as I am nearly 80 and can not afford the extra. Spoke on web chat said they would pass it on to complaints. Now waiting for a response. Did have a problem with smart meter took 4 months to send an engineer who told me the new one he was putting in would make no difference as they don’t use the newer update one that any energy supplier can use. Am now trying to find another supplier
With more consideration for their customers in my position. I feel all they want is to get more money from their users. I am getting I touch with my bank to stop them taking an extra £17 a month from me before my complaint has been dealt with. I can see other users have lots of problems by their reviews I have reviewed before on trustpilot and gues what I got an immediate call from them. Please keep sending in your reviews they need to be named and shamed.

Absolutely rubbish!Why did I leave Octopus?!AVOID!!!

Absolutely rubbish!Why did I leave octopus!?

They had a nice deal when I signed up with some freebies (camera,google hub) – however they sent me frickin’ empty box!I have sent all the papers they required to investigate my case – I contacted them again,they said they never received anything so resent everything again and again and again-no reply whatsoever.Also should have some savings when I fuel up from Shell stations which sometimes does not work(using the app either card).

They overcharge us for electricity and gas as well!Started on £51 now paying almost double when the usage is way below the calculated monthly cost!

They don’t care answering your emails.
Costumers service is non existent!!!!

Please avoid this company!


Lies from sales staff and customer services. Being told by sales I wouldn’t be on Economy7, the full description of my tariff not written down and to only see this when I log on my account within my cooling off period. I call the team, they tell me it would be more expensive for me to switch to a single rate tariff. Shock horror, my bill has sky rocketed and my account tells me it would be better to be on a single rate tariff. I raise my complaint, no apology or acceptance of them being in the wrong and just for them to say my tariff is correct for what I’m paying… switching after 4 months.

Stay as FAR away as possible

I’ve had nothing but problems dealing with this company, I’d just like to warn anyone who is considering shell energy as their supplier, this will most likely be the biggest mistake you could ever make. I’ve been trying to leave for quite a while now but they have essentially slapped a stupidly high bill onto my account and then threatened legal action.

They do NOT take into consideration that the Corona virus has caused a lot of people to be out of work or furloughed etc. They could not care less about your well-being and instead they are using this opportunity to milk as much money out of you as they can.

I’ve never had such a terrible experience with a company before, its almost criminal that they are still running. Oh and have fun with their customer service after you’ve waited on hold for over an hour. Out of all them I have spoken to, 1-2 of them have actually been decent people (thank you to them!)

My broadband connection had a go live…

My broadband connection had a go live date on the 26th March and believe it or not, after 5 BT engineer call outs I am still waiting to have broadband connection. I can understand coronavirus delays but to have to wait for a 6th engineer to be called out is unreasonable. Their complaints department also tells me I will be billed from my start date despite not providing me with any service. Definitely will not be using Shell Energy again.

Ripping off pensioner!

My mother recently swapped from these to a company who offered her the same deal for half what she is paying now.
These rob dogs then sent her an extortionate final bill that she couldn’t afford or understand. She rang to tell them she couldn’t afford it as she was a pensioner and they offered her a payment plan. They then took the whole amount anyway. Each phonecall so far has resulted in “the money will be back in your account in 2 working days and surprise surprise it isn’t. What does a pensioner live on until they get their act together?these b******s don’t care!

Stay away.Totally useless.3 wks+ still unconnected

I signed up for broadband on 20th March . Numerous calls and still not connected. Various different excuses and now they are blaming BT Openreach. Yes it’s Corona but all they need to do is flip a switch at the exchange and no need to come to house. Shell themselves told me no engineer is needed.

Kids are screaming underlockdown and I can’t work as a lawyer from home as a key worker. Threatened to sue them but says I won’t get a line till June!
Just contacted vodaphone and they say they can get a line through Openreach in a maximum of 2 weeks. So unless shell can come up with a viable solution it appears my best option is to cancel my order with them and start again with vodaphone.

Vodaphone says line in by 1st May

Let’s see if shell can do better.

I tried to contact this Ajay chap who has responded to my review.they have never heard of him.
I am going to start a group page to sue Shell energy my experience, calling clowns like these have no effect. If you do, always make notes, name and time and date. watch this space!
Sue Shell Energy ( SSE) has a nice ring to it

Uninterested and misleading staff

Moved to another supplier and noticed for 3 months I have been billed and direct debited by both suppliers She’ll energy have taken over £300 without my consent. Emailed and got no reply then called yesterday and was promised a call back which never happened, called again today and spoke to someone called Kabir who wasn’t even interested

Website Trouble

Signed up by an agent in Morrisons Supermarket, she claimed that i could save money compared to my current supplier.So I signed up. However Problems started when registering on their website. I was given a temporary password and changed it as they requested. I then tried to log back in but it came up as password unknown, I contacted support, who tried to sort it out, they couldn’t straight away but said they would get back to me in 24 hours. When they did, they said it was now corrected but i still couldn’t log in, despite requesting a change of password several times. So i thought, if this is what Shell are like as a brand new customer, then there are always going to be problems, so i exercised my right to cancel, and went back to my previous supplier. It just wasn’t worth the hassle and i don’t believe i would be saving much, if not anything!

Incredibly bad service.

Incredibly bad service. I would give them 0 stars if possible. We questioned a large energy bill only to be told that our postcode was registered wrong. After being with Shell for a couple of years we had such a bad experience trying to resolve this issue that we decided to change providers. After not hearing anything for a month after the switch, we rang the new provider, only to learn they had had no contact with Shell despite emailing them, and the problem was that Shell had our residential property registered as a business. The whole thing has been a complete shambles, from being put through to the wrong departements when trying solve issues, to waiting weeks for responses. If you’re thinking about using Shell, don’t.

I was encouraged to switch by a swat…

I was encouraged to switch by a swat team that jumped upon me whilst entering the range store in Tunbridge Wells….the promise of a £50 amazon voucher never appeared …hence I switched back to my previous provider

Shell Incompetence.

I can only concur with the previous entry.
For nearly four months I have been wrangling with Shell Energy over a refund. They have responded with what one may only describe as total incompetence.
They have requested that I supply meter readings from a property which is no longer occupied by my mother, which also happens to be fitted with a smart meter – go figure.
They have charged my mother for use of energy when the property was occupied by new tenants.
They tried to take an early cancellation charge when we had to terminate the contract due to the fact my mother had to move to end of life care.
And still the farce goes on.

What a shambles of a company

What a shambles of a company, you cannot talk to a person, the on chat is shocking, I had a robot tell me he was kn training and couldn’t answer my questions. So after only 8 days of being poorly connected to shell, I have had an e-mail straight back saying i owe £247 early cancellation fee. No chance of them getting this, bot only am i disabled but locked down due to the virus, now have the worry of this. The Shell company should be ashamed!!!!

Was told I would be paying a certain…

Was told I would be paying a certain amount, at the end of first month they attempted to take almost 3x the agreed amount. Refuse to take the issue seriously and constantly tell me I have to make payments before they can do anything. 9 Weeks after initial complaint was lodged they told me they recieved incorrect opening meter reads from my previous supplier, but despite that the bills were still accurate, repeatedly hung up after calling me to discuss complains proceedure because the agent didnt want to talk about anything other then HIS talking point

Overall disgusted by this company they use lies to sell the deals in the first place then try and bully their customers into paying

I wouldn’t even give them 1 Star

I wouldn’t even give them 1 Star.

Moved address and living happily. Suddenly we receive a bill of £300 from Shell Energy??Apparently we were paying the wrong metre reads… Then Shell proceed to tell us it’s fine- it’s their error.. Then we receive another letter- it’s actually more money!
Called their help desk and put on hold for 30 minutes. Two weeks later and it’s still not solved. Thought I’d review.

shell energy is a laugh

Switched at Christmas on the assurance I would pay a dual price of £100 a month for gas and electric. First bill came in January £179. Called them up queries it, managed to get it down to £125, although my previous supplier had only charged me £114.
I also queried if they had my bank details for the direct debit, they confirmed they had and gave me a date and sent me an email with the date the money would leave my bank.
This was in February and still I have not paid a bill. Whereas I don’t mind having free gas and electric I know that shell will at some point hit me with a hefty bill.
I have attempted to call them but work 9 to 5 and there call centre only operates TIL 6.30. I end up giving up, in between trying to wait and cooking tea. It was also hard to get a number From the internet, as it kept directing me to online chat. I scored them one star but would have put minus one if was an option. She’ll energy is farcical and I am in a contract until September 2021

Had broadband and Internet set up on…

Had broadband and Internet set up on 1st April and had problems for four days. they were not available when I tried to ring so had to get help from another company. could.nt solve the problem so disconnected the router and eventually got hold of them and said I was leaving because they were awate of time and now they want £112 pound from me. going to phone trading standards and complain. I am 74 years of age and am disgusted with company. do not trust the they are a bunch of rogues and scammers.

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