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Trustpilot Reviews: Shell Energy Customer Service a Nightmare

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 11 Sept 2020.



Its been nearly three weeks now since our internet stopped working and i am no nearer getting it resolved than i was on day one. They quite simply just ignore every single avenue of complaint whether it be email…facebook…text messages. We are receiving at best two to three text messages a week…no response to anything else. They point blank refuse to contact us by phone…refuse to open any form of official complaint….ABSOLUTELY POINT BLANK ZERO,,,NADA…ZILCH. You will come to learn in situations like this that it is absolutely impossible to get it sorted. They have it sewn up tight and will do exactly what they please and its going to be just before 8 weeks.

They are absolutely horrendous and i pleeeeeeeead with you not to have anything to do with them.

Absolutely disgusting service:

Absolutely disgusting service:
Moved into my property around 6 weeks ago and informed shell energy i had moved in and i would like to change from direct debt meters to prepayment meters. I was told this would be fine. I then got put through to the prepayment team and got informed it would take a few days to set my account up and that someone would call me back to discuss fitting the meters. In totally it took nearly a week for them to set my account up and then and extra few days to set up changing over the meters. I arranged for an engineer to attend my property to fit the meters and no one turned up. Got in contact with shell and they knew nothing about it and just continued to pass the blame to the company who fits the meters (sms)

. I then spoke with SMS and they knew nothing about the appointment and told me they hadnt received anything from shell energy. Another appointment was made for a week later and the engineer arrived this time and fitted both the gas and electricity meters. The electricity meter switched over pretty much straight away however the gas didnt. The engineer informed me it might take a bit longer but it will switch over, however he couldn’t stay to wait for it as he had other jobs to be getting on with. I then spoke to shell after the engineer had left because i hadnt been given any cards to top up with and was told my cards would be sent out to me shortly, however in the meantime i was in emergency credit (basically indebted to shell). I was also told if i downloaded the app i would be able to top up that way which you cant actually do without the card numbers which of course no one had. It then took two days before i was informed that i could top up if i phoned customer services. So I sorted out the electricity but the gas still wasnt working. So phoned them again and was told the gas meter hadnt connected to them so the couldnt do a remote switch over from their end so i would need another engineer to come out and fix it, but the next available appointment isnt for another 2 weeks. So all in all its take 6 weeks to get meters installed and only one of them works. The customer service team are absolutely shocking they just love to pass you around from one person to another or tell you they will call back but never do. The company is a joke and if i could have rated it no stars or minus stars i would have.


Funniest thing about the whole situation is i received my bill for my electricity that i had used before the meters 1 day after the meter had been fitted. It explained how much they are going to take back and how etc. So they are quick enough to try and get their money but to help customers out its a no go.

Hidden fees and slow speed internet

I am very diapointed with my experience with Shell Energy. The speed was patchy (at best, unuseable at worst) and we decided not to renew our contract after 18months.

Shell then charged us a £15 “Cease Charge” to get our of our contract, even though it was at the end of the 18months!

I’m sure this is all in there small print somehwere but at the end of the contract, it feels like a dirty hidden cost. If I had worked this cost into my original decision, I probably would gone with a different provider.

Shell Energy customer service were less than sympathetic. We certainly won’t be using Shell Energy again.

Shell or Hell?

We were originally with Usio who collapsed, left us in limbo for a while. Usio were underbilling us but didn’t know that at the time. Then we got moved over to first utility by OFGEM we ended up with a hefty bill for what hadn’t been billed on the so called smart meter. Eventually Shell took over. Lots of issues during these transitions, failed to attend engineers wasted annual leave etc but nothing worth writing home about until the last two weeks.

Shell decided to add an extra £100 per month to our monthly payment without consulting us. No notification by phone email post etc. After checking the mobile app the amount we were suggested to pay would have put us in credit – couldn’t understand why. We cancelled the direct debit and manually paid our agreed monthly amount. After speaking to their service desk, initially they were unable to actually explain why and agreed with us that it didn’t make any sense – then a few days later what ever technical glitch had occurred then righted itself.

We are so sick of shell right now and desperate to leave that I’ve cleared the account in full but they are still refusing to let us leave. Their complaints department quoting “we strive to deliver the best customer service” its utter nonsense. Just cliché after cliché – no real resolution and no answers to any questions which would identify fault behind Shell.

Utterly dismal. I hope their PR team see this and get involved to allow us to leave as right now it just seems we are being held to ransom.

Has anybody else received this threat?

Has anybody else received this threat from Shell Energy recently?

“you’ll need to upgrade to a smart meter by 31 December 2020 to remain on your current tariff.”

I really hope other energy companies don’t sink this low.

I can’t switch energy provider soon enough. A threat of this sort seems like a breach of contract but what do I know?

Absolute joke of a company ..paid…

Absolute joke of a company ..paid £2440.00 to them over 30 months the energy I used came to £2229.00 .yet they say I owe them £753.00 because I switched I think .7 unanswered call backs .3 phone calls no help 15 unanswered emails just bills saying I still owe . Good luck shell you will be getting nothing from me till you learn to do maths absolute joke. ombudsman next step

Shell app is useless

Shell app is useless. Direct debit shoulf change as aoon as you change tariff.

Shell Energy lies to get new customers

Shell Energy lies to get new customers

I was paying £150 per month to my existing gas and electricity supplier when I was approached on the street by a Shell Energy rep.

I was told my monthly bill would be reduced to £141 per month and my tariff would be a discount of the existing supplier rates.

The first month, they took over £187. For six months they then took £141. I then got an email saying it was increasing to £207 per month – almost 50% more and an annual increase of £792. There was no detailed explanation. A week later, I got another email to say my tariff was going down and my annual bill (based on the £141pm) would reduce by £114 pa. I tried to contact the company but all emails and texts are sent from no-reply numbers. I cancelled the direct debit and was threatened with higher charges as I wasn’t paying by direct debit. I got an email demanding an outstanding £157, i.e. £16 higher than my direct debit and £50 less than their revised monthly demand.

I complained to their customer service department through their online complaint form but have had no response. Of course, as it’s all on their system, I have no proof of sending. One alternative is to phone their premium line for which they willingly charge £3.63 per minute. The only contact i have had is by their debt chasing department.

This company is a disgrace. After years of ripping off people through their oil business, they now see that gravy train hitting the buffers so have moved to ripping of people for gas and electric. DO NOT TOUCH THIS COMPANY WITH A BARGE POLE. THEY ARE BAD FOR YOUR WEALTH.

Time wasters, don’t go with them.

Took over a house that had shell as the provider. Was sent a bill and called to ask if the bill was estimated, kept getting redirected to a new agent every time we asked(This happened six times). Overall they were very unhelpful, wasted 30 minutes on the phone to no answer. They got the email I sent and put the meter readings in but didn’t bother to email me back with confirmation. Have now switched, don’t use shell energy if you don’t want your time wasted. Would give 0 /5 if I could.

Enticed me to sign up again on another…

Enticed me to sign up again on another tariff at quote £81 per month direct debit, the day it kicked in or started I get an email to say my direct debit will not reduce for at least a year, this to me is under hand selling with a careless attitude to customers.

Try burning coal before using Shell Energy

Utterly useless.

They are a nightmare to get hold of – they won’t answer the phones and didn’t answer my email from late August.

They gave me £34 credit, applied it to my bill but have since spent the last month chasing me constantly (almost daily at one point) for payment of £34.

I emailed, they didn’t respond and so I called customer services who informed me that everything was fine and that I owed nothing.
I was then chased again the following day so I called once more. This time, the lady found the issue and promised it would be dealt with within 3 days.

I called to pay my latest bill today and found that the £34 is STILL on my account as something I owe (7 days later)

Please think twice about using Shell Energy – I wish I had left immediately after Shell bought Greenstar as the customer service has dipped significantly. You can find cheaper elsewhere (as I have) and the customer service is a nightmare.

Made a mistake switching

Made a mistake switching, can’t even contact them, every time I go to web chat waiting is over hours, always queuing starting at 60+. If they are not available to chat when needed, this only assures future problems with them! My account is in credit with previous supplier and they cannot give my credit back unless shell energy gives final meter reading! Which I cannot even give to shell, can’t even enter the readings on the shell website!

Very poor customer relations

I was asked to provide an electricity meter reading as i had not apparently not provided one for more than 6 months. I have had a smart electricity meter fitted by yourselves as First Utility for many years so I was astounded by this claim. I did provide a manual reading of my meter on the day which I received your email but I also left a message on your customer support online help asking why this has happened I have received no reply to this request to date. I also tried to get an answer to this query using your telephone contact system but this is useless as i could not establish a contact with your representatives.

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