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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: Awful in every way…

Some extracts from current customer comments posted on Trustpilot: “Awful in every way, online account has never worked and it’s impossible to speak to someone about it. Can’t wait until the contract ends so I can go elsewhere…””: don’t be mislead to the so called familiar household name SHELL it is a cover for the biggest rip off company on the market..”.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 22 December 2020.

It is impossible to contact your…

It is impossible to contact your company to report on a safety problem I have been on the phone for over an hour I just keep going round and round on the phone I am going to move to another provider as safety is NOT your concern

After 5 weeks you have failed to…

After 5 weeks you have failed to respond to my email.

Awful in every way

Awful in every way, online account has never worked and it’s impossible to speak to someone about it. Can’t wait until the contract ends so I can go elsewhere…

Vile rip off company without a shred of…

Vile rip off company without a shred of honesty
Systematically ripping off customers and destroying customers credit reports when they refuse to pay money that is not owed

It get poorer & poorer

Having been asked for a review yesterday, I get a response asking me to get back with the account number, but the get the A/N i try to into the account. Only to find the system will not let me log on & try to get the P/W reset the system will not send out the reset email, I try this twice with not response, then I phone, it is only then I get an email back & reset the P/W. It just get more appalling every day

Not honoring their promise to customers

Shell energy promised me a voucher for joining another family member however, they have not honored their promise. They will give me a contact number to contact their office to investigate this but they will not do this. They have provided me a final bill 5 months later based on incorrect meter reading and have taken money out of my account and thet have sent me another bill based on incorrect meter readings again.

Not resolving the situation and sending new bills in the meantime

Hi, can someone please contact me? The last I heard you’d set up two duplicate accounts in my name. Someone was going to look into it but I haven’t heard anything for a week. You installed the meter incorrectly – it was supposed to be a smart meter, but you’re now sending me invoices based on an estimation.

So not only have you not remedied all the errors, you’re now demanding additional money that you know can’t be owed.

Wenst onto a comparison web site to find…

Went onto a comparison web site to find a cheaper supplier Hudson energy was recommended so signed up ,that’s when my troubles started.
Turned out Hudson energy were the bait for green star energy so I was hooked .
All started well monthly cost was as predicted .
Few months later we checked our online account ,we are OAPS and find this difficult.
But to our horror we found we were massively in debt ,this company had been taking out the amount they quoted but not the amount of energy we were actually using thus putting us in a great deal of debt.
Then green star sold out to shell energy a well know company.
That’s when our troubles really started .She’ll energy are in my opinion the worst energy suppliers you could ever sign up to , they are impossible to contact, are unhelpful rude and spiteful .
As I write this we are in the midst of battle with shell and about to advise solicitors to act on our behalf to sue them for the harassment and distress they have caused us ,basically they have made to elderly retired people ill.
If anyone is thinking of going with this hellish company I urge you to think again you will deeply regret it ,don’t be mislead to the so called familiar household name SHELL it is a cover for the biggest rip off company on the market you have been warned.

Absolutely disgraceful company

Absolutely disgraceful company. Sorted my direct debit to start in January and they took the money out TODAY. I advised of my situation and specifically expressed and repeatedly asked if it was set up for then. Assured it was. They have now left me without the ability to buy my food for this week.

Switched over to a competitive tariff…

Switched over to a competitive tariff based on MSE review, at the beginning of November, switched by 29th, but only had confirmation of Electricity being switched over. Spoken to agents multiple times who keep asking for my opening meter readings, even though I’ve sent them through twice. Also have a smart meter and it dosent show how much gas I’m using. Honestly don’t understand why it’s taking so long. They said within 4 weeks of switch tl everything would be up and running, but it isn’t. App and online dosent show any info and my account is still seen as in progress… just how long can it take. And then I see today they have made a massive loss as people are going to other suppliers. Am not surprised.

I’m still waiting for my welcome pack…

I’m still waiting for my welcome pack that has not arrived and even after contacting you 3 times . Not a good start at all

Customer service is really poor

Customer service is really poor. I regret joining shell couple of months ago. It didn’t take me long to realise that its very difficult to get hold of someone on the phone. Via email Shell still take weeks to respond and impossible to chase. You just have to hope that someone responds

I don’t know where to start but I have…

I don’t know where to start but I have to get this down on here so others don’t have to go through the same situation.

My last supplier for gas and electricity (Tonik) are one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, having not missed a payment, and then receiving a bill for £5000! I finally resolved that issue with the company, with them admitting they owed me £100. I never got that though as the company went bust. Anyway I thought things can only get better after that disaster, but oh I was wrong, so so wrong.

Having finally got away from Tonik a move to Shell energy was recommended by my father in law who spoke highly of First Utility. I moved over to Shell 3 months ago and all seemed well until I received the first bill, which was around £3000 for electricity! They then took £1500 out of my account without notifying or asking me. The money was refunded as the bank would not let the transfer go through as I didn’t have the funds in my bank account. I called Shell who said it was their mistake as 1st metre reading has been inputted incorrectly by the customer service agent, problem solved? Well no not at all!

The following month they again take £1500, this time the funds are in the account so bank let the transfer go through. Called Shell and had to wait for nearly an hour to speak to someone, customer service agent put me onto accounts agent, who said bill was wrong and to give the 1st metre readings again, so I emailed them the pictures of the readings.

I logged into my online account the next day to find out that the electricity bill had been recalculated to a more sensible amount (around £50 a month), but it was still showing that they would take £1500 by direct debit.

I called customer service again and waited 45 mins to speak to someone, and ended up speaking to a man who was most unhelpful, so I asked to speak to a manager. First he said that he did not have the facilities to transfer the call to a manager as he was working from home, and then changed tack to say there were no managers available that day. I asked for his name and ID number, which he refused to give. I then asked for a call back from a manager which he reluctantly said he would arrange. The next day I got a phone call around 9:00 when I was taking the little one to school, with the missed call was a message left by Paul (no surname or ID number), and he did not leave a number to ring back or email address to contact so I am not sure why he bothered leaving a message in the first place.

I have received an email today demanding £2600 with threats of debt agencies, so I went into the online account to check to be confronted by what is the most confusing bill I have ever seen. So apparently I am in credit by £2500 but further down the bill I am £1400 in credit, but the scroll ever furthr down and it states Iowe £2600, and also states that the monthly projection for electricity for my home is £13000 a year for a 3 bedroom small starter home!

This company has practices that are deplorable, customer service is poor bordering on gross negligence, and they cause severe stress for customers it what are very difficult time, and just reading through trustpiliot and googling their name, you can see what a terrible operation they have going with little respect for customers. I have taken this issue to the ombudsmen and have put together documentation of emails, bills, metre readings, and will use every ounce of my being to bury this company. After dealing with the gutter trash that is Tonik, I am ready to fight these underhanded charlatans.

If you’ve been in the same situation I implore you to do the same. Do not let these scumbags grind you down!!!

Inverted meter readings

Since the very beginning of my contract I have been trying to contact Shell to amend the details of my electricity meter readings which She’ll have got the wrong way around. They have the standard rate meter reading as the number 2 economy u meter reading and vice versa.

Not happy

I recently bought broadband from shell they then sent out engineers who installed my system very sloppyly and via social media I have complained about this however shell clearly do not care if I am happy or not they are tying to charge me £60 for already sloppy work and ajay via social media has said it will cost 100pounds to get it moved considering the engineers work is sloppy and I have complained it should cost nothing to have this rectified seems like talking advantage of vulnerable customers

Just Joined Shell & Already its a disaster….!

Just joined Shell….!!
14 Day cooling-off period just finished and I’m already out of my mind and I can’t back out….!!

I cannot submit my meter readings.
The system says Cannot submit a read for SMART meter

Absolutely no helpful information on-line to my problem.
No phone number on their website. I had to google for the number.
On phoning its a recording to say “We are closed Please phone back during opening hours…!!”.
What’s the openings hours…..???????
It didn’t say….!!
Any good company would say what their opening hours are after making such a statement…..!!!
This company hasn’t even started supplying my energy & I’m already Regretting what I’ve done and “I want-out if this”.
I’m now going to have to spend time & money trying to get it sorted and I haven’t even had a sausage from them yet.

I’ve spent hours in this matter.
I would like Shell to show me what they are capable of and come to me. Rather than me going through the rigmarole of trying to contact then
They keep telling me its simple to change my supply.
I wouldn’t say that’s been my experience so far…!!!

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