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Briefing from the Rossport Solidarity Camp on the Shell Corrib Pipeline battle

Glengad Work

On Thursday 9th April just a few days ago, Minister Eamon Ryan signed the consents for offshore pipeline work at Glengad, (similar to last year). In theory, this means that work on the on-land section of the “off-shore” pipeline can now begin at any time. In the last few days, large numbers of security have moved onto land at Glengad; at least 40 have been counted. While there is no absolute certainty, the security presence and the crossing of the final bureaucratic hurdle suggest that it is becoming increasingly likely that Shell are about to start work. We will e-mail again as soon as there are any more developments, but for now, if you’re thinking of coming over, bear in mind that a call-out could be imminent…  If you are coming please get in touch first to find out the latest info…

Resistance at Glengad

About 10 days ago, Shell put up a net over cliffs on Glengad beach to stop sand martins nesting. In a demonstration of resistance to come, the nets have repeatedly been removed by local residents and campers. Today, at the end of the traditional Good Friday walk around 30 people entered Shell’s land to walk down to remove the net. We were met by around 40 security. We attempted to remove the net and the security attempted to stop us… During the struggle, a pair of scissors was produced and the net was cut in two. After, we all left together; there were no arrests.

Shell to Sea Good Friday Walk ends with net removal after battle with Shell security’.

See here:

‘Shell’s Efforts to Secure a Net at Glengad are Not Allowed’.

See here:


On Wednesday, the latest court hearing saw Judge Mary Devins fail to keep order in court and abruptly vacate the room twice to jeers from the 30 plus S2S supporters in the courtroom. Devins was asked to recuse (disqualify) herself in four people’s cases; each time she refused. Niall, from the camp, was forcibly removed by Gardai when he attempted to answer back to Devins’ claims that his application had been “vicious, unprecedented, unwarranted and untrue.” No verdicts were reached on any S2S cases. A verdict on Maura’s assault and trespass charges will be given on May 13th  (Maura ended her 28 day jail sentence the day before the court hearing) and there are numerous other S2S cases also due to commence in May.

‘Shell to Sea Court Applications Send Judge Mary Devins Running for the Door’.

See here:

It looks set to be another interesting summer…

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