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POSTING ON SHELL BLOG BY “shellwaarbenjijnu” (REPLY TO “UNCLE TOM” posting)

Uncle Tom – you are obviously an American to make such a comment about the arrogant Dutch taking “you” down the tube. History will record that the robust, strong, technically superior RDS was totally derailed by the Americanisation of the company as a quid pro quo for the buying out of the remaining Shell Oil stock in the 1980’s. The dreadful “transformation” of Shell was driven by Shell Oil parented personnel who brought in the short termism and such nonsense as Kotters “7 Habits of Successful people” and Senge’s “5th Discipline”. True insights such as those of Charles Handy were not only discouraged, they were essentially banned. Almost overnight Shell was turned away from being a successful technically strong company functioning on a core of motivated, loyal employees, a long term vision and core beliefs to being a Enron Wannabee. Many of us who had grown up in Old Shell were appalled by the arrogance, hubris, hype, hypocrisy and crass greed of the new breed of colleagues who were focused on one thing only – the end of year merit rise and bonus. Ridiculous and unsubstantiated claims on performance were the norm – a far cry from the modesty, even humility of the traditional RDS employee. The seeds of the what became the proved reserves issue were sown at that time. So please Uncle Tom reserve the word arrogant for the Americans who truly believed that they and only they knew about the oil business and had to come over to teach the hapless, ignorant Europeans what to do and how to do it. The once strong company has never recovered from the insights and assistance foisted upon it during the transformation years and, as you put it, has been going down the tubes ever since. and its also non-profit sister websites,,,,, and are all owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia article.

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