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Groningen earthquakes: Shell trying everything to deny responsibility

Comment by a Dutch farmer in relation to the article The Abrupt Demise Of Dutch Gas

In this article, I miss the human rights factor, and the fact that governments are in the first place for the safety and protection of property of their inhabitants.

The current situation is that government and SHELL have completely destroyed many hundreds of beautiful historical farms and churches, and 100.000 houses in the area are severely damaged, to be destroyed as well in years to come if the gaz exploitations continues in Groningen.

After all the destruction in the area, the bill is for the home owner. The compensated value is only 95% after their house is damaged many times, and already half the value.

Many lawsuits are filed to obtain a fair price, which is frustrated by SHELL, trying everything to deny responsibility. So every inhabitant suffers financially and in terms of safety and freedom.

The province of Groningen had never any profit of the 300 billion gaz production profits at all, that was only for other parts of the country and SHELL.

So this article is quite a one-sided story, and the reality is more than a spreadsheet about profitability for SHELL and government.

Also our beautiful farm is at risk to be completely destroyed in this exploited area where human rights not yet count in the 21st century.

Is this the world that we want for ourselves and generations after us? Without historical buildings, without decent ethical values of a civilised society?

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