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Unwelcome message for Ben van Beurden

Message for Ben van Beurden published today on our Shell Blog. Posted by “Minister for Shell Alcohol”

BVB …I know u visit this site regularly… Michiel Brandjes told me …Visit Sky News on the hour all day today and watch the Minister who covered for the corrupt cops in Mayo bring the government down ….as I told you she would ….apology any time soon …let us clear our name you know the drill ….OSSL

Message ends

Comment by John Donovan

The above message relates to Shell sponsored corruption of the Irish police force in relation to the Corrib Gas project. The Minister referred to in the message is Ms Frances Fitzgerald, T.D. – currently Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland whose actions in relation to corruption in the Irish police looks like they may bring down the whole Irish government. Later today I will publish my correspondence on Irish police corruption with the minister. 

It was at my instigation that the subject was first raised in the Irish Parliament. 

I also have a transcript of a discussion on this subject with RDS Chairman Chad Holliday and CEO Ben van Beurden both representing Shell and a director of a Shell contractor OSSL who admits distributing over €30,000 worth of alcohol to the Irish police force on behalf of Shell. He and a fellow OSSL director have also made this admission under oath in an Irish court. The Irish government and the Irish police (Garda) pretended that no such testimony was made. 

Is it all about to unravel? and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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