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Printed below is an English translation of information published today by Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BV (NAM), a joint venture between Royal Dutch Shell and ExxonMobil each owning a 50% share in the company responsible for the earthquake blighted Groningen Gas Field and consequential potential bill for untold billions in damages to effected residences.


Before 1 July 2018 an offer to handle 6,000 old claim notications

Any resident who reported damage reports after 31 March 2017 as a result of an earthquake, can contact the independent Temporary Committee for Mining Damage Groningen from 19 March 2018. At the request of the government, NAM handles the ‘old’ outstanding 6,000 damage reports, before 31 March 2017.

This has been agreed by Groningen directors and the government. They reached agreement a few weeks ago about a new Protocol Mining Damage Groningen. The government decided to have NAM handle the approximately 6,000 outstanding damage notifications that are still covered by the old protocol.

NAM has agreed to this request and will make these claim notifications before 1 July 2018 an offer to come to solutions.

After 1 July, NAM no longer plays any role in the handling of damage reports.

Read more information about the agreements made on how to handle damage reports on

Already 36 sustainable village roofs in Groningen

The program ‘Every village a sustainable roof’ awarded a contribution to Bierum, Oosteinde, Stedum, Steendam and Tjuchem for the realization of future-proof meeting places in the village. The number of allocations for sustainable village roofs is therefore 36. In total, an amount of over 1.5 million euros is involved.

‘Each village has a sustainable roof’ supports villages in the nine Groningen earthquake municipalities to make meeting places future-proof. Such places are important for strengthening social cohesion and liveability, especially as more and more facilities are disappearing from the villages. “The building is not an end in itself”, explains project leader Mayke Zandstra. “It is mainly about the use and function of it for the village.” Villages are supported by the project team in elaborating the plans.

Since the start of each village a sustainable roof, in 2015, 12 villages completed their project. Recently, Schouwerzijl, Krewerd and Vierhuizen (see photo) celebrated the reopening of their village house.

Promising Groningen
Every village a sustainable roof is part of Kansrijk Groningen. The Kansrijk Groningen program is carried out by Groninger Dorpen and financed by the NAM Liveability and Sustainability Program. Read more about every village a sustainable roof on or on the website of every village a sustainable roof.

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