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Shell Prelude FLNG: Not bad for an evil company ……!

From An old EP hand.

Despite the many mistakes and poor management in Shell in the mid 90s leading up to the reserves scandal in 2004,  a truly dark period in the leadership of Shell, we are still proud of some huge projects as shown in the clips.

Perhaps of use for your site. And as you so often point out, the majority of the Shell staff are decent hardworking people doing a good job. The fact that management went off the rails starting with Herkstroter and culminating in the reserves scandal which was an inevitable conclusion of the Phil Watts regime does not diminish the efforts of the engineering by the staff. Even Shell got it sometimes wrong to appoint the right leaders!

It’s also the reason why I joined Shell. Top-notch engineering with BIG things!!

Not bad for an evil company ……!  Imagine the investment and associated financial risk for a break-even period of years and dependent on global politics, and now the green deal!!

Prelude part 0 overview: 2015!!!

Prelude part 1 built to last:

Prelude part 2: mooring the largest floating facility ever seen

Prelude part 3: Taking shape beneath the sea

Prelude part 4: Life onboard a floating LNG facility

Prelude part 5: Prelude Sails Away (not so interesting)

Prelude part 6: The maiden voyage

Another Innovative Shell project…

Take some time to watch this: and its sister non-profit websites,,,,,, and are owned by John Donovan. There is also a Wikipedia feature.

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