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Will I ever be rid of this awful company asks a distressed Shell Energy customer?

EMAIL RECEIVED BY JOHN DONOVAN TODAY FROM: The distressed unwell disabled pensioner terrorised by Shell Energy

FYI. Posted the following on two FB forums this morning:-

Yesterday I reluctantly accepted the Ombudsman’s decision.

I have always made it abundantly clear to Shell that my preferred means of communication is via Resolver and under no circumstances did I want (trust) to talk to them on the phone.

Despite this, while driving home from shopping yesterday afternoon, I receive a telephone call from the Shell Energy Ombudsman department. I told him I was driving and that it was not convenient.

He called back an hour later, and after I repeated that I have already said I didn’t want phone calls, he was quite insistent and said he wanted to talk about the Ombudsman’s decision. I said why, all you have to do is comply with the decision but after he again insisted I said if you must, what have you got to say” He then wanted to go through all the security question rigmarole. I told him, you phoned me, so why do you now want to ask security questions. He finally agreed to write to me,  and although they will probably still ignore my request to use Resolver, at least when I receive their letter, the envelope won’t require any security questions before I open it.

I have always suspected that Shell read this forum and if they do I would like to say that we lost our old dog to diabetes yesterday afternoon, so your intrusion was not welcome. Today I have to see the diabetic nurse, and as my blood result is too high, I expect to have to start insulin injections. Therefore, I would like you, Shell Energy to know that people do have other priorities and you are not the foremost consideration in their lives. It never ends, will I ever be rid of this awful company.  ?

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