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Shell Energy still being savaged on Trustpilot reviews

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 17 August 2020.

Switched over to shell for all utilities and broadband

Its been the worst customer service ever
they do not respond to emails, they take hours to answer a call
they did not resolve the problem of my complaint of being over charged. Dont make the same mistake as me. go elsewhere

Left hand doesn’t know what…

So far the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

I’m trying to switch via uSwitch and now over 26 days later I’m still attempting this. Shell energy are telling uswitch I don’t have a Economy 7 meter but an Economy 10 meter instead.

However when I ring up shell energy and speak to sales (Sean) they tell me I have an Economy 7 but they cannot offer me the tariff on uSwitch directly.

Even my existing supplier when I spoke to them tells me I have an Economy 7. Absolute nightmare trying to switch and uswitch have once again chased up Shell Energy. I trust I will get my £30 compensation once this is all resolved, as is guaranteed under the switching process


Signed up almost three weeks ago. Still no WIFI only a router which does not work. We have booked various appointments for technicians to come out , all of which they have not turned up. The service advisors have been rude and unhelpful on the phone , with waiting times of up to two hours, with advisors just lying to us. Feel really disappointed that we still have no internet and are unable to get any answers. As student nurses, unable to complete assignments, or relax following long shifts, it is really adding to the stress. They only option we feel we have now is too leave.

Disgusting company

Disgusting company, poor customer service.

Wont admit their own faults, try and pass the blame onto someone else then when they are pulled up on it start demanding money for time related charges when you didnt agree to them in the first place

Avoid them if you can

My nanna signed up for the 3 year fix tarrif at £68 a month then the smart meter stopped working so they started charging £80 per month and she received a text from them today saying there going to increase her bill to £250 a month they are taking advantage of an elderly woman who has only got her pension to live on it I disgusting avoid them at all costs if you are elderly

Just switched to Shell Energy – not happy

Just switched to Shell Energy, submitted my opening reading and received an email saying my reading was incorrect and the reading they suggested was double!! I was also told that my payments would be higher. I complained as my reading is correct and the customer service person could not explain where their supposedly correct reading came from. I had to submit two further readings and still don’t know the outcome. I regret I switched

This company are really terrible

This company are really terrible, it should be avoided at all costs

Rubbish service

I moved to shell from edf due to poor service
On reflection probably should have stayed with edf as the service is just as bad. In addition their staff do not have an understanding of certain items or their own web site
Complaining is not much use as nothing seems to alter and compensation is normally de minimus
Just another large corporation running as they want to without due care for customer

Had a very bad experience with Shell…

Had a very bad experience with Shell Energy. They had plenty of time to correct their wrong doings but have decided not to bother. To explain everything in detail I will be doing a YouTube vlog based on my experience with the actual telephone conversations (uncut) which will probably run in to 2 to 3 parts

Very poor service

I wouldn’t recommend Shell to anybody I’ve had nothing but problems with them since they took over Green Star Energy Not had a bill from them since the take over happen and when phoning say that my account has a fault with transferring over from Green Star to Shell its now August and still no sign of my bill it would be nice Shell if you could sort this out sooner rather than later

Never had a email to say my contract…

Never had a email to say my contract was up, never had any information about prices. Been with first utility for a lot of years all ways found them to offer the best deal, but now its changed to shell i will definitely change to another supplier when my contract comes to a end

She’ll energy’s the right name since the service is just as empty as a shell!

And within a short space amount of time Shell energy have shown their crappy customer service. I called up to this morning in order to speak to someone in regards of my investigation and explained to the advisor my questions he responded by telling me that he would look at the archives as the complaint had only been recently logged so I needed to wait for them to get in touch with me in two days time. I waited for him to finsh talking before explaining it was unacceptable as I logged a complaint last year as well and never really got a response from the investigation and he got annoyed and told me I needed to be quite and listen to him. I answered and said well it would be great if you could answer my questions and instead raised his voice whilst I was talking and said if you won’t listen to me than I will end the call

Very high rate and and charged to move…

Very high rate and charged £60 to move to a lower rate even though I stayed with them.

Would definitely not recommend Shell.

Had a response from Shell which implied that I should get in touch. After a long on line chat, I can only add, l should have moved to a different Supplier

Avoid this company at all costs

Avoid this company at all costs.

I signed up to the broadband a month or so back, after a delay during the installation and various service issues things began to stabilise.

The support I received was nothing shy of incompetent and the “technical” assistant’s were as technical as a flip flop.

Thankfully due to my persistence I was able to get the service to a manageable/semi decent standard.

5 days before my first direct debit I received an email stating my first bill would be £37.87. When I questioned this via an echat they explained my tariff was £29.99 a month and the extra was for the days my service was over the monthly period.

I contested this vigorously, to my knowledge the monthly tariff was £29.99 Reduced to £23.99 on a special offer, you I can still order this exact offer their website but the actual deal they sign you up for has no such special offer reduction applied.

Surely this is gross mis selling, I once again did an echat, attached screenshots and all the information required for them to do the right thing and honour the agreement on the website, the service agent and his manager both refused.

I shall have to take this even higher, what a waste of my time and what a truly nasty, sly snide company.

Absolute rip off

Initially when I set up the account for dual fuel, I was advised that I would be saving money on my existing tariff with EDF. I opted for a fixed monthly payment of £144 a month over the course of the year.
However, when my 2nd payment came out, £188.55 was taken. I was told a variable direct debit had been set up on the account, not what I agreed to.
This was subsequently resolved.

this morning (11/08/2020) I received an email notifying me that my direct debit payment is increasing to £213 a month.
I sign up for a fixed price tariff of £144 a month, how can this now go up nearly £70 a month?
I feel like I have been seriously ripped off.
Shell had my actual previous year usage readings and they are nowhere near as high as the estimates the Shell are predicting. They are nearly double what I have used the previous 3 years!

After contacting them i was advised they can reduce the payment to £195 a month instead of the £213. I signed up for a fixed term tariff and have submitted meter readings!

I have emailed you as per your request

Overcharged and they fail to correct

Awful customer service, they’re sending me a falsified bill using an estimated number they used. They refuse to correct the bill to the meter reading provided, taken by my independent inventory clerk, which shows only 4 units of gas used. Photos and evidence have been provided 3 times.

Complaint raised due to the wrong meter…

Complaint raised due to the wrong meter used to create an estimated reading . A large bill then followed. Poor response to emails sent most had to be duplicated.
An automated response to the complaint and nothing since apart from give us the money

The worst company I have dealt with

The worst company I have dealt with, ever,and that includes BT,and BA.It has taken 10 weeks not to sort out an account issue to do with migration from Greenstar Energy.There is no continuity of contact with advisors and you might be dealing with a poor English speaker in Venezuela on one call and then a poor English speaker in Poland on the next.It takes 2 minutes to reach the sales team and 25 to reach customer service.Says it all

AVOID Shell Energy- A Customer Service…

AVOID Shell Energy- A Customer Service Advisor just forced me into deadlock was extremely unhelpful and tried to refuse me speaking to a Manager. All they want is to put you on the most expensive tariff. Please Stay Away from SHELL ENERGY!!!

Really poor service and very expensive

Really poor service and very expensive. I went online and found I was able to HALVE my monthly bill with Yorkshire Energy. Contacted Shell countless times about my final bill which was more than double my monthly payments to them!
There are far better companies out there who don’t over charge.
So much for a competitive market when Shell Energy feel they can fleece customer

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