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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: “Fictitious enormous bills making me ill”

“Fictitious enormous bills making me ill: I’ve looked on Facebook and can see lots of other people being overcharged and put in debt by hundreds to thousands. I’m very stressed and this is too much on top of a tough year. They should be made accountable for what they are doing.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 3 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in these reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This posting made Dec 6, 2020.

Shell Energy customer service

Shell Energy do not understand the meaning of customer service I have recently switched and cannot wait to leave the worst energy provider I have encountered

Fictitious enormous bills making me ill

I’ve been with the company a few years. Then all of a sudden my £77 a month turned to £170 and they say I’m £800 in debt! Ombudsman has agreed they shouldn’t be back billing but there also overcharging. Called them again with new meter reading and they think I’ve used over £450 of lec and gas in 3 months And I’m more in debt! I live on my own in a cottage and at work most of day. I see now on the news customers were overbilled when coming off the fixed rate and it had to be refunded as was not right. Not sure if that’s what has happened to me. I just want the fake debt removing and able to move to another company. It’s making me ill. In 13 years at my house I’ve never paid more than £70 a month for both. Their bills are saying I’m using far far more! I’ve looked on Facebook abd can see lots of other people being overcharged and put in debt by hundreds to thousands. I’m very stressed and this is too much on top of a tough year. They should be made accountable for what they are doing. I don’t seem to get much help on phoning. With offers of accepting or rejecting hot bills? ( what on earth is that). One woman said it doesn’t sound right what I’m being charged. Others say wait a month to see how the bill transpires. I want out.

Recently switched to this company …

Recently switched to this company and cannot wait to leave. Customer service is the worst I have ever encountered . Now been waiting for over 48 hours for an arranged call back from them
Their App does not work and their on line service is not working. They have not passed the final reading to the company I transfered from, or sent me a statement for the first month.
Utterly useless company.


Shell energy was First Ulitity. When this company was first utility they were excellent, you could contact them relatively easy. Not with Shell they are a nightmare. Why oh why do they continually reduce my direct debit. Surely it’s up to the consumer if I want to pay more. If I’ve told them once not to reduce the payment I’ve told them a thousand times. It’s ridiculous. Then when you need to amend it back you can’t contact them. This is the final straw I will be leaving.

Unbelievably bad service

Unbelievably bad service. Moved to new home, set up energy account. Realised they had not took the bill from our bank so called them to sort it out but man on phone had no intention of helping us. Two days later we received a debt collection letter for what we owed. Service is so bad they even make virgin media look good. No Stars.

if i could give 0 stars i would

if i could give 0 stars i would, absolutely evil and sneaky company who pray on normal working class people. joined shell in 2019 on a fixed tariff, were giving them meter readings as requested and they were taking the same amount every month, lo and behold my contract was due to finish so called them to inquire about it, was then informed i was in arrears of over £800, i was totally shocked and confused, after some investigation i was informed that even though i had been submitting meter readings shell were not adjusting my direct debit amount to reflect usage instead waiting until last minute to tell me i owed money, they would not take ANY responsibility for the fact they did not adjust the payments to reflect meter readings.

no corona has hit and i am being crippled by debt collectors and shell spamming my email requesting the money. to all future people looking for an energy supplier i urge you as a hard working working class person do not join this company no matter how cheap they appear to be on the comparison websites. avoid avoid avoid.

Avoid at all costs

I would give them zero stars if I could, avoid at all costs!

Had nothing but issues since joining shell broadband in august 2019. No and poor signal most of the time also my complaint was ignored for 3 months. Finally I thought all resolved in april time after backwards and forwards and 2 replacement routers. (Also after being told to go and purchase a kit that turns out wasn’t even any help at all!)

Roll onto june/july time again signal and connectivity issues began again. Router kept turning off randomly and it became so bad I couldn’t even watch a smart tv in the same room as the router. So I left for another provider, only to be hit with almost £70 of ‘early termination fees’.

I contacted shell expecting a partial credit at least if not a full credit due to my issues to be told they can only be responsible for the speed not connectivity!

Will be ensuring everyone knows what they are like. Absolutely appalling service.

I regretted switching to Shell energy…

I regretted switching to Shell energy and unfortunately I am just a day past my cooling off period. First I have waited 55 minutes for a customer service member to answer the call. They have switched my electricity two weeks ago but not my gas supply, and cannot provide me with a good reason. He flocked me with a reason that the gas switch was rejected and the gas meter reading submitted was incorrect but on the other hand told me the switch is in the process now and they are able to get my reading via my smart meter. What an utterly nonsense!!


i cant believe this suplier have over £500 of my money in credit. while we are paying interest on our credit cards. they should not be allowed to over charge in advance. totally unfair.

Double Charges.

Three days after leaving my first bad review, here I am again being out on hold for over an hour. I wonder if there are people working for this company to take the calls of the customers. When it comes to requesting for the refund they are all passing you in different departments where no one is answering. Another thing.
The bill I fully i was charged of three months ago was added to my new bill to be paid for December even after paying it in full. Seriously? is this how this company operate their business. Gosh ! you should pity your customers who are working hard just to pay their bills.

Back door ‘cease charge’

After being with Shell energy broadband for a year, I have been charged a £15 ‘cease charge’ for leaving despite leaving after my 12 month contract. Apparently this charge applies to all customer when leaving. Non of this was mentioned up front on their website when you first sign up, it’s hidden away in the terms and conditions. Shame on Shell, be warned…

New smart meter

I got a new smart meter but it wouldn’t connect so he said he’s come back but he hasn’t…

Booked to have a smart meter fitted but…

Booked to have a smart meter fitted but the engineer didn’t arrive. When I called it was cancelled 2 days and was told they tried calling but couldn’t leave a message on either my home number or mobile number. In the subsequent 2 days they never tried calling again so I’ve been waiting in for 4 hours for an appointment that was never happening. This is after waiting since the end of October for the fitting. Worst customer service I’ve received in a long time.

Still waiting for refund

Hi Sara, thanks for your cheery responses that make it look like Shell care. I’m still waiting to hear from Shell – I provided the documents it requested to get my £100 refund. I did this 12 days ago – you say to wait 10 days for a response. You’re the only person who’s seemed understanding – all the other communication I’ve had with your team has been extremely frustrating, especially as it’s all been caused by Shell’s incompetence. I wrote to complaints to explain this and got an extremely cold response.

Anyway, please ask for my documents to be looked at urgently – this gives Shell the proof it insisted upon, so there should be no excuse for still retaining my money.

Wanted to check the date of my Switch.

Wanted to check the date of my Switch.

Spent over an hour on hold to get through.

I am now trying to cancel the switch during the cooling off period.

They may be wonderful – but they don’t answer the phones. Not good.

Never ever shell or anything to do with them

It’s been 9 months now since i moved in to property and shell is supplying gas and electricity funniest thing is that they haven’t been bothered sice first day that i tried to get in touch with them. It is beyond imagination because I’m fighting with them to short my account so i could start paying my bills and they don’t even bother to speak over the phone emailing them is pointless because only answer is automated reply wouldn’t recommend not even to the worst enemy to get in bed with them. Never even thought that costumer has to fight with energy supplier and beg him to sort account and bills so he could get his bills payed and up to this day they not even interested in it so they don’t even deserve 1 star I’d say – 100 starts customer service just keeps putting you through for 3 hours till they hang up on you themselves

Extremely poor Shell customer care.

I phoned Shell to tell them that my smart meter reading had not been submitted to them for 6 months, to be told that it is most likely a meter fault and would need to transferred to the metering dept. I waited for almost an hour, during which time my call was intercepted on nine occasions by an agent asking if they could help. The customer service is deplorable, as clearly no one was willing to take it upon themselves to put me through to the right department. Instead they just put my call in a queue, hence the nine interceptions by agents asking if they could “help”. I have given one star as it is the lowest option, but in reality my true customer service rating would be zero.

Tried to change me £190 for 3 weeks in…

Tried to change me £190 for 3 weeks in my new home when I told them I had proof I only used 80kw a week electricity and 30 gas so I owe them at most £65 they put the bill down to £103 and said the extra was within industry standards so I can’t dispute it. Disgusting company.

Very Poor Service from Shell

Transferred to Shell Energy three months ago but my account has still not been set up although I am continuing to make monthly payments by standing order. After a long time (1/2h) holding on I eventually got through to Samir at 10.05 on 26th October (Reference 52). He confirmed my account and said there was no need for me to do anything. Nothing has happened since then, I still have no account! I am very disappointed in the response I have received from Shell especially as I am a Shell shareholder!


Please DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! If you do sign up, please read the terms and conditions. I got stung by them! They provide a 14-day cooling-off period which happens the minute you sign up and they don’t actually provide the service until the end of the 14 day period. When they provide the service “Super Fast Fibre” They don’t tell you that “It takes 10 days for the line to settle” I had very low speeds to nothing at all on the first day of going live. Because I canceled supposedly after my cooling off period they charged my full account of £313. They also took £41 as an initial payment for a service they did not provide! I switched to BT who provides excellent service. Also, the customer service experience is terrible and very rude! I am going through an outside service now to dispute this!

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  1. Elaine says:

    Shell Energy enough to make you Suicidal. I am beside myself with worry that all of a sudden Shell Energy has changed my direct debit from £73 a month to £190 to start on 2nd of January even though I’m £39.96 in credit. They did the same to me last year but the amount was £112 then. I am tied into one of their tariffs and would have to pay £50 per energy to leave. I thought I was having a good deal before this and then when comparing with what my Mother pays for her energy I feel pig sick how much Shell Energy are charging against SSe prices!!!!!!

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