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Trustpilot Review: Absolutely terrible customer service at Shell Energy

Absolutely terrible customer service. Trying to cancel my account due to an increase in broadband price mid-contract. I have spent 3 hours so far over the past 2 days trying to get through to talk to someone from customer service and cancel my account.

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 09 December 2020.

Absolutely terrible customer service.

Absolutely terrible customer service. Trying to cancel my account due to an increase in broadband price mid-contract. I have spent 3 hours so far over the past 2 days trying to get through to talk to someone from customer service and cancel my account. Also unable to cancel via email as they refuse to accept a cancellation via email, yet wont give me a call back.


You have been warned

You have been warned , avoid at all costs , you Can not get through to customer service. You get put on hold for over a hour , you cannot get a credible bill sent to you at any time , you can not get your last. Bill sent to you to pay up and leave , you can go with another company like I did , I was desperate for my contract to end with this company , has soon has it did , I switch to a better cheaper company with good customer service , you pass meter reading to this shell company it’s a waist of time has they don’t use them , they just say they will be used for your next bill , then when you ask for a bill to be sent to you so you can see your true usage , there excuse is that they can’t post you one out or e mail you one , has they don’t have enough data to do that , but they assure you your bill
Is correct , when you never get to see your usage , they make up the price , has they go along , just like another review Person has stated , shocking company I wouldn’t go with this con merchant company if they were the last energy company in this planet , you try to ask if you can speak to someone about your bill , that is after you have been put on hold but about 3 diferent peoloe after about a hour , and has soon has you mention your want to discuss your bill , bam you are put on hold again , so you can never get through to sort your incorrect bill
Out , then they just constantly ring you Day and night , e mail you telling you to pay your bill Imediately , so you just have to be bullied pay the bill and not get to speak to anybody , they seriously should be in trouble for upsetting peoples mental health this company discusting , another person said the same they had upset there mental health , stay away and you will stay saine , go with another energy company please , you will be far better of , Teribble Terible company


I went with this company in good faith. Only to be told that my account was cancelled (a week and a half later) after the engineer visit was cancelled. They left it for all that time without telling me. No reasons. No nothing. I phoned them, trying to talk to a manager – well that was awful! Two phone calls later and 2 hours of my life. EVEN HE CAN NOT HELP WITH A COMPLAINT. This company is dishonest and rude. I would avoid at all costs. If that is how they treat new customers then I would hate to see how they treat existing ones. FUMING!


terrible, they signed me up 1 bedroom flat. quoting me £65 a month, but my bills soon rose to £83, don’t ever try to get through to their 0330 bill sharing helpline, you’ll just be on hold for the rest of your life.

Shell Energy a very dissappointing experience

Moved to Shell Energy in September for the excellent fixed tariff they were then offering. I supplied our average energy consumption figures from the past five years, Their tariff has somehow increased by 29% in just two months despite the mild weather and our low energy usage. Applied for an overnight off peak Electrical Vehicle Charging tariff. Shell offered a £6 @ month rebate however as part of their EVC offer they would increase both the electricity and gas tariffs plus their standing charges and to such an extent I was actually worse off than staying on the original tariff. Trying to contact their Customer Services always takes 30 to 45 minutes. Via my experience even when you do get through to them they cannot assist you so they ask you to call back….. From the very outset, I requested a Smart Meter. It took Shell Energy three months to come (Octopus Energy quote two weeks) when their S M S operative eventually attended to install a Smart Meter he wore no mask and despite my obvious discomfort he consistently failed to socially distance always moving towards me when I moved away from him. For reasons of Health & Safety this person then decided not to install the new Smart Meter. Despite their stating otherwise neither Shell Energy or S M S seem to have any concerns about your Health & Safety. I have written a seven page complaint to their CEO Colin Crooks but not had the courtesy of even an acknowledgement from him. Dealing with their Customer Resolution Unit is as bad as it gets and just highlights what a poor company this is. They are not trying to resolve your complaint they are just trying to wear you down. My advice is do not use Shell Energy, the fixed price tariff they quote will probably soon change and then their Customer Services or lack of Customer Service will infuriate you. A very poor company to deal with.

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