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Shell Energy must be the worse supplier I have ever had dealings with

Some extracts from current customer comments posted on Trustpilot: “Shell Energy must be the worse supplier I have ever had dealings with. Every call takes about 1 hour, nobody seems to converse in English very well. Nobody can give any answers and switching to different departments results in being cut off.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 09 JAN 2021.

What a shambles

It is interesting to see that Shell Energy often reply to a 5 star review but never to a complaint. I switched to Shell Energy in September but whilst I have an account number I have never been able to access my account. Shell energy have taken 3 payments of £101 from my bank but when I tried to increase the direct debit I was told the account had been closed on the 7th December and not direct debit was taken in December. I have had a chat session and telephone call with Shell Energy but with no resolution other than to say a new account in the name of my wife has been opened but no more information. During my telephone conversation I was told the problem had been referred to the “back office” and that I would receive a call within 5 days. That has passed and I am still waiting.

Do not use the worse energy supplier ever

Shell Energy must be the worse supplier I have ever had dealings with. We moved house on 16/12/20 and gave meter readings, still waiting for an account to be set up so we can switch supplier, despite phoning every day. Every call takes about 1 hour, nobody seems to converse in English very well. Nobody can give any answers and switching to different departments results in being cut off.

I have been with you since 2013 had a…

I have been with you since 2013 had a few problems along the way.However since you took over United what a change up the price of your commoditys
i am 82 years old and my last bill was over £117 trying to contact you and all you get is a stupid robot who is not programed to answer that. I am not at all happy with your price increase and will be leaving you in the near future

Couldnt have had more problems if we tried..

Since we moved to Shell we have had problem after problem. They state they cannot read our meter so we send readings and they still over-estimate and are trying to take over £300 from our account when we actually owe £150! In a time where money is tight and people are losing jobs I can’t believe a company can do this and not listen to their customers. You try to call and speak to someone and they hang up or you get fobbed off. Will be going to the ombudsman for full resolution.

Was due to go “live” on internet…

Was due to go “live” on internet Wednesday 6/01/21 by midnight, kept trying to sign into account all day. Tried again first thing 7/01/21, still unable to, rang unhelpful customer service guy Eric, was told engineer would need to attend, could take up to two working days, informed him I would not pay any fees for engineer visit. Rang again later in day to enquire when engineer would be attending, none had been booked ! Told them that I bitterly regretted choosing Shell and would be cancelling my contract, threatened with debt collectors, as 14 day cooling off period had ended, I replied if I knew then what I know now I’d of never signed up, not fit for purpose and sale of goods act. Was in tears with the stress of it all, told them I would be asking for reimbursement for no internet for 58 hours, data used on phone, son lost hours due to not being able to work from home and inconvenience. Offered a paltry and insulting £11.59 ! I have escalated my complaint and seeking legal advice to end contract. Should stick to supplying fuel, useless and extremely poor customer service !

Rubbish Service by Shell

I’ve had two new meters and in home display fitted last November 2020. New electric meter fitted in December. In home display reads when it wants! This morning they sent an e mail. “Unfortunately, as the meter is not completely dysfunctional we will not be able to get this exchange again because it is communicating reads more often than not so your billing will still be accurate”. Shell seem happy to provide a system that works sometimes. Completely rubbish service. Could not careless

Avoid as customer service is awful

Avoid as customer service is awful. An employee cancelled my direct debit by mistake, as told to me by another member of the firm. I wasted over 30 minutes of my mobile allowance sorting it out and setting up direct debit again. The following month this is happening again! They leave an automated message stating that they have been trying to contact me re an unpaid bill. LIES! I have an answerphone and we are home all the time due to Shielding. This together with them putting up the bill during the contract will see me leave asap.

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