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Trustpilot Reviews of Shell Energy: broadband speed is 40% of advertised speed…wifi cuts out every 10 mins…

Extracts from current Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot: “Complete shambolic service! awful broadband ‘service’. The broadband speed is 40% of the advertised speed…: “Our wifi cuts out every 10 minutes…”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 6 March 2021.

Avoid Shell broadband !!!!

Complete shambolic service! They have not got 1 thing right since unfortunately moving to their awful broadband ‘service’.
They have not transferred my requested phone number correctly and despite one engineer coming round who said Shell just need to contact my last supplier Sky they were unable to do this and now want to bring another engineer to visit. I have moved suppliers many times and never had this issue. The broadband speed is 40% of the advertised speed, they got my direct debit wrong, none of the staff when you manage to speak to someone esp Abby (the ‘manager’) take any ownership of the problems and even though Abby and Tom her colleague promised to sort things out nothing gets done! It is a complete hassle chasing your awful company!

Our wifi cuts out every 10 minutes…

Our wifi cuts out every 10 minutes would not reccomend


This has to be the WORST service I have ever received.
Earlier this year we decided to change our fibre broadband from our current supplier Sky and looked around for a better deal. As we had our electricity and gas from Shell energy we chose them as they were also one of the best value at the time. This was a huge mistake!!!!
We were all set to go live with their “ Super fast fibre” service on the 24/02/21, almost two weeks later and we still have no broadband.
We have made numerous phone calls, all to a premium number, and been promised consistently that this would be sorted out but they never deliver. To make it worse we are promised they would keep us informed but they never do, instead we have to call them only to be told the same excuses and change the date it will be reseolved. Which never happens and we have to call them again. I feel so sorry for the team on the help line, which I have to say have been lovely, but they have no control and can only give us the information they have.
We had an engineer out last Friday only to be told they were there to fit the standard copper broadband, not the fibre we were paying for and had to reschedule again for Tuesday. I contacted the company Monday to check this would at last be sorted and was assured it would and that they would get in touch if there were any issues. Not only did that not happen, but I had to call on Wednesday AGAIN to be told it would now be not connected until Monday the 8th, I asked for a Manager to call me and that was arranged for yesterday and yet again we had no call. Clearly they do not want my business or are uninterested in me as a customer. Goodbye Shell Energy, no thank you.

Run people…..runnnn!!!!!!!

Given that I probably cannot swear on here I’m just going to outright say “DO NOT GO WITH SHELL”!!!!!!
I’d get banned if I said what I wanted to say! Ha ha ha
Robbing, liars, break their own rules/contracts, repeat themselves over and over when u prove them wrong……which I did prove them wrong with the very emails that they sent to me! I still have the emails and texts that they absolutely outright deny sending me!!!!! They’re on my account!!!! They’re nuts and they drive u nuts! They are not worth the stress or worry or loss of money that they con u out of! I have to stop typing, I’m about to have a heart attack! Ha ha ha

Don’t even think about using this sham

How can I rate this company, first utility, I have been harassed for years , actually today I had to call a doctor , I received a debt letter and mill debt were so rude , I want this matter finished, you sent me a cheque and sorry we made a mistake, I did not cash that , your debt company and you have been resent this email , you should be ashamed of yourselves and I will be seeking compensation, keep away from this company , my ref is 755196 , this is a joke

Unjust and oppressive

Shell Energy Account Number: 3890971
Specifically Shell Energy broadband. Last September, my connection repeatedly dropped out and the internet was unusable for several weeks. I made repeated, lengthy calls to customer services at Shell Energy. Eventually an engineer came to my home who advised me that he had fixed the problem. Within 2 hours of him leaving it was clear he had not fixed the problem and the internet remained unusable over the following weeks. I complained, spent numerous hours and calls trying to resolve. After several weeks, the connection resumed of its own accord, unrelated to any efforts by Shell Energy. I have now discovered that Shell Energy took £54.16 out of my account in February 2021 to cover the costs of a missed engineer appointment at the beginning of October 2020, when I was not at home. I did not even want an engineer by then as they could not assure me that the engineer would come on the day I needed. I had given up and just wanted to end my contract. Their customer service representative just advised me there is ‘no point’ in raising this as a complaint as the engineer will have photographic evidence that he attended my home, so I am liable and that is it. There is no process for redress or to make any representations about this other than via this website. The entire experience, service, and ‘taking’ money out of my account without any notification after so many months is dreadful. The distress and disruption to my life through having no internet for working from home, missing the first month of my university course as well as hours on the phone to Shell Energy by far exceeded £54.16.

Very poor connection and terrible…

Very poor connection and terrible customer service, complete rip off. I was fed up with the poor connection and also they increased our tariff rates even tho it was fixed term rates so decided to leave them and customer service was awful very rude and they told me they’ll deduct £54 but ended up taking away £105. Every person I spoke from the team had different say. They were so clueless of what they were doing. Wouldn’t at all recommend She’ll.

Shocking company I have no gas and I…

Shocking company I have no gas and I have one light in my house cos I haven’t moved to my new house yet the billing £95 a month
Rip off company. Avoid shell the biggest scammers

Charged me £60 exit fees for moving…

Charged me £60 exit fees for moving home despite the fact that I’m still a customer with them.

Threatened to Pay Inaccurate Final Bill

I was chased and threatened by the Shell Collections team for months about paying my final bill, which was inaccurate and was going through a dispute process via the Shell Customer Solutions team. Th Shell Collections team kept chasing me despite me highlighting that I had disputed the bill and the Shell Customer Solutions teams was taking the dispute process forward. The chasers included some quite threatening emails (e.g. potential impact on my credit file, bringing in an external collector). I made a complaint and have received an appalling response today. Shell have not bothered to properly investigate my complaint and said in their response that the chasers were due to a lag between me paying the bill (when I was finally sent an accurate bill when the dispute process concluded this month) and automated email chasers that would have been scheduled beforehand. But the problem is my complaint was about threatening chasers that were being sent BEFORE I paid the bill when I was waiting for the dispute process to conclude. If they had bothered to read my complaint properly, they would have understood that I was complaining about a campaign of harassment about my final bill that I experienced since December 2019 when I switched supplier not simply just about a couple of automated emails that slipped the net after I settled my final this month. Shell is a disgrace and I was only with them because they took over First Utility. I’m glad to have switched and would never consider returning.

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