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Trustpilot Shell Energy Reviews: Absolutely horrendous broadband provider

Extracts from a Shell Energy customer review posted on Trustpilot: “We are never able to get through to the support team quickly I have been waiting to get through for over an hour before and then been cut off. Our service is very slow. We were sold fibre broadband but this hadn’t been switched on…”: “Overall it’s a shocking provider and I would never recommend them to anyone.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the past few days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 26 April 2021.

Since I’ve joined in March I have had a…

Since I’ve joined in March I have had a bad wifi signal. My phone constantly loses wifi and I’m constantly on my data. My amazon stick and tablet have to be hard wired via ethernet cable. I can’t wait to return to Plusnet – just 10 months to go 🙁

I desperately need help

I am crying , £615 in debt, despite paying monthly £50. they are monsters.

Absolutely horrendous provider

Absolutely horrendous provider. We’ve had non stop issues with our service. We are never able to get through to the support team quickly I have been waiting to get through for over an hour before and then been cut off. Our service is very slow. We were sold fibre broadband but this hadn’t been switched on and it wasn’t until months later that an engineer who came to put our internet back on after going off for the fourth time in 6 months said it hadn’t even been switched over. We’ve were poorly reimbursed and told we couldn’t leave even though it was Shell energies mistake which took a month to sort out because we couldn’t ever get through. The people we have spoken to have mainly had poor customer service and minimal knowledge of the product or how to fix products. Overall it’s a shocking provider and I would never recommend them to anyone.

Harassment of the HIGHEST order

Harassment of the HIGHEST order

Well now I have had over 20 daily text messages and calls over my final bill (around £130) , just waiting to pay shortly due to furlough etc.

I shouldn’t even be getting charged the £60 fee for leaving , let alone the hundreds they over charged me.

Here’s a tip Shell Energy!

1. When a customer requests you to stop sending text messages and calling my mobile, please STOP , its annoying and a good job I am not a pensioner etc, as it would be quite distressing for me.

2. Send a paper final bill. It really would be nice of you to fund the cost of a stamp to send one, as you’ve had over 5 – 10 grand off me in energy bills, so a bit of common courtesy wouldn’t go amiss.

3. there is a whistle blowing number for Ofgem. the alarm bells have rung for so long on FIRST UTILITY / SHELL, as an energy customer I cannot trust your company, someone , somewhere needs to investigate the FORMER company!

google search whistle blowing OFGEM
( this is for Energy company employees not consumers

Very disappointed to receive a letter…

Very disappointed to receive a letter stating they wish to increase my direct debit by £27 a month to £82 despite my actual usage being £36 for the last monthly bill and similar the previous month. We inherited them as suppliers when we moved and there have been problems with them since we moved in. We will be switching once we have resolved this complaint. Customer service has been constantly terrible and over complicated. I’ve never had problems like this with previous suppliers. They are useless, save your money and go elsewhere.

Tried to explain b broadband very slow…

Tried to explain b broadband very slow wanted to know you what you could do about it but got no answers

Still waiting for the speed to get over…

Still waiting for the speed to get over 3. Really disappointed.

Is there a worse broadband supplier in the UK

I have always had problems with the bandwidth from this Shell Broadband. If the family want to watch a film, say 90 minutes in length, it actually takes around 2 hours because the bandwidth is not enough to supply the film without pausing. A very nasty situation.
When I telephone the service department I am asked for my total address so they can investigate. My local police force has issued advise to everyone NOT to tell a stranger over a telephone your total address, even my bank does not ask this question because there are other ways to identify the person who has telephoned. In fact, I never have to give out my address to any other company because of security reasons
I have left my reply to Shell, too late but I will be leaving their system any day now. I have to leave as the router has been turned off for over a week. Using their system is the biggest mistake I have ever made, it is simply the worse broadband supplier I have ever had.

I upgraded to the fastest package and…

I upgraded to the fastest package and the first two weeks I got 70mbps then suddenly all I get is 30mbps the same speed as the middle package! Absolute criminal, I even waited a further two weeks because they say we need to calculate your correct speed blah blah blah….BS I’m mortified I want justice 

Just cant seem to grasp how exasperated we all are!


You see the response


Hi Ian. I’m very sorry to hear you’re receiving payment due reminders!
If you believe you won’t be able to make an upcoming payment and have been affected by COVID-19.


WELL to put it mildly if you know theres the likelyhood of Covid affecting UK consumers, why would you send a tirade of TEXT messages and PHONECALLS, when I have LEFT your company.

I have suggested you send us Humans a FINAL paper bill, as I can see from the reviews on here your company cannot be trusted.

I am also disgruntled about paying an EXIT fee when I was clearly duped by yourselves and led into a FAKE PRICE PROMISE with the promise of a new type of energy company.

HOW WRONG you were.

Please send a bill

Please delete my EXIT fee

Please stop harassing me.

Huge & inaccurate bills which takes months to resolve

Inherited an account with Shell Energy for a house I purchased. The house was vacant for quite a while before I moved in, so they were using estimated readings for the previous owner’s bills – which messed up my switch to a new supplier and led to a £200+ direct debit because I couldn’t submit accurate readings.
Fastforward 2 months of emails to-and-fro, and was assured the bill would be resolved and the overpayment would be refunded – only to be stung with a bill for over £600 for THREE DAYS of gas usage! The obscene amount was because someone inputted meter readings for January which are still significantly higher than what the meter reads right now (late April).
It’s impossible to speak to someone on the phone outside of business hours, and the email support chains just drag on with constant apologies but no resolutions.


Had a knock at the door from shell energy, the man looked at our gas and electric usage for past 12 months as we were with BG, got an estimate of £61 per month for both gas and electric, that was £11 cheaper than BG so decided to go ahead.
Now getting monthly bills of £121!!
Tried to resolve the issue but getting fobbed off left, right and centre.
Time to try Ofgem.

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