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Trustpilot Bad Verdict on Shell Energy

Extracts from a Shell Energy customer review posted on Trustpilot: “Similar experience to so many other people; believe the reviews. Shocking customer service, expensive rates, appalling provider.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the past 24 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 30 April 2021.


Similar experience to so many other people; believe the reviews. Shocking customer service, expensive rates, appalling provider.

Disgraceful customer service passed to…

Disgraceful customer service passed to various advisers after being on hold for over an hour departments not knowing how to help

Would not recommend to anyone stay away from this company!!!

Wifi signal is rubbish worst I’ve had…

Wifi signal is rubbish worst I’ve had and they don’t want to do anything about it because in there words that’s how it is

Awful company to get in contact with

Awful company to get in contact with. Long wait times on their phone lines and online chat. Can’t even deal with a simple change of property without messing it up.

Non-existent customer service

I work for a property management company and have had the misfortune of dealing with Shell Energy for several of our flats when they’ve become vacant, the prior tenants having switched to Shell. They are unresponsive to emails; they ignore our billing instructions and send invoices to the empty flats; when trying to get them to correct their errors it is soul-destroying. A shambles of a company. Avoid like the plague!

0 Experience with Shell Energy

0 Experience with Shell Energy. Harrassing me another phone call from payment line. Like I told them before I left and after. Stay away from this evil corrupt cowboy of company how do you sleep at night in treating people like Bank. You get what people can afford. Shell energy has no compassion or empathy or understanding of what and how they treat people. Question Who runs this corrupt Shell Energy ? Shell energy needs to be brought down. Shell energy can pay me in compensation for the Harrassing phone calls ripping off people making up your own figures and double people bills.


Transferred to shell from another company. Deal was lower than them and monthly payments were meant to be lower. I kept payments the same however the first 2 months my bill was double this at £234. Spoke to an advisor who said the average usage is 300kwh we used over 900kwh. I read reviews of this happening but as i submit readings myself, thought i would be ok. Never had any bills like this in over 10 years.

Don’t go near this company!

I used USwitch to change to shell energy as they had brilliant prices. First of all I had to cancel because they told me (after a long time of me calling to see why we had not been supplied energy) that the names on the current e.on account and this new shell application had to be the same. Why? My partner was paying for our e.on and I said I would pay when we moved to shell but they wouldn’t let us.

So I applied again. They sent an email saying we are already supplied with shell and they will be in touch to confirm details. We aren’t already supplied by shell at all. No email came. I don’t know if shell are providing our energy at the minute, I don’t know anything! Because I’ve spoke to numerous advisors and they said they can only speak to the account holder. Which is my partner who they’ve spoke to and told him his name isn’t on the account, nor mine. This is a lie as we have had emails with his name on! They told me to update my details online. Wel I log in and it says ‘energy account not available yet’ and then got cut off from the live chats before I could reply to tell them they have been speaking to the named person!

They just don’t seem to have a clue at all. It’s been very stressful and unhelpful. I’m very close to cancelling all together because of this but I know they will charge me an exit fee which I don’t believe I should pay.

Failed appointment

Due to fix smart meter between 1 and 5 on Wednesday last. Didn’t turn up. I waited pointlessly for four hours in a empty house.

Becareful when u get the contract

Becareful when u get the contract. They will lie to you to make u buy their contract, once youve bought it, theyll say other wise.

nearly two month now but still not…

nearly two month now but still not received refund or compensation,my bill was sent to collection people even I have paid lot more in advance….They promise you get your refund within 10 working day in march… I got lot of log of calls,chat but still struggling to get refund which they promise
Hey Shell,trust pilot team,please dont respond hear about sorry and la la la as enogh nonsense I have faced since last year and now waiting for the refund… please ask them to refund me…

Still waiting for electricity meter…

Still waiting for electricity meter reading to be updated on account. Been almost 3 weeks.

I am very upsaid with this company…

I am very upsaid with this company because when I changed the provider they promised me a voucher, doesn’t matter the amount but I am waiting it for 2 months with all the emails that I send them . I think nobody care . I just wait to switch off from you.

Portal does not allow changes despite…

Portal does not allow changes despite them being available and valid

Unable to get any satisfaction for my…

Unable to get any satisfaction for my autistic son who spoke to the advisor who refused to accept his permission for me to speak for him. Absolutely bad consumer contact.

If I could give this company less than…

If I could give this company less than 1 star I would. You can’t get through to anybody as they don’t employ enough staff and use covid as an excuse 1 year later, hmm. The process moving house is atrocious and takes longer than expected, they gave us a £300 bill from the old house as even though we gave them meter readings throughout the year clearly they they don’t have a functioning website. Now we’ve moved house the online account has no information available, we don’t even know what tariff we are on and the customer service reps are not helpful. All in all I will be leaving this company and its terrible customer service. If anyone is thinking of using them I would advise staying clear of these bandits.

Shell Energy- Appalling Aggressive Behaviour

Appalling aggressive behaviour with threats of contacting credit reference agencies as Sell’s initial contact regarding account.
I contacted Shell Energy to explain my estimated bill was too high and I would be submitting a meter reading.
Within two day of contacting Shell Energy, they sent me a letter by post, an email threatening me and two phone calls from two different numbers (an 03 number and a mobile number). Both times I have been unable to take the call due to work commitments.
When I spoke with them last summer they were helpful, polite and professional. What has gone wrong for this to happen! I have always paid my bill.
When phoning them now, I can’t get through.
My advice is to stay clear of this company.
I am with Octopus Energy now who have been excellent!


[[[ ***WHY SHOULD I PAY EXIT FEE *** ]]]

When your company totally ripped me off. I have PAID the £91.50 today.

I have escaped the clutches of SHELL / Formely FIRST UTILITY

[[[[Yet as I can see from the last review
Shell slowly put up their prices and therefore I moved to another provider (much cheaper) since moving I have been hounded for final payment even though they knew I had not been able to work due to covid, I had a constant stream of text messages, Emails and phone calls]]]]

You are still making peoples lives a MISERY.

Should be ashamed to work there.

I was over charged hundreds after being promised you would always be the cheapest supplier, then more than doubling my prices.

How you EVER GOT AWAY with calling your tariffs ISAVE EVERYDAY is beyond comprehension.

The DAILY MAIL said 50 000 people plus signed up to this with FIRST UTILITY. Shell then bought the company and as far as I can see has not changed the aggressive tactics.

When will you be recompensing all these people, its a NATIONAL SCANDAL!!!!!

Many depressed people on the Blog sites on Facebook that tell the real truth about whats been going on.

all facts, no lies, its time you did something about it.

And Can I say most people can see right through the invite reviews that really are daft arent they.

getting reviews off customers that have not had a chance to use your service properly is WRONG and you are doing it to get your number up.

IT IS AGAINST TRUST PILOT rules!!!!, yet I can only flag this up once.

JUST REFUND the £60 EXIT fee off my account and we will take it from there.


texting me

STOP emailing me

STOP calling me

I have asked you to STOP


Bad Communication…

Exactly the same as other reviewers have said promised a smart meter, never appeared, promised a cheaper payment plan after a review, never appeared. What does happen is the monthly reminders to say you have X balance can you pay today. I then explain for nth time why I can’t , Shell energy then say they will make a note on my account and never so, cue the next month and it’s the same call , the same questions and from me the same answers, with Shell energy saying the account is on hold for 7 days if you don’t make a payment we will start a reclaims process.
Do your self a favour don’t use Shell energy or change if you do use them.

Shell slowly put up their prices and…

Shell slowly put up their prices and therefore I moved to another provider (much cheaper) since moving I have been hounded for final payment even though they knew I had not been able to work due to covid, I had a constant stream of text messages, Emails and phone calls, and even the threat of Baliefs….all for £285. I was promised someone would call to arrange a payment plan but it didn’t happen, just more phone calls etc !! Do not use them !!!

Left A 90 Year Old Without A Phone

Failed to connect a 90 year old’s telephone and left her without a phone line (she lives alone) in the middle of this pandemic.

Call centre staff v. polite but harassed – they are not provided with sufficient information to help customers and the phone installation department does not take or make calls.

The recorded message facility to leave feedback was unable to record because it was full! I’m not surprised.

To sum up:

Shell Energy Retail Ltd can’t connect phone lines
Shell Energy Retail Ltd won’t connect phone lines
Shell Energy Retail Ltd can’t make phone calls
Shell Energy Retail Ltd can’t receive messages on an answerphone

Avoid this company at all costs.

I changed to Shell because I thought I…

I changed to Shell because I thought I was getting a better internet speed. I went from a standard broadband to a superfast which I paid extra for the better speed fibre. When I was going through the process Shell were very good. Not until I was tied in to 2 contracts did I find out what they are really like. I had issues at 2 properties with the speed and dropping out issues. When I complained to them on numerous occasions I was fobbed of with excuses. I had less problems with just the standard tariff. They logged my complaints down the as soon as I finished the communications with them I received emails claiming the issues were resolved and closed. As soon as I can get away from them I will be doing. Avoid them like the plague

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