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Trustpilot Shocking Reviews of Shell Energy Customer Service

Extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted on Trustpilot: When they say they will ring you back they don’t…”: “Impossible to speak to anyone with knowledge”: “Almost impossible to get through on phone.”: “I inherited them on moving house and will be getting rid of them as soon as I can without incurring any penalty.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the past 48 hours on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 06 May 2021.

You can not talk to a human being

You can not talk to a human being. When they say they will ring you back they don’t

Impossible to speak to anyone with…

Impossible to speak to anyone with knowledge
Almost impossible to get through on phone.
Changed address they took £200 stating I was leaving them can’t wait for contract to end

A absolutely terrible company

A absolutely terrible company, despite countless emails and telephone calls, cannot change details from a house move. Bill’s are incorrect, cannot access online account, and harassment for bills already paid.

avoid there broadband the worst i have…

avoid there broadband the worst i have ever had now I’m stuck with them for 12 month dont waste your money

Never ending problems…

I have always had problems since shell took over my green star energy account. I want my account sorted and want to move away but the problems are never ending. The lady I spoke to was polite but it’s not sorting the issue. I have to waiting over a month to get an engineer out again.

Not very good at sorting out complaint…

Not very good at sorting out complaint and acting on them

Endless Problems

Frequent problems with several accounts. Smart meters installed but one stopped working after a few months and Shell say they cannot fix it. Very hard to get through to speak with someone on the phone, and rarely have they done what they actually said they would do. Very poor service in every respect.

What can I say about shell energy well…

What can I say about shell energy well here goes a rip off company in my opinion I pay them my utility Bill’s and then they say I’m In debt the more i pay the more my fantasy debt goes up I spoke to a debt collection agency who work for them after a few minutes on the phone even they agreed something wasn’t right I sent them copies of my payments to shell which they were satisfied with. they merged with green star who were on national tv watchdog it was for stealing from customers shell and green star were and still are being investigated for over charging shell say I can change my gas supply but not electricity this is where you will find the meters are rigged I urge anyone not to touch shell energy we have to question why you can’t switch electricy but you can gas when supposedly owing money I owe shell one utility bill . amazing though I had a quarterly bill in Feb. March and april from shell I’m getting a quarterly bill every month nothing wrong there then all a fix ofgem do your job and sort them out please do NOT USE SHELL ENERGY as a response to your reply I’m sick of phoning you talking to you I send emails which you ignore this has been going on for eight months now all you say is I owe you money I paid what I owed you after finding out you were my supplier which you never notified me of so green star just kept sending bills to you then you sent me their Bill’s plus yours a complete scam really I’m pretty certain there aren’t that many ivors you cheat

You have STILL increased my direct…

You have STILL increased my direct debit despite agreeing that there was no need to
I am writing another review in addition to updating my previous one which I have now done three times. This is so I can leave another one star review in the hope that your overall ratings reduce until you treat your customers with some respect and keep your promises.
You wrote to me threatening to increase my direct debit to £82 despite my previous two months usage being below this at £50 and £36 and over all downward trend. I eventually got through to your call centre and we reviewed my account and usage trends. You agreed that this was not necessary and that my direct debit should remain at £55 and I need take no further action. Today I look at my bank statement and you have taken £82 despite agreeing to leave the direct debit at £55. By my calculations if you take £82 a month you will owe me around £400 by the end of the agreement period. I wish to make a complaint about this and look forward to someone contacting me tomorrow morning to offer a full apology and explain how you will refund £27 and that my direct debit will be £55 next month as you have agreed. Please do not offer platitudes around how direct debits work I want a full response and apology and your next steps to resolving this.
Anyone reading this review if you haven’t signed up to this shower of a company, avoid at all costs. I inherited them on moving house and will be getting rid of them as soon as I can without incurring any penalty.

Once more disappointed

Once more disappointed. I contacted the online chat team again because calling them requires 20 minutes of waiting in the queue, I contacted them because I saw a sudden increase on my monthly payment of which I was not informed for via email or anything really. From £44.15 I used to pay per month I am now required to pay £196 which I would happily pay if someone had called me and explain why. I had numerous issues with shell since I started firstly with the app which does not show monthly and weekly changes to the smart meter home device which since installed doesn’t work. I have contacted them endless times but complaints seem to have no effect on anything. I was advised by one of the supervisors that I can still pay the £44.46/month until I repay my bill since I’m moving home in 2 months and he said that’s something they can do without me having to act further on it. Four weeks later I checked the app and a bill of £196 was changed and I couldn’t pay less even if I wanted to. I recommend everyone to not set up an direct depot as apparently they have the right to do whatever they want with it. The most disturbing thing is that they never told me from the beginning on the phone that they can change your direct payment to whatever they want if you have an outstanding amount pending. The lady from the online chat said that is included within the contract which I’m sure it is, but this type on information should never be left out while you’re trying to convince a costumer on the phone. I’m genuinely tired of them I can’t wait to move out and never hear from them again.

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