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Trustpilot Review: …don’t switch to Shell energy, complete and utter rubbish customer service

More extracts from Shell Energy customer reviews posted during the past 24 hours on Trustpilot: “don’t switch to Shell energy, complete and utter rubbish customer service”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted in the past day on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the companyThis article posted on 15 May 2021.


Don’t…. Just don’t switch to Shell energy, complete and utter rubbish customer service, agents refuse to transfer any call or chat to a manager, will only log it as a complaint and get someone to call you (if your lucky) in 48 hours, normally they don’t, messed up my direct debit, messed up my switch, refuse to give telephone number of head office, stating, complaints procedure, utter bull, after 4weeks IHD still not working, can’t find out meter readings used so I can get my credit balance from last provider, online account not working, just about the worst I’ve encountered. My advice, don’t switch to Shell energy unless you want grief and spend hours trying to resolve the issues.

After joining Shell the first payment…

After joining Shell the first payment went out then another one less than a month later then I changed the date to suit ME the customer. Now I find it has not happened and I can’t change it again until after this months payment on the wrong date has gone out. This has really messed up my finances. I chose the date to suit ME, but Shell have ignored me. You have ignored your customer and now caused me problems with the money being taken from my account at the date I DID NOT CHOOSE so that will cause another due payment to be missed!!!!!!!! Thanks a lot. CHANGE MY PAYMENT DATE TO THE 26TH OF THE MONTH, NOW.

Bad service, wouldn’t use again.

No notification from them when contract is due to renew/run out. When moving house they cancelled my line because the new owners had tried to take it over early. I rang to reconfirm the disconnection for the correct date. Continued to take payment for that month and then the next month. When called to find out why they said the new owners had cancelled the takeover instruction so they cancelled my cancellation and kept my account running. Promised would sort and contact to let know refund due and final payment etc. Still not heard anything a week later and will have to chase again. Poor service, wouldn’t use again and wouldn’t recommend. High early exit fees.

Not Trustworthy

was promised a good will gesture of £40.00 for misappropriate information when opening a/c after over 6 weeks nothing been refunded or credited how can a so called reputable company offer compensation and ignore it and hope the customer does not check on it
This is a Disgrace

Awful customer service!

Two issues prompted the One Star rating. I wish I could give themn zero.
1. Without any supporting evidence to justify it, Shell decided to increase my monthly payment from £65 to £87. I had only been with them since October 2020 so they had no idea of my useage during the spring/summer/Autumn period whereas I had. I tried to discuss with a manager but he was adamant that they were right….and they were not. I will be in credit in a month
2. Of bigger concern. They persuaded me (reluctantly) to have a smart meter installed but though the meter works to provide them with the data they need, the remote that is provided for me to also observe the data from within my house does not. After complaining, no solution has been offered and no update has been provided about when this will be fixed. They did offer a bribe of £30 which I refused to accept.
From other reviews, it seems that they were fully aware of the problem when they installed the unit. I have seen reviews over 1 year old reporting the same problem and others since.
The clues that made me initially syspicious were that the installation engineer did not stay to demonstrate how to use the remote system saying he had to rush off to an emergency- never been back to complete the installation but then what could he do as the system which was manufactured by another company does not work and has been reported by many as not working. Clearly Shell Energy do not care as they have never contacted me since my complaint. They have not explained what they are doing (nothing!) although they are fully aware of the unit’s failurep presumably hoping the £30 they offered would compensate for the remote meter not working. It hasn’t!
Needless to say, I will be leaving Shell Energy at the end of the contract

Don’t know why I bothered

Absolutely useless at trying to get smart meters fitted. 6 months wasted, holidays wasted and all the double checking to ensure the right engineer came out with the right kit completely ignored.

Don’t go there unless you have unlimited acceptance of incompetency, it really isn’t worth it.

The meter installation appointment was this morning, only the chap that turned up said he couldn’t do it, hadn’t been made aware it was a medium pressure gas supply, wasn’t qualified and didn’t have the right parts. Needless to say that is exactly what we have been discussing with Shell for the last 6 months.

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