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Major smell incident at Shell ethane cracker plant in Beaver, PA

Growing alarm over Shell’s Pennsylvania Petrochemicals Complex

Hi there, John,

There was a major smell incident near the Shell ethane cracker plant in Beaver, PA recently.

Here’s one news link: Shell cracker plant confirms a sweet-smelling odor came from its Beaver County facility

Community members encountered a powerful smell. And per the article, On Mon., Sept. 27, the PADEP issued Shell a notice of violation for the odor and fugitive dust, and it considers this an open compliance matter, meaning that it is an ongoing violation of environmental law. Each day the violations continue is considered a separation offence. The notice of violations is neither an order or any final action by the PADEP.”

This incident has taken place months before the anticipated start-up of full operations at the facility.

Here are two other articles/reports about the issue:

Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals Investigating Smell At Cracker Plant

Company investigating ‘nauseating’ sweet smell at Shell cracker plant

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