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Horrendous customer service from Shell Energy

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

27 Oct 2021

These reviews must be fake

These reviews must be fake, I was told last week that it would be 48 hours to get a phonecall regarding getting a smart meter install, I’ve not heard anything. I’m unable to complete a booking online and I have not had a phonecall like promised.

May change my review rating once I get a good service, not off to a good start.

Update: now changed to a 1 star review! Horrendous customer service! Still no call so I phoned and the agent creates a ticket for me, I got an email reply from the smart meter team asking me a load of questions wanting to know what time I set my alarm in the morning, what have I got for my lunch, how many times do I brush my teeth, etc.

So I emailed back with my phone number asking for a phonecall because it was far too complicated to do this via email, all I want is to book a smart meter install, how hard can this be!?

I have seen reviews from other people left on here saying that it was a quick and easy process over the phone but these reviews must be fake because why is it no one will call me? Why do I get a hundred questions via email? Just call me and book a date please that’s all I ask for!

Next step will be putting an official complaint in.


Update 3
This is the best one of all. Just called the Shell energy customer service line again. Asked them to verify the new gas rates. The price per unit has gone up nearly 60 percent, ok.
But this one is ridiculous….
The daily standing charge for gas has increased from 10.57p to 26.11p an increase of 147 percent. I’m clearly being penalised because I don’t use much energy. How can that be right, in anyone’s book.

Update 2
Once again!!!!

Just received a reply. Obviously this person has not read my review correctly. My complaint is primarily about the standing charge increase, not the accepted price per KWh. Furthermore, they have advised this…….

“We constantly review our tariffs to make sure they’re good value, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on our tariffs to see what offers we’ve got.”

,…… Update for Shell, your automated message, when ringing Shell, clearly states the following…..

Fixed tariffs are no longer available, only the standard variable 6 is currently available.

Can someone give me a reasonable explanation as to why the daily standing charge has increased by such a monumental amount? It really is a simple question.

I have just received notification that my price per KWh for electricity is going to increase when my current tariff ends in January by 28 percent. Haven’t had the gas yet. Obviously, this is due to the whole sale price going through the roof. This, I don’t like, but will have to accept, just like everyone else.

However, the daily standing charge is set increase by an amazing 79 percent. The standing charge, so I have been informed by a CSO in Poland, is to maintain the the pipe work/wires to ensure delivery of energy etc. Now, my question to Shell energy is this, Why would an increase in the whole sale price of gas increase the running costs of maintaining the network of pipes and wires?.

Well, I think we all know the answer to that one…. It doesn’t, or at least not by that much. This looks to me like obvious profiteering, typical of large companies.

And even worse, we now face the four or five largest energy providers regaining the monopoly they used to have 20 years ago, before the smaller suppliers started to emerge. All this will mean, is that you pay what they charge or freeze to death.

Apparently on further investigation, the less energy you actually use, the higher the standing charge. Well they do have to maintain their profit margins. Just think what the share holders would have to say if they didn’t. The whole think is a disgrace. Once all this rip off philosophy has died down, it’s good by Shell energy.

Non Existent Customer Support & No Hope to Contact

I got the keys of my newly purchased house on 5th May 2021 where the previous owner was having a Shell Energy electricity & gas. We took the photographs of meter readings the same day. We made a transfer request to our new energy provider and sent meter readings to the new provider. The new provider was ok with the readings and I got email from them that they have sent the meter readings to Shell energy

The problems started a month later I got a post from Shell energy stating that the meter reading was not correct and asked me to send a new current reading with 7 days span so that they know my current usage so that they can calculate and sent me a final bill / invoice [very strange].

I send the meter readings with photographs of one week apart’s reading via email and there was no real response other than automated emails asking me if my issue was resolved to close the ticket. Tired of this I decided to call the customer care, every time I call a shell customer care it will route my call to a sleepy overseas call centre guy who has no clue of what is going on. After narrating the whole story to them each time they kept on saying to me “Dont’t worry you will get a final bill in due course”.

I did not have a real Shell energy person to talk my issue, in the meantime I got another postal mail asking me to send the meter reading, by this time I was sure that they have given the support to a 3rd party company. I continued my calls to shell customer service, and every time I got the same response.

On fine day I got another postal mail from a debt collection agency. This was the rudest thing I ever faced. They do not have a real customer service to contact, and now they are using a debt collection agency, how shamefully rude. The story does not end here. I called the debt collection agency, and they asked me to pay for 3 months energy bill which as per them is April, May and June. I got the keys on May 5th and started paying to my new provider on June 14th, so it’s roughly 1 and half months that I owe them. But thy charged me for 3 months and I had to pay it.

Still now I have not heard back from Shell energy. Very rude and very ridiculous experience in my lifetime.

My energy supply was switched from…

My energy supply was switched from Green to Shell by Ofgem on the 27th Sept, 2021
In spite of me taking pictures of the meters showing the readings I took on that date and submitting them to Shell they will not accept them and have opened my account with them taking industry sourced readings which are wrong. I have spoken to them via phone twice, I have chatted to them via their on line chat many times and I have emailed them many times and still they have my opening meter readings wrong.
Shell are a complete and utter crap company to deal with and are driving me around the bend. In spite of me telling them I am a vunruble customer aged 70 and have a heart condition which they have completely ignored.
Avoid this company at all costs!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company
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