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A warning to Shell’s new No1 Enemy, Dan Loeb

By John Donovan

Last Sunday I was described in the Channel 4 TV documentary Joe Lycett vs The Oil Giant as Shell’s No1 Enemy and as Shell’s nightmare. (Transcript of the relevant segment)

Within days I seem to have lost both titles to a billionaire upstart, Daniel Loeb, who seems intent on breaking up Shell.

From my unique perspective on Shell senior management over recent decades, he is right to question competence and direction.

How has Shell ended up with a foe (me) operating a website using the top-level domain name and as a consequence dealing on Shell’s behalf with job applications and all manner of other email correspondence meant for Shell? This is the humiliating situation Shell has been in since 2005. Evidently, no one at Shell has had the gumption to do anything to put an end to such a farce.

How can any self-respecting multinational company allow this to continue?

Shell has tried reoccurring bouts of covert activity, (as recently as July this year), but Inspector Clouseau must have been in charge. It all backfired on Shell after I obtained sinister Shell internal emails revealing what was going on behind the scenes.

In this regard, I warn Mr Loeb that he has almost certainly made himself a target of Shell Global Security and its MI6 connections. More information on request.

My warning to Joe Lycett was broadcast last Sunday.

The following day he posted this Tweet: Well it’s been a very interesting day. This afternoon I received a tip off that I might’ve been hacked and/or monitored. What curious timing! Someone wants to read mummy’s mails!!!


Listen and read proof in audio and transcript form of Shell CEO Ben van Beurden talking about MI6 people used by Shell in the OPL 245 billion dollar plus Nigerian corruption scandal. 

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