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Please for your own sanity do NOT get Shell broadband

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Reviewer: jude: Location: Wadhurst: Date: 2021-11-02
wheres the zero ? shocking customer service worst i have ever encoutered . do not deal with this company been waiting for broadband now for over a month between them and those other crooks at Open reach . still waiting ineffective managers no acting on your behalf to esculate issue . lost momey as tenants left as i had promised them broadband . Have now got them as my provider by default at another property as they took over from The Post Office soon as the tenant vacates i will be moving . Dont get tempted by their prices believe me its just not worth it . Avoid like the plague
Reviewer: Darren: Location: London: Date 2021-11-02
Please for your own sanity do NOT get shell broadband. Signed up to their ultrafast fiber was promised over 100mbs (advertised 295mbs). Got an unstable 50mbs connection after 4 months of stress trying to work I had to leave, this is after hours on the phone to them time and time again. Anyway at my wit’s end cancelled contract then they charged me for 18 months at full price to cancel even tho I NEVER EVER got the service I paid for. Please stay away from Shell broadband they LIE about there so called speed, shell broadband don’t help and don’t care. BE afraid of shell broadband and run away as fast as you can! Thanks I hope this helps u decide on your next broadband.
Reviewer: Gareth King: Location: Ashby: Date 2021-11-01
A disappointment. I applied for broadband with them and only found out I had be turned down on a technical issue when I rang them to check progress with Broadband installation on the 28th Sept. I looked but could find no sign of any email from them to tell me this, a decision they made on the 22nd of September. There were different answers about why it was turned down until on the third call I got someone who knew what they doing and explained it without guessing. I did complain but heard nothing for a month and when I did ring up about the complaint nothing had been done. Finally I got a call to sell me broadband! Poor communication and customer service. In my opinion you should stay clear of this company.
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