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I am becoming ill with the effects of this terrible broadband provider

13 Dec 2021

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy Broadband published on Trustpilot.

I am becoming ill with the effects of this terrible broadband provider

Please, please don’t sign up for shell energy broadband. It is the most unreliable broadband I have ever used. It’s goes down ever day, and I have lost so much work and time doing rework on the internet that it is stressing me out. We have had 8mths of this nightmare and I don’t think I can take anymore. I have to find another provider no matter how much it costs. I just can’t cope anymore

This was the worst service Ever

This was the worst service I have ever received. When I switched over to shell they made it all sound easy. But by the time the router arrived the 14day cooling off period on the contract had expired, so I didn’t get any time to actually see what the service was like.
I was never informed that the connection I had was not suitable and that I would need an engineer to come out and install a new one. This took another 2 weeks to get organised. I love on my own and the engineer arrived I was in the shower, so missed his call by 5 mins and when I rang back he said he wouldn’t return. Then shell sting me with the call out fee. I spend several hours on the phone with customer service and they said there was nothing they could do. I requested at this point to get out of the contract as they were still not providing me internet over 4 weeks later and I was told that it would be over £250 to do so. Eventually I got another engineer rescheduled, which again I had to pay for to install the connection. He informed me that he couldn’t run a line to the front room where I work from home as it was covid and they were not allowed. At this point I had a router in the bedroom but where I worked in the living room wouldn’t pick up the signal. I eventually had to buy my one extended line and run it across the hallway and bedroom floor and living room floor in order to get signal. Extremely unsightly. The broadband signal was pretty good and worked so at this point I could at least work from home again, as trying to find somewhere to get WiFi in the middle of a pandemic was not easy and I had to do this for 6 weeks. After all this I then was moving home, and she’ll do not supply the location I am moving to. I was told on signing up that it was transferable if I move. I literally moved 1hr from where I was and then they couldn’t support that. So go stung with another £190 bill to leave the contract early. All I can say is shell cost me a lot of money, a lot of stress and pushed me to a limit of annoyance than I have ever experienced. The wait time to get through to customer service is so long and I dealt with several of the team, some helpful and some really not and actually just kept repeating that themselves. It was like a roulette game, fingers crossed hoping I get someone to help. At this point I can’t face another round of your customer service team so I have just paid the 190 so I never have to deal with you again. I would prefer to keep my sanity.

awful service from start to finish

awful service from start to finish. Initially put my info wrong so had to wait an extra two weeks once they put in the actual address, sent me a router that wasn’t calibrated that I had to spend 3 hours in total on the phone trying to fix with insanely long queue times.
the internet was poor at best but it worked sort of for the first two months until it stopped working pretty much entirely, cutting out every 15 minutes so I’d have to restart it constantly. recalibrated the router to try and get it to work smoother to no avail. spent 45 minutes on hold to technical trying to sort it without ever getting the help needed. Me and my partner who works from home have been having to use cafes to do her job because the internet we pay for doesn’t even work. I’ve had to sort out a new provider because the service has been so poor on all fronts and after all that I get hit with £97 leaving fee which apparently could only be wavered if our internet had been fully cut off for 28 days.. which again is absolutely insane. what an awful broadband provider that I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Your service doesn’t work and it’s insane that I’m getting billed for leaving when you have caused me nothing but time and stress, as well as impacting mine and my partners work situations.
I’m still leaving as I’d rather pay £100 than to stay one more day on this pathetic excuse for an broadband service.

I would never recommend this broadband…

I would never recommend this broadband service even to my worst enemy
Last month I was looking for cheap broadband services then a curse comes in front of my eyes that’s shell broadband service when bad things gonna happen they just happen as good things comes to you
I just call them for broadband service and as am not an engineer I told them I don’t have Internet at my home simply
I don’t know about the sockets and the main lines ok come to next thing they sent router after 15 days with charger obviously I don’t have main socket I reported by an email address which they mentioned they just give me a auto reply I just keep sending emails many times but they never respond properly then few days later I decided to make call I just find the number after talking 3 people they took me to right person according to them jo I submitted that request for master socket finally after that I received confirmation engineer will visit during this this date and time so the time come he just give me missed call as my opinion nobody will response on missed call the problem was not solved as engineer said in record there was a line but I never been an engineer so he didn’t bothered my problem it was about socket.
As my experience about this whole scenario
He never knocked at the door or ring the bell
After that they booked again one more appointment and never sent an engineer
So got really fed up and I decided to cancel it after talking to 20 people 100 calls waste of hours they test your patience I have been a depression patient and they made a depressed person once again when it’s time to cancel they were terrifying me that I would be charged 100s pound is if I tried to cancel I was jo depressed I just want to get rid I said if you offers me free broadband I will never accept that they took bills from my account without using service they said we will not refund it may take 30 days more to cancel and take one more bill .
As I think that’s y people cancel direct debit
They made me mentally sick I would strongly recommend stay away from them even they are offering you free service they will made to mental patient.

Absolutely disgraceful company

Absolutely disgraceful company. My son has been made homeless and they want to charge him £185 to end his broadband contract. We would be happy to keep the contract but he has no address to transfer it too. Apparently they can’t help us with that. Still awaiting energy for the energy to refund his overpayment of gas and electric DD. He has never missed a utility or rent payment ever!

Broadband – Stay clear if you value customer service!

On the face it, the broadband packages look good value and with a view to cutting down costs from current supplier tried to sign up for their £15.99 p/moth unlimited broadband deal.
A call back promised to re-instate an order/application which I had cancelled last Thursday never materialised …so after chasing several times and waiting over 20mins per call made to be answered a new order was finally made over the telephone today (now Wednesday)….having to waste further time giving all my details over again. Even then, they couldn’t get the address correct! New account details emailed showed a random Cheshire address when quiet clearly we are in London and address details had been cfmd over the telephone. Chatted online to an agent to correct this – and was told another new application needed doing which required me to call the sales team again… A call back was obviously too much for them to retain a new customer even though it was their own error. A complete joke – needless to say I didn’t bother and am staying well away. Current provider has now matched the deal and offered same amount of cash back so moral of the story is to try that first next time and save all the bother. It’s not rocket science to get these things right. If you say you’ll call back just do it anf if you make an error, just correct it without putting the onus back on the (almost) client.

I’m not happy with their services they…

I’m not happy with their services they took my money twice (£245)than we expected it without any notice so i hadn’t enough money in my account so its ruin my credit score , i just phoned them and asked them why? They said our system every 6 month automatically get new calculations, i said whats my usage they said i have almost £150 in my credit so why you taking alot money through direct debit, so their service awful, avoid from them, this is happened twice in last year , so im leaving this company!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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