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The links below are to a series of articles, about an ongoing controversy initially triggered by a well-placed whistleblower directly involved in the pioneering Royal Dutch Shell Prelude project. Includes articles by Mr Bill Campbell (left), the retired distinguished HSE Group Auditor of Shell International.

ARTICLE: Voser wisely abandons an unstable ship: 28 December 2013

ARTICLE: Royal Dutch Shell Prelude to disaster?: 10 Jan 2014

ARTICLE: Shell Prelude FLNG: loss of containment of hydrocarbons almost inevitable: 21 Feb 2014

ARTICLE: What should frighten stiff Royal Dutch Shell shareholders: 15 March 2014

ARTICLE: Tales of the Unexpected and Royal Dutch Shell Prelude FLNG: 28 March 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude FLNG: A case of all your eggs in the one basket: 10 July 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude FLNG risks are on par with modern offshore oil and gas facilities say Shell – but are they?: 23 Sept 2014

ARTICLE: Royal Dutch Shell Prelude Project ‘A Step Too Far’: 25 Sept 2014

ARTICLE: SpaceShip Two: Shell Prelude another pioneering venture fraught with risk: 2 November 2014

ARTICLE: WA turns spotlight on FLNG safety: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Prelude a giant production and processing barge masquerading as a ship: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Sunday Times Article: Prelude a potential white elephant: 11 November 2014

ARTICLE: Damning Verdict on Shell’s Prelude FLNG Propaganda: 12 November 2014

ARTICLE: Combustible pioneering behemoths – the Hindenburg and Shell Prelude: 21 November 2014

ARTICLE: Key role of Shell lawyers in pioneering Shell Prelude FLNG: 05 December 2014

ARTICLE: The Future of Natural Gas: LNG vs. FLNG: 26 Feb 2015

ARTICLE: The Sydney Morning Herald: WA inquiry shines spotlight on floating LNG safety fears: 8 May 2015

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Delays slow Prelude’s sail-away: 11 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Gas industry needs to work harder, innovate: Shell boss: 12 April 2016

ARTICLE: ENERGY VOICE: GE starts production on Shell’s Prelude risers, must withstand a 1-in-10,000-year cyclonic event: 11 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE AUSTRALIAN: Shell chief Ben van Beurden backs FLNG program:13 April 2016

ARTICLE: THE WEST AUSTRALIAN: Enthusiasm cools for Prelude FLNG: 13 April 2016

ARTICLE: BY JOHN DONOVAN: Musings about the OPL 245 Shell/ENI corruption scandal and the sinking confidence in Prelude: 13 April 2016

ARTICLE: BY BILL CAMPBELL: Project Prelude – A case study in the generation of real material debt: 17 April 2016

Hazardex: Shell Australia’s giant Prelude floating LNG project likely to come on stream in 2017: 20 Sept 2016

***Australian Government unconvinced about FLNG safety claims: 28 Sept 2016

Shipping to become ‘major new sector’ for LNG: Shell: 2 Nov 2016

Shell awards JGC contract for completion of Prelude LNG vessel: 9 Dec 2016

Shell Prelude FLNG project relegated to backburner: 6 March 2017

Shell Prelude News: 30 June 2017


In Australia, Shell signals new era for LNG: 25 July 2017

Report: Gas could be sidelined by renewables in parts of Australia: 26 July 2017

PRELUDE FLNG is a very risky business: 27 July 2017

Alarm Bells: Shell Hydrocarbons continue getting out the box: 1 Aug 2017

***Shell cannot say it was not warned about Prelude FLNG: 2 Aug 2017

Australia’s $180 bln LNG megaproject boom enters final stretch: 14 Aug 2017

Shell’s ill-fated $14bn gamble on Titanic Prelude FLNG Barge: 17 Aug 2017

Why Shell Prelude is such a risky gamble!: 18 Aug 2017

Shell’s Prelude Officially Entered into Lloyd’s Register: 23 Aug 2017

Shell’s Floating LNG Endeavor Is About To Begin: 3 Oct 2017

Australia closing in on Qatar as world’s top LNG exporter: 5 Oct 2017

Chevron starts LNG output at Australia’s Wheatstone, first cargo expected in weeks: 9 Pct 2017

Shell Prelude FLNG named as FieldComm Group 2017 Plant of the Year: 7 Nov 2017

China LNG imports set to hit record in Nov, push up prices: 29 No 2017

China LNG imports set to hit record in Nov, push up prices” 30 Nov 2017

Shell damps down Prelude LNG expectations: 30 Nov 2017

The world’s largest-ever vessel is all set to go in 2018: 26 Dec 2017

Shell LNG glut ‘conspicuously absent’: Shell CEO Ben van Beurden: 2 Feb 2018

Shell, Inpex near finish line in race to export north Australian LNG: 24 April 2018

Is all well with the Shell Prelude FLNG Project? : 21 July 2018

Shell Prelude Anxiety: 31 Aug 2018

Royal Dutch Shell News 23 Oct 2018

Royal Dutch Shell News 4 December 2018

Royal Dutch Shell News 10 December 2018

Royal Dutch Shell News 3 Jan 2019

Alarm Bells Ring Again About Shell Prelude Safety Issues: 8 Feb 2019

Shell puts safety ahead of LNG production on Prelude: 13Feb 2019

Expert scepticism about Shell Prelude: 16 Feb 2019

Dutch FT: Retired Shell chief safety officer warns of major Prelude risks: 13 March 2019

Royal Dutch Shell Prelude FLNG News: 25 March 2019

The arsonist complains about the diligence of the fire brigade: 19 May 2019

Shell Prelude boss Rob Jager talks about the world’s biggest offshore facility: 24 May 2019

Shell Prelude, suddenly, everything is not so tickety-boo: 26 May 2019

Reuters: Shipping of first LNG cargo from Australia’s Prelude project is “imminent” – Shell: 5 June 2019

Shell’s giant floating LNG facility Prelude set to ship first cargo when mooring issues resolved: 6 June 2019

Shell Prelude Problems? Good luck guys!: 7 June 2019

LNG tanker poised to load first cargo at Prelude FLNG, Australia: 8 June 2019

Dangerous Occurrence: Facts About Shell Prelude Problems: 8 June 2019

Shell ships long-awaited first LNG cargo from Australia’s Prelude: 11 June 2019

REUTERS: Shell sees more opportunities for floating LNG after Prelude delays: 19 June 2019

Second LNG cargo from Prelude – still trouble at mill?: 7 July 2019

Shell confirms no impact to Prelude floating LNG facility as a result of Broome earthquake16 July 2019

Shell Financial Review: ‘Dramatic but doable’: Shell CEO on climate challenge: 16 July 2019

Upstream Online: Shell learns from Prelude challenges?: 23 Aug 2019

Shell Prelude claims are ridiculous make-believe nonsensical drivel?: 30 Aug 2019

Australian workers concerned Prelude jobs going overseas: 4 Dec 2019

Shell Expands Resource Base for Prelude LNG: 24 Dec 2019

Shell says it’s made a significant natural gas discovery offshore Australia: 4 Jan 2020

Fears there could be a loss of hydrocarbons from the Shell Prelude facility: 29 Jan 2020

Alarming warning to the Australian National Offshore Petroleum and Environmental Management Authority about Shell Prelude Project: 31 Jan 2020

Retired Shell Global Safety Consultant says concerns expressed by Australian Regulator (NOSPEMA) about Shell Prelude fully justified: 2 Feb 2020

Shell Prelude it appears has inherited the North Sea chronic disease of loss of containment: 3 Feb 2020

Prelude alarm bells should be ringing at Shell HQ: 3 Feb 2020

Reuters: Shell temporarily suspends Prelude LNG production following electrical trip: 4 Feb 2020

Shell’s shut down of Prelude – seems alarm bells were indeed ringing, as we suggested just hours ago: 4 Feb 2029

Prelude shutdown: 5 Feb 2020


Financial Review: Chinese ‘force majeure’ talk further chills LNG market: 6 Feb 2020

Offshore Alliance claim Shell’s Prelude FLNG thrusters broken: 6 Feb 2020

Reuters: UPDATE 1-Shell temporarily suspends LNG liftings from Prelude off Australia: 18 Feb 2020

ENB: Prelude to remain shut three more weeks: regulator: 19 Feb 2020

FT: Global LNG demand to double by 2040, Shell predicts: 20 Feb 2020

Shell’s Prelude LNG is a carbon disaster: 26 March 2020

upstreamonline: Prelude floating LNG giant still offline after two months: 2 April 2020

Significant risk to the health and safety of persons at the Shell Prelude FLNG Facility: 22 April 2020

Poor choices and dud projects trigger calls for a Van Beurden succession plan?: 6 May 2020

Reuters: Virus lockdowns pummel global gas demand, force LNG output cuts: 7 May 2020

No winners from Shell’s $US17B Prelude floating LNG: 15 May 2020

Shell Prelude FLNG fiasco, late, expensive, dirty, unreliable and dangerous: 16 May 2020

Union plans ‘protected action’ strike aboard Shell’s Prelude floating LNG: 20 May 2020

Shell’s Prelude floating LNG plant out of action for several months?: 5 June 2020

Maybe the Shell job cuts should start at the top?: 13 June 2020

Shell’s Prelude FLNG project exec, Rob Jager, to depart: 22 June 2020

Shell hasn’t exported any cargoes from Prelude FLNG for almost five months: 23 June 2020

Shell’s $12 Billion LNG Experiment Becomes A Big Headache: 23 June 2020

Successive Shell CEO’s cannot say that they were not warned time and again about the Prelude experiment: 23 June 2020

Prelude S*** Storm: 25 June 2020

Shell slashes valuation of oil and gas assets amid coronavirus crisis: 2 July 2020

Trailblazing gas project looks like a costly hangover from the past: 2 July 2020

Australia bears biggest brunt of Shell write-down: 3 July 2020

Shell Prelude in Stormy Weather Again: 9 July 2020

Shell sends top HR man to Prelude in the hope of quelling mutiny: 9 July 2020

Shell’s Big Bet On Prelude Floating LNG May Be A Flop: 15 July 2020

Workforce strike at Shell’s Prelude confirmed: 21 July 2020

Union Strike on Prelude FLNG: 28 July 2020

Shell posts $18billion loss in second quarter: 30 July 2020

Shell tries to bribe Prelude workers with $50,000 one-off payment: 7 Aug 2020

World’s largest floating LNG factory remains in shutdown — at just three years old: 21 Aug 2020

Coronavirus Further Complicates Shell’s Giant Floating Gas Project22 Aug 2020

Shell begins restart activity at Prelude FLNG: 4 Sept 2020

Shell Australia attempts to bring Prelude FLNG back online: 7 Sept 2020

Australia’s $200 Billion LNG Boom Waylaid by Covid and Cracks: 7 Sept 2020

Shell Resumes Work at Prelude Floating LNG Facility: 8 Sept 2020

Shell booked $11 billion in writedowns on its gas business, mostly on its Australian Prelude floating LNG: 15 Sept 2020

Shell’s Prelude FLNG becomes a big headache!: 5 Oct 2020

Prelude FLNG maintenance workers to go on strike: 8 Oct 2020

Shell’s Australian Prelude LNG will not resume shipping LNG this year: 15 Oct 2020

Is Shell’s $17 Billion Bet On Floating LNG A Flop?: 16 Oct 2020

Prelude will not resume full production this year, says Shell: 21 Oct 2020


***XR activists protest Prelude “death machine”: 9 Nov 2020

Australia’s LNG exports at nine-month high: 3 Dec 2020

Shell Australia and unions to commence formal EBA bargaining: 4 Dec 2020

Shell to write down assets again, taking cuts to more than $22 billion: 21 Dec 2020

2020 Was One of the Worst-Ever Years for Oil Write-Downs: 27 Dec 2020

Shell resumes gas shipments from world’s largest floating structure: 11 Jan 2021

Shell Restarts Production At Huge Prelude Project As LNG Prices Soar: 11 Jan 2021

Australia’s Prelude FLNG shipments resume: Shell: 12 Jan 2021

Two LNG Tankers Bound for Australia’s Prelude Facility Divert?: 21 Jan 2021

UPDATE 1-Two LNG tankers bound for Australia’s Prelude facility divert-shiptracking data: 22 Jan 2021


LNG production at Shell’s Prelude gas processing plant in Western Australia restarts following 11-month closure: 23 Jan 2021

Prelude: A year of working dangerously: 5 Feb 2021

Shell predicts free gas forever from Gorgon and Prelude LNG projects: 31 March 2021

Shell’s $12 Billion Prelude LNG Barge Drifts Toward A Finale: 26 April 2021

Sleep-deprived Prelude workers complain to offshore regulator: 19 July 2021

Shell’s giant $24b Prelude LNG ship shut down after fire: 3 Dec 2021

Shell’s Prelude LNG vessel shuts operations, staff evacuation underway after electrical fire: 5 Dec 2021

Shell evacuates Prelude floating LNG plant after power outage: 6 Dec 2021

The Prelude debacle: 8 Dec 2021

How Shell lost control of its $24B Prelude floating gas factory: 21 Dec 2021

Shell ordered to shut down Prelude floating LNG until it is safe: 24 Dec 2021


Prelude FLNG Remains Shut In Until Shell Makes It Safe For Work: 27 Dec 2021

Australia Tells Shell to Keep Prelude FLNG Unit Offline Until It’s Proven Safe for Workers: 28 Dec 2021

The Many Growing Pains of Shell’s Prelude FLNG Continue: 4 Jan 2022

Shell’s Prelude gas vessel faced ‘catastrophic failure’ from power outage: 5 Jan 2022

Alarm Bells Still Ringing About Shell Prelude: 7 Jan 2022

Will Shell have to abandon the Prelude experiment?: 8 Jan 2022

Prelude FLNG Inquiry into safety by WA Government: 8 Jan 2022

NOPSEMA data up to 2020 shows dangerous occurrences on Shell Prelude FLNG being reported every 20 days or so?: 10 Jan 2022

Further expert comment on the Shell Prelude debacle: 11 Jan 2022

Shell’s Prelude FLNG risked major failure due to power issues: 13 Jan 2022

Shell Prelude Meltdown: Something went very badly wrong here…: 14 Jan 2022

Almost…no tax or LNG royalties from… Shell’s Prelude projects?: 16 Jan 2022

Shell Prelude FLNG a GIANT MISTAKE?: 17 Jan 2022

Prelude FLNG to Stay Shut in 1Q 2022: 5 Feb 2022

Prelude going through ‘teething troubles’ says deceiver Ben van Beurden: 7 Feb 2022

Coming soon: The Hindenburg, The Titanic and Shell Prelude FLNG: 8 Feb 2022

Did Joe Lycett Slay the Oil Giant Shell in its Anglo-Dutch Form?: 11 Feb 2022

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