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Shocking customer service at Shell Energy

21 Feb 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

We could hardly understand a word this…

We could hardly understand a word this man was saying and he totally got it wrong! Also promised a call back this afternoon which has not happened two very unhappy customers. Just moved and intended staying with you but not fo sure now.

Shocking customer service.

Shocking customer service. Logged a complaint a week ago and still not resolved. No English members of staff who came understand me. Worst decision I made joining shell, please don’t do it. Looking at moving suppliers ASAP

If I could give -5* I would

If I could give -5 I would. I’ve already left 1 bad review for this appalling company but it just goes on. I had to resort to going through Resolver to get a reply to a problem that had been going on since December for them to tell me I had to deal with Green Energy’s Administrators. That’s fine but that could have been said in December. Instead, I’ve got months of cut & paste emails, an unanswered email to whoever monitors THIS page after they asked me to clarify the problem… NOW I’ve no access to my bills online and haven’t had since Dec.  I can’t move away from this company fast enough. ANYONE who has a choice (& not had it forced upon them by a failed energy company) AVOID like the plague.

Failure by Shell to get in contact at all.

When GOTO Energy went into administration, it was transferred to Shell Energy, who in my case have ignored my emails, twitter messages and let’s not get started on their appalling telephone service. According to their blog, which no longer mentions GOTO except in the title, I should have received my account number, first bill and my DD would have been active since 1 January, I have had nothing but silence from them, their customer service is truly appalling, the date of this review is 19th February, plenty of time even for a holding email but nothing……

If I could rate them at 0 stars I…

If I could rate them at 0 stars I would. They have been holding on to a large sum of my own funds for 5 months now. They are very slow to respond to email contact. When they do respond they make excuse after excuse for why they haven’t returned my funds. They don’t read emails properly. If they did, then all of my problems could have been sorted 5 months ago.

I had my gas meter changed as an…

I had my gas meter changed as an emergency due to it leaking. This was in september. I made shell aware, provided photos and the last reading. Now in Feb 22 and they still haven’t updated their records and my account is over £500 in credit. I made a complaint, guess what, they asked for photos. unbelievable. The service and communication is SHOCKING. I will be moving suppliers.

Worst customer service I’ve ever had!

Worst customer service I’ve ever had: avoid like the plague if possible! Took six months to access my account, during which time we had no bills or way to track usage, in the middle of a huge rise in energy prices.

Twitter customer support asked the same four security questions with every update, and then were never able to do anything to help. All while they’re making huge profits from an energy crisis that’s bankrupting people.

Really shoddy customer service

Really shoddy customer service, I’m being persued for a bill that isn’t mine but someone who lived there before and apparently it’s my job to prove I didn’t live there.

Terribly Company

I’ve been recently transferred from green energy to his joke of a company, I contacted them on the 8th February about quite a substantial credit on my account and I requested a refund only to be contacted by them today to say it had been rejected o wash fuming with them to say the least, if I had I the choice which I haven’t I’d of never chose this company as soon as other companies become available with good customer service then I’m off stay well clear

Funny business

On two occasions I gave the Shell Energy App a one-star rating. For some reason both these have disappeared. Many users have had similar problems using the App. It seems that shell’s answer to the problem is clear!

No service, no help, no point.

I left my provider and moved to Shell at the advice of Which. I knew I would pay a bit more but was promised excellent customer service. How wrong I was. I had no service for 3/4 of the four months I stayed with them. Customer service is pointless as they are just a placating sevice. They can’t physically do anything or so they said. I have never had a worse provider for broadband and I was with talk talk. Currently she’ll are demanding 252 quid. You can imagine what they are getting. I’m with Sky now and they are great.

Awful Customer Service – Avoid if you can.

I have dealt with some poor companies in the past but Shell Energy are by far the worst. After much too-ing and fro-ing and two days making phone calls they gave me a date to have an Isolator Switch fitted at my home. I have other work booked which is reliant on this being done first. This evening the company employed by Shell to do the installation of the switch, rang to say that Shell had cancelled the appointment. They didn’t know why. I contacted Shell Customer Services who said there was nothing on my account to say who or why the appointment had been cancelled, this despite the fact I have emails from Shell confirming the job. They gave me the number of the installing company. I rang them. Unable to help and have no knowledge as to why Shell have cancelled and said that I was the 2nd person reporting similar circumstances today. They referred the matter to a manager but said I would have to go back to Shell. I can see this will run and run but another complaint submitted. I have given 1 star only because TP doesn’t allow for less.
Next day: Another hour on the telephone. Operator said the job had been cancelled as no longer required. Asked who authorised the cancellation. No answer. Asked why I hadn’t been consulted. Said I should have been but then said there was insufficient information logged by a colleague for the job to be carried out. Said she would make enquiries and get back to me. Two days on and still waiting.
Missed a call from Shell this afternoon by 2 minutes. Rang them and asked to speak to named person. Was told the individual worked in the complaints dept., and was very busy, (there’s a surprise!). Said he would call me tomorrow. We’ll see.

Poor Customer On-boarding Process, Useless Customer Service and Rubbish Outrageous Bill

As a new customer whose former provider went into administration, my account was moved to Shell Energy to manage. I was surprised to see my first bill £833.92, this is meant to be charges for Dec 2021 and Jan 2022. I spoke with Shirene at the contact center who logged my complaint and asked me to send some details from my previous provider, with assurance that the meter reading will be reviewed and i will be updated accordingly. After this encounter, I have at different times sent mails and spoken to Ahmed, Carl and Sheik (manager on duty) on the same issue and till today the issue still lingers unresolved satisfactorily.

I want this issue resolved immediately and i want Shell Energy to advised my bill for 2021 Dec and 2022 Jan based on the meter reading submitted. i don’t understand how a residential house will utilize power worth £833.92 in two months when its not a bakery or factory. Also i want to move to another provider as Shell Energy is not customer focused.

I am willing and able to clear my outstanding payment once i get the correct bill, but ultimately i don’t want to deal with Shell Energy again.

Absolutely awful company

Absolutely awful company. Been charging me £293 a month because apparently I was in debt with them. Twice now I have got close to paying this debt off and they stuck another £1000 on top of it. The £1000 they charge me is for 3 months, there is no way my gas and electric is £1000 every three months that would make it £333 a month, I live in a 3 bed terraced house. After they tried to do this a third time (they’re now saying I owe them £1667) I questioned it, they then said that every time I sent my metre readings in, they couldn’t read them because they were wrong. However no one had told me which means for months they have been estimating my bill. They eventually sent an engineer out to check my metres who said that they are knackered and I need new ones. Twice now they’ve had made an appointment to come and change my metres and both times they have not turned up. Rang again and ended up getting the phone but down on me 3 times, annoying especially when you do ring your on hold for a good 20-30 minutes! They’ve now booked again to come do my metres and I have been advised by citizens advice and the engineer who came out not to pay them a single penny until they have taken an accurate metre readings because no doubt, they probably owe me money. Worst company I’ve ever been with.

Check the vulnerable customer policy

Parent no longer has capacity to manage own affairs and moved to care home. Tried to pay bill and cancel telephone. Was told that only account holder can make payment or cancel account, so Shell Energy refused a payment, they will continue with debt action and will continue to charge for service that is not and cannot be use.

One of the most sickening experience’s…

One of the most sickening experience’s I’ve ever had to go through. A few smaller energy companies went into administration, one of them being mine (Green Energy). So after roughly 4 months goes by and I get 2 emails from Green Energy basically telling me they can no longer survive as a company because of other decisions made outside of their control and that my new provider would be Shell Energy, and i was fine with that. Several months later i get a welcome email from Shell Energy and all seems fine….Several more months after I noticed my account Shell Energy account online was not setup after all this time, so i phoned them and it turns out they had simply forgot about me, which i was fine with and i got access to my account shortly after. Now at this point in time i was still in credit with Green Energy of around £500 (I have screenshot to prove it) (and was still being charged from that credit), and was waiting for this to be transferred to my Shell Energy account. Went to check my Shell Energy account after a month and my bill was £446.06, I phoned Shell Energy and they told me that it was for three months Oct-Dec, I then said my account was not active during that time and Green Energy was still charging me, and my Green energy credit had still not transferred over, i was told this should have been transferred by now and told me to check at the end of the month, i was really annoyed at this point as they didn’t even want to try and investigate. I phoned them up again at the end of the month and told them that i still have not got my credit from Green and was told that they couldn’t do anything about it….Just poor Customer Care. I phoned again and put in a complaint and surprise surprise i got my credit transferred, BUT it wasn’t the full amount!!! as Green had also been charging me during those three months as well as Shell!!! …. The fact that i had to waste my time to complain several times after nothing was done by Shell to get even some of my credit back is just disgusting, but tbh i shouldn’t expect much from a company who exploits people every day to make their profit.

Don’t go to them

Absolutely terrible service, they have £498 of mine.A build up of monthly payments,was surprised it had risen to that amount of credit.So rang in my meter readings and requested a refund of £250:00,woman said no problem it would take 3-5days.Week later no refund so rang again and same story,week later no refund rang again and was told it was refused,no explanation but was told by staff member she would keep me updated by regular email,guess what no emails not even in spam.Am changing supplier and taking my cash elsewhere.Absolutely atrocious way to treat customers.Im not in debt to them so why the hassle in requesting my money back.Staff are helpful but what can they do.Dont give them your custom because they don’t care about you.Shall ask again and if I get no joy then the ombudsman will be calling them.So frustrating,my biggest quarterly bill was about £150 as I live in small 1bed flat,so what’s the problem.They’re company logo should be Dick Turpin.

Gas Reading Nightmare

i signed up with Shell Energy March 2021 I had been with them before and had no problems so i was happy to sign up direct debit was £78 per month-we have a 2 bedroom downstairs flat, everything electric apart from gas boiler. each month the account is in credit ranging from £40.00 to £110 in credit so I don’t usually check the account the end of jan 2022 I had a look on our shell Energy account and the december bill was £868.33 for Gas – that is more that a full years useage. after numerous web chats I am getting my gas meter exchanged as it must be faulty they say, I have identified where the glich is within the bills but they still want to change to meter and monitor it for 3 months before making any recalculations, this means I am unable to change suppliers when my contact expires at the end of March 2022 . the webchats can be extremely frustrating as each time you go on you have to tell the full story again and usually get differing suggestions/outcomes.

She’ll EnergyTotally Incompetent

She’ll Energy
Has any one who has been unfortunate to have been with any of the Energey companies that have ceased trading had their accounts transferred to Shell Energy?
This has happened to me and as our previous supplier had changed a smart gas meter to an old type non smart meter I requested Shell Energy to replace the Gas meter to a Smart type gas meter.
And so it begins, to contact Shell Energy their call center is in South Africa and average time taken to get to talk to a person is 45 minutes then when you do get through to a call handler you can be upto an hour trying to get the problem communicated to them and have to ask them to stop talking and take a breath and listen to what is being said, also between them talking over you when you are trying to make a point you have a constant back ground noise of all the other calls going on in the call center.  To finally get appointment to have Smart Gas Meter installed and was a no show, even more frustrating calls finally another appointment to have instillation and installer turns up to say the meter he has come to install is not compatible with Electric Smart meter and both would need replacing and I would have to contact Shell to inform them as it would not be their responsibility,once more on phone to Shell and another call handler anothe hour having to explain all problems and finally another appointment. On day of appointment at allotted time a call from Meter Installation call center to say van had broken down and would not be able to attend and I would have to call Shell as it was not their responsibility so once again another call another hour and half on phone and another appointment,this time both meters changed and 2 weeks on and smart meters not transmitting data a further 2 calls and had a miss call today so called back again same sort of response to be told they should work within next 2 weeks but they could give me an appointment in April, I told them this is not acceptable and I will no longer be submitting meter readings and Shell can organize their own meter readers to attend to read the meters, as from March on we will be spending a couple of weeks a month away in our touring caravan and not sitting around waiting for Shell.
I all my years is working for and dealing with Blue Chip Companies Dealing with Shell is like speaking to and dealing with Pre School Children, be advised if you are a customer of Shell or even considering transferring to them for your energy supplier think she as in



Been trying to cancel this BROADBAND contract for a MONTH. No response.
Please just DO IT.

If you don’t have money to waste stay clear

Just moved house and was looking for broadband, so like most people, done a search, and got a call back from someone selling Shell broadband, made it sound like the best thing since broadband was developed, had my reservation, but he was convincing, so went ahead, loads of emails not much action, first was sent a delivery date did not arrive, contacted Shell no help, went live today, no internet, just a flashing green light all day, but can’t ring as they say give it till after midnight, it ain’t going to come on in the next 3 hours so will have to leave it till the morning to hear there excuses and for them to start an investigational. Don’t try to save be a few bob, an extra few quid is worth get a reliable service

Shell Broadband a story of deceit…

Shell Broadband a story of deceit…
Long story short: I have recently moved house and should have gone live on 16th. On the date an engineer has come, done his bits and acknowledged that everything is okay only to learn that mine router hasn’t arrived. Nor have I received a message, neither other sort of communication from shell. Called them on a very day, was put on hold for 40min and an operator has told me that the router has never been shipped. She apologised and promised to send out on that day, it’s going to be delivered within 48h (Friday). Now is Saturday 19th and still nothing. Rang them again, was put on hold again for 52min (can you imagine!?) only to learn that the router is going to be shipped today and (again), I have to wait for 48h. While was on hold, have checked my email and guess what – my first bill is ready which clearly states that I’m going to be charged from 16th.
2No. emails received while was speaking with them: both with a complaint closure acknowledgement.
What a scam! Please avoid at any cost. Utterly disappointing story…1

Disgusting customer service.

Absolutely shocked about the customer service we have just received, our broadband has been cutting out for weeks one minute it works next it doesn’t. Called customer service last week who organised for an engineer to come out which has not happened, Called back this morning spoke to Priya, she said if my partner is working from home to go into the office to work and If I want to watch television netflix/prime to go to a friend’s house. Why am I paying for service that does not work, waste of time and money total mickey mouse company will never use them again. Avoid at all cost!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to give the 1 star because it…

I had to give the 1 star because it wouldn’t allow me to give 0

I wouldn’t use this company for anything, the service I have received AWFUL. I have contacted them 3 times due to broadband not receiving my router and my new upgrade. When able to get through after being on hold for ages or just getting cut off, I was moved to different departments to try sort out my issues. I asked to speak to management and was told I would receive a phone call back to speak about my complaint.. guess what never got one. Also was meant to have another phone call to find out why and to get my broadband upgrade sorted and never received a phone call from them either. Absolutely the worst company I have ever dealt with.  I’m still on hold while writing this review to another department to cancel my broadband completely. My recommendation, DO NOT ever use this company.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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