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Trustpilot Verdict on Shell Broadband: What a load of rubbish

What a load of rubbish. No customer service. Extremely slow Internet. To speak to customer service you would be better of trying to talk to God. Do not repeat DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS CRAPPY INTERNET PROVIDER, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

26 Feb 2022

The content below is sourced from current customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.


What a load of rubbish

What a load of rubbish. No customer service. Extremely slow Internet. To speak to customer service you would be better of trying to talk to God. Do not repeat DO NOT SIGN WITH THIS CRAPPY INTERNET PROVIDER, YOU WILL REGRET IT.

Half the speed they promise you

They will tell you that you’ll get this and that speed but its all a lie!…half the speed they say they will get you and that’s more accurate….can’t wait to finish my contract with shell

this is a shell broadband review

this is a shell broadband review – after having shell take over post office broadband and phone line it has been terrible wait times over an hour and then options not clear and cant get to correct department – 4 days my phone line is off and i live alone, vunerable and unable to get in touch, tried to organise an engineer online and they ask me to go around the house changing wires when i am not mobile to do so or knowledgable to play around with this – terrible customer service experience and still waiting for phone line to be connected.

Terrible Speed and Identity theft waiting to happen

The speed is always the bottom end of the range they supply you. They claim you accept terms and conditions that are not even sent or shared with you. Also massive privacy issues, they record the calls including the parts where you supply personal details and bank details.

These recordings are used and shared with employees and used for training (1000’s hear your full personal details and bank details). Identity Theft waiting to happen.

They refuse to remove the personal information and state you agree to this after the fact ie in the terms and conditions you don’t get sent.

They believe they are above the contract rules and privacy laws in this country. ICO and OFCOM informed..

We are currently at a deadlock meaning Shell will not comply with my request to remove audio files contain my bank details and other personal details and now i need to take legal action via ICO and OFCOM.

Broadband not secure

Broadband – took over an hour to speak to someone regarding weak security on router. The router is allegedly new but is using out of date security. The technical support team are useless and no resolution offered – I would stay away as been with sky for years with no issues like this. They assured me the router is safe but after digging I believe it’s using out dated technology abs Apple firewall regards it as unsecured

Totally unhappy and regret leaving sky, you get what you pay for!!!

Roll on end of contract but unfortunately this is first week.

The worse supplier Ive come across in 79 years.

Whats happened to good old fashioned customer service? currently migrating from the Post Office broadband and home phone to Shell energy. now no longer receiving incoming calls on my landline.All I want to do is report the fault and get it resolved, Anyone tried to get hold of Shell’s CS ? I have to laugh at all these +ves – they’re definitely not a reflection of my experience.
its a good job I’m not running an emergency service).
So I now have a phone line fault that I’m unable to report and hence get fixed. Why am I not getting the service that all these +ve’s describe?
Ive now reached the end of the line and cancelled my DD well, I cant get hold of them and Im definitely not getting the service Im paying for.,
Just spoken to an outreach engineer working down the road which leads me to believe my phone ‘problem’ has been ‘created’ by Shell themselves – the mind boggles. Time to look elsewhere I think, just to get away from these mad people will be a relief.
Judging by some of the other reviews, Im not alone here.

Inept and useless

Unfortunately in same position as others who were transferred from PO Homephones. Shell are incapable of answering the phone yet they tell you to call them if you want to cancel an Openreach visit, knowing you can not get through. You will therefore be penalised with a hefty visit cancellation charge. Emails from someone with no job title, and full of punctuation and grammatical errors plus spelling mistakes. They then ignore you.

Customer Service Disaster

Myself and my mother in law are long time Post Office broadband customers recently migrated to Shell Energy.
A few days ago my mother in law received , unsolicited, a new router with a pro forma letter saying she had been upgraded to superfast fibre at no extra cost which I have since installed . we expected to receive one but did not . To clarify the situation I called customer service. After a phone call lasting 90 minutes in which I was switched between FOUR different departments none of which could give an explanation I was cut off !. After calling again I spoke to Mohammed in customer retention who stated that my mother in laws package was in fact different to that shown on her bill which accounted for the upgrade and that we did not qualify. He was unable to offer anything close to a satisfactory solution and thus we shall soon be changing providers . All the operators I spoke to were perfectly nice but the inability of anyone to give a reasonable answer made this a frustrating and disagreeable experience. If this is how Shell are going to treat all the customers they have “bought ” from the Post Office then they will lose them very quickly. Discriminating between customers arbitrarily is not acceptable and should not be allowed to continue.

Customer Service

I am a post office broadband customer and transferred to shell energy.
Their customer service number is a charged phone and I am on it for more than 30min today and no one answered my phone call. Their so called online chat is not working at all.
I cancelled “International saver”in last Dec but still was charged in this Feb’s Bill. The post office said they cannot do anything with it and Shell wont answer the phone and I have to pay additional charges for calling them to sort out some mistake they made. I, the victim , is the one who gets punishment.
I will find another supplier for sure soon.

Ok broadband until you run into problems.

Just come off the phone with Shell Energy, left feeling incredibly frustrated as after an long 35 minute wait to get through I spoke to the most unhelpful call handler called Sidra. I fully explained the situation to her, and she refused to help in anyway, just tried to put me through to another department but I was left on hold for another 20 minutes. Gave up in the end. I simply wanted to reply to an email they sent to me regarding the set up of a new broadband query. Shell broadband is a bit slow, but ok for limited home use. As for customer service, very much the luck of the draw as to who answers. My first call was handled brilliantly, my second call to reply to their query, couldn’t have been more useless and I am left feeling extremely frustrated.

Long waiting for phone call

Not happy with Shell energy for phone and Broadband .I recently transfer from Post Office Broadband to shell energy .Has been few weeks passed by , customer service told me over the phone that they still have not update my personal details over their computer . Also taken a long time for staff answering the phone . i had been phoning Shell Energy since last week . had to wait for 40 t0 50 mins to enable staff to answer my called. Also my e-mail and internet not working as it should since Shell Energy taking over
the post Office Broadband . I was told by customer service staff that lots of Post Office customers has the same problem as me . I will be transfer to another Broadband company when My contract with them expire in November this year,

I’ve just transferred from Post Office…

I’ve just transferred from Post Office broadband to Shell broadband. I was due to go ‘live’ 24 Feb 2022. Just remember that Post Office Broadband is owned by Shell broadband.
Post Office terminated my fibre service 24 Feb BUT…..didn’t transfer over my landline number so Shell equiv service incomplete. I paid for Shell fibre but got a Shell ADSL router which won’t connect to Microsoft Outlook. Today (25 Feb) I’ve spent over 4 hours getting NOWHERE with either Post Office broadband or Shell. Tomorrow, I’m going to Vodafone Runcorn to collect a Fibre router ( and service) for £18 per month for a 2 year contract. Absolute disgrace Shell.

Cancelled my broadband move without telling me

I am so sick of this company, please avoid at all costs!

This time I informed them I was moving house 2 weeks ago, got all the confirmation emails through saying the switch would happen today. No internet today so I checked online and it turns out they cancelled my switch without telling me!

Contacting them is a pain and when you do get through and ask them a tough question they disconnect. They’re not part of the scheme for compensation that other broadband providers are which tells you everything you need to know.

I’m left without internet again for a couple of weeks, paying for my old house I have no access to. This is ridiculous!

Took money from me that they should not have taken

Did not respond to me when I asked about staying with them at the end of my deal. Gave me a label that did not work for returning my router, so had to send me another one (wasted my time going to the Post Office with the non-working label). Then still charged me for the router even though I have returned it. Will be pursuing via my bank.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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