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“THE LEAVING FEE (LMFAO!) OMG dont even get me started on that. They have no customer service, awful reliability and then have the cheek to try and charge me £270 leaving fee…

Reviewer: S c: Location East Yorkshire: Date 2022-03-18


Absolutely ridiculous excuse of a company! They tried to charge me £84 for a missed engineer appointment which I was in for. I spoke to so many people through live chat and by calling customer service and they kept saying it was sorted but nothing got sorted. This issue started at the end of January and has just about been sorted today. They said all they could offer was an apology because of how disorganised this company is. Avoid!!

Reviewer G.Brookfield: Location 52 Glenpark Drive, Hesketh Bank. Preston: Date 2022-03-18


Wish we never heard about this company. Signed up from Currys one week ago. Still waiting for it to work. Waited numerous times on phone no answer. We have been without Internet now for a week. Hope we can cancel.

Reviewer angry oap: Location Dorset: Date 2022-03-18


Immediately after migrating from PO to Shell, I lost the ability to receive calls, thats when the problems started, Unable to communicate, keep getting replies saying I am unrecognised though. Now migrated elsewhere but the problems still keep coming, it seems I am now required to return the router but where to? if anyone knows where these routers should be sent, please tell me. Money Claim On Line looks a decent bet to get back my sanity.

Reviewer Jo: Location London: Date 2022-03-17


Appalling customer service! Since they have taken over my broadband they have repeatedly sent threatening emails about an unpaid bill, which simply isn’t true. I have a long standing direct debit.
I have spent two weeks trying to contact them via phone and email with zero response. Do not sign up to their broadband service – they are utterly useless.

Reviewer Dave L: Location Staffordshire: Date 2022-03-17


Having being moved from the Post Office for broadband & land phone, shell energy display a diabolical level of customer service, telephoned 3 times today & no reply after waiting 20, 22 & 25 minutes respectively! I am not happy.

Reviewer Kathryn: Location Lincolnshire Date 2022-03-16


Be aware before signing up! Transferred from PO after 15 years with them. Customer service terrible. Can’t get to speak to right person after waiting ages on the phone. No response to email in 3 weeks. Contract expired 6 weeks ago and they are now charging £40 a month for calls and 3mbs broadband because I have not taken out new contract with them. Signed up to another provider but Shell have refused to transfer my phone number three times even though Ofcom say that they should. I am now having to change my number to get away from them.

Reviewer Padraigin: Location Devizes: Date 2022-03-16


Once you join them that’s it. Impossible to get through to customer service, probably poor service is why every day ‘we are experiencing high volume calls’. No reply to email and online chat didn’t work :{

Reviewer Noowie: Location Northamptonshire: Date 2022-03-15


I was with sky for years (no problems at all) but couldn’t justify spending £33 a month for just internet. I switched to Shell at a deal of £21 a month roughly.

I have been with them a total of 2 1/2 months, the INTERNET KEEPS DROPPING its almost every half hour, probably less… YOU CANT STAY CONNECTED TO PS4 for even 10 mins. (Elden Ring came out! come on man!!!)

I have tried multiple times to contact them regarding the issue to be waiting on hold for up to an hour with no response…this wasn’t even at peak hours.

I dunno if it was just my stupidity but you cant pay the bill as simply as you can on the sky website. So unless theres a Direct Debit, it is just annoying. (as i said though, could just be a me problem)

DUE TO NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT ALL, I have returned to sky and will be reconnected by the middle of this month for £27 instead.

THE LEAVING FEE (LMFAO!) OMG dont even get me started on that. They have no customer service, awful reliability and then have the cheek to try and charge me £270 leaving fee…. As soon as I received this email i promptly cancelled the Direct Debit. I refuse to pay them for leaving a service they didnt even uphold to their end of the contract. and Ill be damned if they think they can take that much off me lolz!!!!!!!


Reviewer William Harold Bound: Location: Shrewsbury: Date 2022-03-14


Appalling. Still sending paper bills although I have ceased using any of their services. Robotic system for phone contact

Reviewer mr unhappy: Location west midlands: Date 2022-03-14


Read the reports and believe every one of them, then buy from another provider. My speed is down to 3.8 from 38.again

I do not have the time to contact the unhelpful people at shell only to listen to the usual spiel that usually begins with a suggestion that I upgrade to a faster package.

I am surprised that a company trading in UK is allowed to operate in this manner.

Reviewer chatunpeu: Location Lancashire: Date 2022-03-14


I was a PO Broadband user for years with little or no problems. On hearing of Shell takeover I decided (WISELY as it transpired!) to change provider. My new provider Now TV were excellent and dealt with the transition smoothly. However Shell took absolutely no notice and carried on sending emails to me telling me at every stage that my change from PO to Shell was going ahead! I spent literally hours trying to get though to them on the phone and when I did get through was told not to worry. Eventually my NOW broadband went live and the service is excellent but still the emails from Shell kept coming! In the end I wrote a letter to the complaints department posted first class signed for (for obvious reasons!) that was three weeks ago and I have heard not a word. I should have had a refund according to one of their employees I am not holding my breath. I have given no stars and thank heavens I did not decide to go with them

Reviewer Shaun: Location East Sussex: Date 2022-03-14


Have been migrated from Post Office last week, all seemed okay until a day later. Can no longer log on to the server, cannot send emails, lost the phone line for 3 hrs, and after 3 customer service people and 2 hours later have been told they have a problem. What a surprise, UNDERSTATEMENT of the century, what a complete bunch of clowns.

Reviewer Elizabeth mcnanys: Location Wisbech: Date 2022-03-14


Avoid at all costs. I was migrated from PO broadband. I’ve never had a problem in 5 years. I now have slow speed broadband and literally no phone. I have tried ringing customer services but there is no answer ever. I’ve sent numerous e mails and a letter. I would get out of my contract but it won’t let me log in to find a way to do it. I have cancer and really can’t believe how upsetting this all it. I just hope everyone avoids this terrible company

Reviewer Gina: Location Carmarthenshire: Date 2022-03-13


Broadband went down at 10pm last night.

It briefly connected this morning but has been off now since 10am.
Despite saying c/s is open between 9am and 6pm on a Sunday when I called was told they are closed.
Abysmal service

Reviewer A Bayliss: Location North Wales: Date 2022-03-13


Transferred from post office two weeks ago speed is ok as still on post office setup but no email as address has been deleted. My wife is spent 2/3 hrs every day on the telephone mostly on hold yesterday I spent 4 hrs on the phone mostly on hold and spoke to 3 people the first 2 admitted they didn’t know what they we’re doing so transferred me to the next Wed person eventually admitted she couldn’t hep and hung up.I am looking for another supplier

Reviewer Peter: Location Bridgwater: Date 2022-03-12


In all my business life Shell Broadband is the worst company that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with. Ex Post Office customer and well satisfied with them. Shell took over and no e-mail for 6 days. Put on hold for over an hour after spending 30 minutes getting through. AVOID THIS OUTFIT!

Reviewer Ion Location SE28: Date 2022-03-11


The worse customer service for a bad speed! After holdong me on phone for 3 hours, passing from department to the other and promising they will change and sort out the problem, saying in further email, they respond in 48hours, never ever came back with no changes or notices after months of ignoring any emails and requests!Shame to you,guys! Let everyone know how good you are on being unfair and ignorant!

Reviewer Paul: Location Lincolnshire: Date 2022-03-11


They stole a month off the PO account we had.
Average wait for poor contact service an hour.
Email arrived on same day apologizing that it was late.

Cancelled on same day as taking out new contract after yet another run around trying to speak to billing.

This company is a shambolic waste of space and you should avoid it completely.

Reviewer Sarah porter: Location Tamworth: Date 2022-03-10


I’m quite shocked that shell can charge people forInternet 4mbs couldn’t work nothing in my house. After numerous phones calls within the first 3 day’s to tell me there is nothing they can do as this is there superfast broadband!!!

I’ve been forced to go to another provider and had to pay an early exit fee for 289.00.

Please AVIOD as you will be ripped off they don’t care, also you wait 45 mins to get through and get passed around without sorting your problems.

Terrible customer services, no the worst I’ve ever come across!!

Reviewer Z pop: Location Scotland: Date 2022-03-10



As of February 2022 my account was ‘migrated’ from the Post Office to Shell, however the data was incomplete and did not ‘migrate’ recent payments made by myself to the Post Office.

The result of this is I have received 5 letters from Shell threatening to terminate my broadband service for non payment.

I have written 16 emails to Shell, several to the Post Office, I have sent proof of payment via bank statements and issued two formal complaints.

On one of the many calls made to Shell I was put on hold by customer service for 1 hour and 30 minutes, to be greeted by a different agent who thought it was a new call.

All of the above has been completely ignored, I have been batted back and forth from PO to Shell and vice versa with neither willing to take ownership of their errors.

I have received five emails from Shell telling me my ‘complaint has been closed’ despite the fact nobody has contacted me and no ‘resolution has been discussed or agreed, Shell think it’s ok to close unaddressed complaints

Reviewer Martin: Location Hampshire: Date 2022-03-10


I endorse the recent comments. An abysmal company to deal with. This is my 4th day without access to my emails. I have spent HOURS on the phone and online chats just going round in circles. Clearly staff don’t know what they are doing. More than once I have been sent back to Post Office who returned me to Shell because the “migration” was complete! Never had this problem with Post Office. The incompetence of this company is absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!

Reviewer Jane: Location Northern Ireland: Date 2022-03-10



Im now used to waiting over an hour to thorugh to someone. Oh and the superfast broadband is as fast as there terrible customer service.


Reviewer Peter: Location Reading: Date 2022-03-09


Interesting to read the comments on here that reflect my own experience. Several years with PO Broadband with no problems. Now Shell have taken over and a few months later I am suddenly having intermittent speed problems – my normal speed is 35Mb/s but it is dropping to about 0.2Mb/s.

Reviewer John Tapster: Location North East: Date 2022-03-09


I’ve taken the time to leave a review (something I rarely do) in the hope that I save others from the pure hell that dealing with Shell broadband is. Of my 43 years on the planet, this is hands down the WORST company I have ever had to deal with. DO NOT DO IT – just pay a little bit more to someone with better customer service

Reviewer Michael Kent: Location West Yorkshire: Date 2022-03-09


The worst company I have had the misfortune of dealing with in over 50 years. Avoid like the plague

Reviewer P.williams: Location West London: Date 2022-03-09


SHell broadband ( take off first letter) – was with Postoffice before and was very the service has been taken over by shell, internet speed has slowed right down and i am unable to send emails. If service does not improove, will be forced to seek new supplier !

Reviewer Mel: Location London: Date 2022-03-08


Terrible service for shell energy broadband customers. Eternal long contracts where you have no rights in terms of speed, which is far below the contract and what they promise. You can’t even cancel without hefty cancellation fees even if you are moving home where the service is not provided. You call service and all they want is to screw your over. Been trying to get rid of them for ages. I returned the router asap and paid for the usage I had. I also submitted a formal complaint and there is no mercy, no help when you wanna leave due to all this shortcomings. Avoid!! If speeds are slow they don’t care and charge! I wish they would let me go without further trouble and hefty fees when they provided awful internet for months and they still punish the customer. Horrible! Avoid at all cost.

Reviewer HGRAY: Location East Midlands: Date 2022-03-07


Pathetic up & download speeds. Paying for 35mbs download speed, receiving 1.5mbs for approx 20 hrs @ day. Up to 4 mbs for the other few hours.Impossible to watch video content. Emails fail to send. Often unable to do BB speed test because of slow speed. Cust Svcs slow to respond and try to blame everything but their own service. They expect customers to pay for engineers even when it is them at fault. Buffering as I write this. It may not upload. It dropped out again. I am stunned Shell have achieved an average of 2 stars. Somebody somewhere is being generous!

Reviewer Jim miller: Location Ml67ae: Date 2022-03-06


Crusty with Shell energy and decided to try there broadband,Big mistake. Made the order and received router approx 30 days later and at that point new that it not suitable and no where near the BT service I had moved from so I cancelled within the 14 day cooling off period but was told my cooling off STARTS from my phone booking and they are charging me £287. They will not budge on this even though I cancelled on first day of receiving router. The land line does my work stop after 6 days of telling them and the broadband is slow or not possible from room to room. Please don’t be caught out like me. Avoid Avoid Avoid.

Reviewer Jasvinder Kaur: Location Ayr: Date 2022-03-05


Was moved across from the post office. Was with the post office for 6 years. So far very negative experience of shell. Was sent a threatening email advising they would cut off the service as I hadn’t paid. I had paid as this was a monthly direct debit. Spent 30 mins on the phone to get through. Was told to ignore the email and they would take a double payment as I hadn’t paid. Sent them a copy of my bank statement showing that the money had gone out of my account. When I complained I basically got nothing more from them than the enquiry was resolved

Reviewer Kevin: Location Ferndown: Date 2022-03-05


Poor internet speed, running at the slow rate guarantee. Customer service is a joke! Standard non helpful responses to all my issues with no solutions. Avoid, very expensive for a very poor service

Reviewer David Arden: Location Lincoln: Date 2022-03-05


Never have I met such a totally inadequate customer service. Used the on-line chat-uselessm, was told I needed to ring. Spent hours listening to music, then told I needed to speak to Customer Service – that was who I had just rung !! That would be another 25 mins. at least. Never known such atrociuous service. I will make a claim for my wasted time.

Reviewer alan waters: Location north Devon: Date 2022-03-04


Oh dear on phone sorry to keep you waiting over 1 hour and still waiting will be changing as soon as the post office contract is up.

Reviewer Peter Scott: Location WATERLOOVILLE: Date 2022-03-04


Just been on the phone for 44 minutes listening to the worst music I’ve ever heard,I called the cancellation phone number, got through eventually and was told that he could not cancel my contract had to speak to another person who has or theorisation, this was Friday 4.30pm they don’t close until 8pm but I was told someone would phone me on Monday, what crap service

Reviewer Diane Richard: Location London: Date 2022-03-04


Disgraceful company. Took over my Post Office broadband (I never had a problem in 6 years with PO). Shell cut me off straight away, blamed a cable for it. Made my buy a new router, exactly the same as the PO one. Didn’t work. Said I didn’t know what I was doing and was plugging it on wrong (!). Still awaiting compensation. Every time I speak to them I have to wait 45 mins on hold listening to their vile music and adverts. They have missed the March billing date for PO customers, so we will be charged double in June. I want to leave but I wonder if they’re going to try and ruin my credit record and send the bailiffs round for non payment of non existant bill. The most disgraceful company I have EVER dealt with (including Talktalk circa 2008) and Vodafone. In fact, it’s an insult to put those two companies in the same feedback as Shell. I cannot wait to get away from them, and yet I’m afraid to leave. They are pathalogical liars, they say they’re going to do something, and just don’t. WHy should they, I’m only some crappy PO customer that was forced on them. If only I’d read the reviews I could have avoided the horror of dealing with this vile company. Unless you really are stupid, don’t go anywhere near them, don’t buy their expensive petrol either. That’s all they’re good for – pumping gas.

Reviewer Helen: Location NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE: Date 2022-03-04


Very very poor customer service. Over 2 weeks I submitted 6 emails /messages and had no response. I finally received a reply which was insulting. It was nothing to do with my complaint and they obviously had not read my complaint.

Reviewer Steve: Location Sutton Coldfield: Date 2022-03-04


Post office customer transferred to Shell energy. Customer service is terrible, by far the worst I have experienced in any company. Called but no answer after an hour of waiting, live chat had no response or automated responses, messages them using messenger which got a reply every 4-6 hours and eventually got a call from customer service. Agreed a price of £21.99 a month + £30 good will payment for difficulty in contacting them. My next bill they took £37.00. Refused to refund so I told them I would leave. Was still in cooling off period so arranged with BT. Now shell energy have sent me an email saying they want me to activate my new account and have set up another direct debit. Avoid them at all costs. Maybe cheap but quality is poor

Reviewer Jamal: Location London: Date 2022-03-04


Transferred from post office and moved home.they offered new contract which i accepted. When engineers visited, they could not connected to my existing cable and wanted to make more holes on front windows which i did not allow and they left. Upon calling shell, i was confirmed that contract will cancel itself in couple of days.
I called them up today and they want me to pay £350 cancellation charges. Note: cooling off period has ended 7 days before they sent engineers and we customers have not right if thier engineers fail to carry out thier jobs properly. I am devastated and can not pay £ 350 for the service they never provided. Please advise

Reviewer jojo: Location Fareham: Date 2022-03-03


As my broadband has not yet installed. I can only say that the customer service is the worst and if no installation and How can I get their service. They are helping and waited on the line over an hour. Totally wasted the time. There are plenty good providers.

Reviewer Joanne: Location Huddersfield: Date 2022-03-03


Not happy at all my internet went down a couple of days ago I tryed phoning customers services up was on hold for an hour and a half eventually got threw. They did load’s of tests unplugged leads did full reset Of router Was told the internet would eventually come back on. Went to work few hours came home still not on. I am not happy

Reviewer Simon: Location Pickett: Date 2022-03-02


Awful service and even worse customer service. If you can get through to someone then they can’t deal with the issue and have to request a manager to call you back( they can’t put you through)Up to 48 hrs wait which when they do not call you, you have to wait another hour on the line to request a manger call you. If I could give zero I would

Reviewer Russ: Location Manchester: Date 2022-03-02


Shell recently has taken over from the list office, had loss of connection for over four weeks,I’ve sent numerous emails & tried to phone them but no response..Appalling Service

Reviewer Hilarious connah: Location Mold: Date 2022-03-02


Disgrace no customer service on hold on phone and live chat for an hour .leaving adap

Reviewer T Bevan: Location DARTFORD: Date 2022-03-02


My next door neighbour a 97 year old widower`s phone has been off for over 2 days. We were on the phone for over 4 hours and then her daughter for another 2plus hours in the evening unable to get through to Shell energy .That is unacceptable in my eyes .

Reviewer Ralph: Location Tunbridge Wells: Date 2022-03-01


Got transferred from Post Office broadband who always had fantastic customer service. I’m not sure this lot have any customer service agents at all. Been on hold for 1 hour now. Stupid music and asking me every 30 seconds whether I want faster broadband. Nope, I just someone to pick up the phone and fix the broadband I have!


Reviewer bob: Location: Date 2022-03-01


Upon being transferred from the post office to shell, I now have absolutely no landline connection at all without any explanation or cause! Getting through to them is insanely difficult to boot. I have been on hold now for nearly a full hour!! they simply do not employ enough staff to meet demand.

Reviewer Merrylegs: Location Borders: Date 2022-03-01


Garbage. Was persuaded to upgrade to super fast fibre when I moved a few hundred yards. Drops every single day since the start. Several phone calls. Open reach visit. Still the same. Sick of bringing it up with Shell and it not getting fixed. Their own line test today showed speed at 18 when meant to be 40 with guaranteed minimum of 25. Utter, utter garbage response to my issue.

Reviewer Russ5: Location Lancashire: Date 2022-02-28


Been on phone for 2 hours waiting for an operator. Don’t think customer services for Shell broadband actually exists. If they are having an high volume of calls then they are having a high volume of problems. They have not contacted me in any way about broadband cost or any contract I have to adhere to for which I have not agreed to yet. Terrible service in comparison to Post office

Reviewer Jon: Location Aberdeenshire: Date 2022-02-28


Got moved from P.O to Shell. They took over a week to respond to an email with a cut and paste response not answering any of my questions.Stay clear , don’t use and I’ll be switching if I ever get through to “customer service”.

Reviewer Nikos Gkekas: Location Cambridge: Date 2022-02-28


Broadband is down since last Friday and nobody really cares about it. Shell energy customer service is a nightmare. Really difficult to contact them and they are not providing any really help. Avoid them. I have to wait for 6 more months until the current contract expires.

Reviewer MJ: Location North Wales: Date 2022-02-28


Need an option for zero stars here. I am trying to deal with a query about my account after it was transferred from Post Office Telephones to Shell Energy. The best description of their customer service is that it is non existent.

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