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Terrible broadband, terrible customer service from Shell Energy

21 APRIL 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

terrible broadband, terrible customer service

Got broadband through Shell. Speeds are far less than what was advertised, the internet routinely cuts out for extended periods of time, and is generally barely usable. Waited more than a month for a response to email. Customer services are mysteriously always “experiencing a higher number of requests than normal right now” when I want to talk to them.

Abysmal customer service

Spent 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone and disconnected twice.
They also do not bother to respond to emails. Sean from the Customer Service Team is the exception; he did call me back when the connection was interrupted due to poor reception. Sean was polite, helpful and professional. Otherwise Shell Energy is the worst home phone service provider. I had no problems whatsoever when the Post Office was the service provider. Shell Energy taking over home phone and broadband is bad news for existing customers. I have moved to another provider and cannot recommend Shell Energy.

Randomly Disconnected After 75 Minutes in Queue

Spent 75 minutes on my mobile waiting for help. I reached position 2, and was randomly disconnected and sent to the back of the queue. I WFH and need my broadband fixed.

Edited to add; they randomly disconnected me again.

Edited again; currently on my third attempt; they just bumped me from position 21 to position 41 for no reason.

Edited: They just disconnected me again when I was at position 11. I’m done, And I’m furious.

Shell energy should be NO customer service Energy

Shell energy services are NO longer required I have secured a Telephone package with a company which have human being that have time to talk to their customers and not having to use social media to get an answer.

Do not reply to emails/answer calls

Do not reply to emails, when you call them they fob you off. Been trying to sort an issue out for 2 months and am still no further forward. Have tried on numerous occasions via phone/email, have even tried twitter. No response.

Complete crap!!

Complete crap!!! Different story everytime you call them and I haven’t even been with them as I transferred back from Green Energy to UW and they are still keeping my account open!!! I’be been told I’m in Credit of £300, £600 and £300.87 but now they have billed me for one month 27th Sept to 4th Nov £192 that was back in 2021 how is anyone with them if their tariffs are that high?!? Terrible company to deal with



Disgraceful company – Avoid

Disgraceful company and non existent customer service. Had an incorrect bill and been charged for energy I have not used since September 2021 installation of smart meters so avoid this company. I have provided all the information they have asked for and now they have just stopped replying to emails. I am now starting a complaint with OFGEM as I have no other course of action. All they needed to do to resolve this was carry out the following:

You need to carry out the following to resolve this
1. Send an engineer and confirm that the information you are receiving is the same as my meter reading
2. Confirm with the smart meter installers (Magnum Utilities) that they read zero on Friday 10th September 2021
3. Work out my bill between 10/09/2021 and now based on the fact they read zero in September last year.

They are incapable of carrying out common sense actions to resolve a problem and now that they have just stopped replying to my emails. This company should be investigated for its poor service.

They keep saying the information has been sent to different apartments and the result is nothing has happened.

I moved out 6 months ago…

I have been trying to leave this company since October, after getting moved from Green. Thought it was all over last month, after I got a refund, on some wrongly taken payments, but no it can’t be that simple. Today, I get sent a bill for over £80, a month after being told that my account was closed. Why have I got to deal with this stress of dealing with a company who never calls me back and lies. I want this sorted now, it can’t be that hard to close an account for a home I moved out of 6 months ago!

Waiting 5 months for a refund

Waiting 5 months for a credit balance refund – and still waiting.
I was caught up with my old energy supplier going bust and got transferred to Shell.
My old supplier owed me just over £114 which I was assured would be honoured by Shell.

Well they haven’t been very honourable so far!!

If I billed them for my time taken to try and secure MY money coming back into my account, it would be way more – emails, phone calls (with the painful recorded messages and waiting times on hold), promises broken, nobody taking ownership, I even had the old ‘let me put you on hold while I discuss it with my manager’ only to mysteriously get cut off after 20 minutes of waiting…..
All too familiar I am afraid.

The last promise was that I would receive a cheque in the post but had to allow 10 days and that was over a month ago. When I complained again, I was told the request had to be re-raised and allow another 10 days, no reason why or anything.

These companies are only helpful and seem very keen to help up to the point you sign up, always downhill from there.

When checking reviews on your next supplier, start by reading the 1 star reviews first, don’t get blinded by the 5 star reviews.

Hopefully Shell will come good, give me my money back and learn but I fear customers voices just aren’t heard, or worse, contemptuously ignored!!


Shell is putting up my monthly payments, up to £1,747 from £83,00, what makes them think I can afford this increase? (I cant) I am a pensioner on a basic pension. To rub salt in they have sent information on my account that I should lower my payments now to £74.00 because I am £25,61 in credit. Why should they do this when they make obscene profits?

After my energy supplier colapsed

After my energy supplier colapsed, I was in the process of switching to a new supplier, which also colapsed.
Shell Energy picked up old supplier.
Since December 2021 I’m trying to claim back money back “your new supplier Shell Energy Retail Limited will be honoring this balance in line with the Supplier of Last Resort (‘SoLR’) process (Your final balance is £165.12)”
So far I was unable to get any usefull detail on how this can be completed.
Email communications end up each time with “We’re unable to locate an account for you at this time using the details you have provided.”

Avoid at all cost!

Incompetent is not strong enough a word…

Incompetent is not strong enough a word to describe the level of support I have received from customer care.

I moved to shell energy back in October 2021 and still can’t use the App, I get a message saying your account is not setup fully.

I logged a support call stating I can’t use the app because you haven’t completed my account setup, can you advise why this is taking so long. (6 months) .

The reply was staggering. They said ” you can’t use the App because your account is not set up”.

That would be like going to the doctors and saying I’ve broken my arm and I can’t move it, for the doctor to say, you can’t move your arm because it’s broken.

In my opinion shell energy are a complete waste of space, the sooner the cost of living crisis is over the better and I am going to move back to OVO who were excellent.

This is a true and honest review.

Rubbish Company!

Just read another message from you ! Still saying that my case is going to be transferred to a debt management company! I have been sanctioned by the Job Centre which takes my benefit amount from £210 per month to £125 per month! No-one has rung me regarding this matter, then, I get messages saying that ‘We have been trying to contact you but there’s no reply ‘! How can I reply to a phone call that didn’t happen?I’ve had nothing but trouble since this company took over from Green Star Energy and I thought they were bad!. All I want is someone to contact me so that I can sort this matter out Its been over 3 years now. I’ve even tried calling you but get no answer. This is ludicrous. I’ve might get my Solicitor involved and see what they say.
A total waste of time.
I’ve just sent an email to one of your addresses one doesn’t exist!
All I want is someone to advise me on what to do. I don’t want bailiffs or Enforcement agencies knocking on my door especially when I’m just asking for helpful advice, I can’t afford these, I try calling your phone number but NO-ONE answers. I will get in touch with my Solicitor and get some advice from them.
All I need is money!.

Pure Planet/Shell Energy

My credit with Pure Planet went across to Shell Energy on the 24th November , Have called Shell Energy once a month for 6 months but still won’t refund my credit. They received my final bill from Pure Planet in January after a complaint so they could deal with it. Now in April and still saying they have no record. Stay away from this company, only interest if you’re in debt to them.

Shockingly bad service

Shockingly bad service. Was mis-sold a product which I didn’t receive and charged for it when I was advised I would not have a payment taken from my account.

Won’t take my money

Moved into a property October Shell energy still haven’t billed me, I’ve given reads called numerous times and still can’t pay, not a huge problem but I’m now receiving letters from their credit control! So I call them and the advise they can’t produce a bill and ignore the letters?

Shell energy took money and won’t give it back….

Shell energy took over customers from Goto energy in October 21. Sadly I had already arranged to leave Goto on the day they changed. My credit of over £142 was transferred to shell energy instead of my new supplier. I have rang them “it will take time but you will have it by end of February” I have completed their query forms on a number of occasions finally got a response in March asked me to forward them my final bill which I did. No response. I’ve now completed a complaint form. No response. I’m a pensioner I’d just like the money that is mine back or at least an acknowledgment that they are dealing with it. So glad that I’m not their customer and hope they do not treat their customers with this level of customer service.

Don’t think your getting a good deal you get what you pay for

Recently move House and needed a new internet provider, I can’t remember why I came to contact shell but to my regret I did, the sales person convinced me it would cover all my needs, I was a bit hesitant but he done his job well and earned his commission and got me to sign up, oh how I regret making that call, it is absolutely useless, the signal is not even strong enough to keep my TV logged in, have to reset it every time I turn it on, don’t be falled into thinking you’ll save a few pound

Omg the worst company I have ever…

Omg the worst company I have ever dealt with, ive paid my bill in advance by one month ahead,,, so I got a email to say bill ready ? I called was left waiting for 10 mins on phone then a woman answered i started to tell her the problem, she then put me bk in queue for further 20 mins, no one answered so I cut it off, as ive always been waiting for them to answer phone , if your thinking of broadband please dont use this company, NOW I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION SHELL ENERGY, to late

Charging us for router even though we’ve returned it.

We had broadband with Post Office, this was taken over by Shell Energy. Their website said we wouldn’t need a new router. However, when it was switched over, it turned out our router wasn’t compatible with their system, so we did need a new one. They sent a new one out and I returned the old one using the tracked 48 label in the box as instructed. I got proof of postage and Royal Mail tracking shows it was delivered back to Shell Energy. I have emailed their customer service and attached a copy of the proof of postage showing the tracking number, so they can see this for themselves. Despite all of this, they kept sending letters saying they haven’t received it, and have now sent a letter saying they will charge us £35 and this will be on our final bill. None of this was our fault, we have complied with everything they asked, I lost 2 days pay because I work from home and I didn’t have internet access, and all of this was caused by Shell Energy.

Terrible company

Terrible company
My parents were forced to go to shell energy after they bought out the post office phone company. She was not billed for 3 months then when she tried to contact them she didn’t get through for 3 days after being hung up on. Today she got through then was told by some vindictive over important receptionist that she would have to be put through to another department. But who has over an hour to waste waiting for someone to pick up. This company is a joke and I will find them another wifi/phone service they make billions of pounds profit yearly but still try to don’t the ever day person out of money. Totally corrupt self-centred company and I advise all those considering this dictatorship to reconsider

More incompetent that Post Office

Currently making a complaint to this company, I was a post office broadband customer and they had awful incompetent customer service. Thinking Shell Energy would be better couldn’t be more wrong, they are charging me for extra that post office had actually credited me due to poor incompetent service. I have emailed 14/04/22 a complaint and no one has had the decency to get back to me to have this sorted, received a automated response, it is 20/04/22 still nothing else but getting this sorted. I have now had to ring, although it shows at there side that the post office did put a credit on, It is still not being taken off. They must have a great deal of complaints to take this long, I am so annoyed that I hoped Shell Energy would be an improvement. This better be sorted before this payment goes out. Seriously go elsewhere regardless of their decent prices it isn’t worth the hassle of being with them!!

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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