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Trustpilot verdict on Shell Energy Customer Service: Awful, Abysmal, Abominable, Ambivalent, Atrocious and Arrogant

Trustpilot verdict on Shell Energy Customer Service: Awful, Abysmal, Abominable, Ambivalent, Atrocious and Arrogant.

12 MAY 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Shell Energy Broadband – Don’t do it!

Shell Energy Broadband have to be the worst company I’ve ever had the mis-fortune to deal with. I was moved from the Post Office to Shell Energy and decided to leave.I have wasted approximately 2 days of my life trying to speak to customer service, retentions, complaints and then around the same merry go round… Passed from one incorrect team to another, arrogant staff who don’t give a toss. If you like poor customer service, then Shell Energy Broadband is the leaders. They may be cheap, but please be aware that if you ever need to talk to them then be prepared to waste hours on the phone trying to get through and even then, you’ll be handed off from one incorrect area to another………Just don’t do it

SHELL energy broadband customer

SHELL energy broadband customer. I have just spent 2 hrs 38 minutes on the phone trying to ensure I understand my current bill and future payment schedule. Individual staff are lovely and customer service (overall) is shockingly bad (this is the third time I have tried to sort out issues including my contract with Shell). On this occasion I was transferred three times before I could speak to someone that was able to help me.

Awful, Abysmal, Abominable, Ambivalent, Atrocious and Arrogant.

I’ve already reviewed this pathetic excuse for a customer facing company. Shell said, “ Thank you for letting us know! I’ve had a look at your account and I’m happy to see your dedicated Resolver complaint handler within our Resolution Centre is working to resolve this with you.” That was a month ago and apart from a couple of patronising emails nothing has happened other than trying to increase my direct debit by £88. I have now referred matters to the Obudsman. I suggest that everyone avoids any involvement with this lot. They changed their name from First Utility but a leopard cannot change it’s spots – they were hopeless then and are hopeless now.

Terrible customer service

I have moved home and tried to take Shell with me as my energy provider, they still charged me a cancellation fee and then when I tried to cancel the move request they passed me from person to person for 30 minutes and did not assist me. This is still outstanding.

Dreadful systems & customer service

Dreadful systems & customer service. Waited 2 months for a final bill then it’s completely wrong – despite having smart meters. They can’t get anything right! Thank goodness my new supplier Octopus have been clear & transparent otherwise I would have paid twice for a substantial chunk of electricity.

Totally let down

I am someone who when Green folded I was transferred to Shell. Initially all seemed ok. I asked if I could have 2nd generation smart meters installed as being disabled and my meters not being easily accessible, I couldn’t take readings.
New smart meters were fitted 18/01/22. I was given an IHD (in home display) which I wanted for the reasons stated on all the adverts, seeing my usage, seeing where I could reduce my usage etc. Only problem is, it’s never worked!
I have made countless telephone calls. Been reduced to tears of frustration. I have lost count of the number of times I have been asked to take a photo of the IHD to send to them. I’ve been told the meters are communicating with them, when they weren’t. My bills have been erratic and confusing and the DD they suggested I pay has changed virtually on a daily basis. They just seemed to pluck numbers from nowhere. I have resorted to cancelling my DD in protest and telling them to bill me monthly even though I know it is a more expensive way of paying.
I was told four weeks ago that the ‘metering department’ would get back to me within three weeks. Guess what?!? Nothing.
Final straw, I have gone on the Shell Energy App today for my account and it simply state “energy usage failed to load!!!”
Totally disgusted and disappointed at how useless they have been and how little they care about the stress they are causing me.

Shocking company

I was moved over to Shell Energy in October, tried to set up a monthly direct debit straight away, then had a bill that I had paid which seemed correct and have been asking to get a smart meter/IHD setup so I can understand the readings properly as I was pressing 9 instead of 6 wasn’t correct and they have tried to take over £3,500 out of my account which my bank didn’t let them as it went well over the overdraft? for 5 months usage? Then I have spoken to them they said no it’s wrong put the correct reading in so I now have and they are saying it’s over 2k which is definitely not correct. Then I get an email asking why I cancelled my direct debit? The stress this is causing me is unreal. I just want to pay the correct amount monthly!! Not £700 a month which is what it says on my account. So confused and stressed right now. The website chat no one is there, on hold for 40 minutes! Are you trying to make people be in debt is disgusting and stressful!

Over a month since our smart meter…

Over a month since our smart meter installation and still not working. No comms, no updates. Nothing.


Customer service is non existent. I was moved to shell when my previous supplier, Green energy, folded.
So far their smart phone app hasn’t worked at all on 3 different devices. E-mails to customer service take weeks to get a response.
I had a smart meter fitted 3 months ago, it worked for a month, but hasn’t for the last 2 months. Again, unable to elicit a satisfactory level of customer service.
I am inclined to cancel my direct debit and suspend all payments until these issues are rectified.

Worst energy provider I have ever had

Worst energy provider I have ever had. I was moved to Shell Energy when Pure Planet went under. Shell have double charged for some gas usage on both my March and April bills. Despite complaining about this it has still not been resolved. Their response to emailed complaints even when made a formal complaint is glacially slow. My May bill is now over £200. I assume they have double charged part of my usage yet again to try and collect as much money as possible. Helpfully, they have now corrupted the PDF files of my May and earlier bills so these can’t be opened. Unfortunately, I can’t give zero stars. Avoid!

Extremely worried

I am one of many people transferred from Green Energy the back end of last year – Despite providing meter reads and completing an Email query and now a telephone complaint I still have absolutely no idea what my gas and electricity bill will be for the last 8 months and even though I have been making provisions for the last 8 months am extremely worried about the amount and the fact that I was in credit with my previous supplier and dont want this credit to be lost.
My direct debit has been set up with my bank for months but still hasnt been processed. Is anyone able to let me know when I can expect my account to be complete and up to date ??

Worst energy company I’ve ever dealt…

Worst energy company I’ve ever dealt with. Avoid at all costs. I am entitled to the warm home discount but have had problems actually receiving the payment from Shell 2 years running. Both times Shell confirmed I was entitled and indeed my applications were successful but very slow to apply. They are (strangely) unable to offset the discount against my account. This year they sent my account to ‘debt collection’ despite OWING ME MONEY! Numerous phone calls to customer services and the debt collectors were required. So stressful and time consuming. No one needs this, let me assure you. Thankfully, my final (4th) call to customer services (in a queue for a ridiculous amount of time) and I spoke to an angel, Weronika. Well, she couldn’t have been any nicer if she’d tried. Sincere, understanding, kind, patient and she resolved the problem. Weronika, thank you so very much. You deserve to work for a better company than this. Zero stars for Shell but 5 stars for Weronika.

Absolutely Useless

Is there anyone in this comp going to help us sort out out bills? We get threatening emails saying that an Enforcement Agency will be demanding payments, I have sent numerous messages on here about this matter, When I do get a reply, I get a message telling me to go into Facebook page and then they can ‘Help me with this problem’! I can’t get Facebook they deleted my account! I’m told that my account is over £4,000, I’ve been sanctioned by the Job Centre, I only get £210 universal credit, so how do I pay this bill out of my meagre benefits?
I keep getting messages saying that an agent will be calling me to discuss this matter, I think this is the 10th time I’ve sent you a message NO-ONE HAS BEEN IN TOUCH WITH ME! When I DO get a reply, they say Contact Step Change, and they said Pay what you can afford!
Until this sanction has been lifted, I can’t pay anyone!
Come on Shell Energy, pull your finger out and help us all.

No refund paid after over six months

After over six months, I have still not received the refund that should have been paid to me from the credit I had with Pure Energy. Emails were bounced with a message to look at the website, which has not been updated since February. A phone call to a very pleasant customer service agent resulted in an acknowledgement that I was owed money and an assurance that I would receive a cheque but after three weeks nothing has arrived.

Poor record keeping

On 14th January 2022, Shell Energy arranged to remove my old non-smart meter and replace it with a smart meter. Unfortunately, Shell Energy failed to remove the old non-smart meter from my records. As a result, today, I have been asked to supply an up to date meter reading for a meter removed from my property almost four months ago. Not only that, but the In Home Display provided with the Smart Meter has never worked. I will provide my account number in the box provided, but experience has taught me not to expect a reply from Shell Energy any time soon.

Increased DD After I Told Them Not To

I told Shell Energy that I was unable to increase my direct debit until July. I told them, in writing, that they *did not* have permission to increase my direct debit until then. They did so anyway. If this is not rectified quickly I will be cancelling my direct debit before the end of the month.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company

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