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Shell broadband doesn’t have a category in Trustpilot. Why? Could it be that there are ZERO satisfied customers?

Shell broadband doesn’t have a category in Trustpilot. Why? Could it be that there are ZERO satisfied customers?

24 MAY 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Shell broadband doesn’t have a category…

Shell broadband doesn’t have a category in trust pilot. Why?
Could it be that there were ZERO satisfied customers since their takeover of various broadband ISP’s? Certainly there seems to be someone (apparently from shell bband) monitoring the 1 star reviews and complaints here in the shell energy category.

I joined shell end of January/begining of Feb this year. Coming from post office who I never had a problem with. Shell bband has STILL not got a single bill correct. Are unable to show my payment history or bill history. They only have the current month which is ALWAYS DOUBLE.
I never agreed to pay double when I agreed on the phone with their representative to take on a 12 month contract. When speaking to customer support and saying “I never agreed to pay 2 months in advance” the reply I got (I record all my calls) was “well, that’s just the way we do business”.

The standard reply to all written (online) comments is “we’re experiencing a higher volume of contacts at present” and “I have forwarded your comments/request to the appropriate team”.
NEVER giving the name of the team or department.
NEVER giving the name of someone in authority with whom one might communicate directly

Trustpilot takes down comments that Shell tells them too. Old people. Fragile people. Small people who will probably just give up. Yes! It’s true. You will read an unhappy review one day and the next day it’s gone.

Maybe that’s why Shell uses trustpilot?

So many positive reviews for many many suppliers and companies are fake. It’s true. Read Which. Read Private Eye. Look at how government is starting to get involved in weeding out fake review companies.
If trustpilot wants our trust then they have to take the rough with the smooth. Or are they just another advertising and promotion lackey of big business?5893660

Outrageous Customer Service! Beyond rude!

I had dealt with them previously and was actually very impressed with their customer service. Whatever has happened I am now stuck dealing with the most rude employee on a complaint where they seem incapable of noting even the most simplistic of information! Robotic repetitive responses requesting the same information terminator style with a complete disregard for anything I have confirmed numerous times previously. I simply do not have the patience to continue to be berated by a customer service representative over the simple matter of a zero usage bill and a blank meter! I simply would not be able to recommend any element of their awful company!



Terrible. I was transferred to them when my previous supplier went bust. It wasn’t my choice and I’ve been really unhappy with them.
they charge massive amounts for their service, and they took absolutely ages to send me a correct bill. If I had known exactly how much they were going to charge me I would have immediately transferred elsewhere, but now after about 7 months I am finally transferring to somewhere else that is more reasonable. Unfortunately I think they will still ask me for money because of this time, even though it was forced on me and not my choice.
Their customer service is rubbish, they rarely respond to emails, and when they do they are really informal/unprofessional, and don’t even leave a name on the email so you know who you talked to.
There seems to be bad communication in the company as different people would call me or email and not know the details of what I had already talked about or written about.
I sent about 15 emails over 4 months without getting a reply.
Now they are calling me multiple times a day when I cannot answer, even though I have emailed them to tell them to let me know a time or just share the info by email with me.
All in all I would not recommend to anyone unless you like paying triple what you are supposed to.

I cannot wait to leave Shell.

Where do I even start. I was transferred from Green Energy when they went bust. All seemed fine for a few months. Then when the energy hike happened I went from being £400 in credit to 3 weeks later apparently owing over £300. I queried this and after around 40 minutes on the phone through a fairly heated conversation I even sort of believed I owed it. Then about an hour later after the girl had discovered people who were transferred from other companies through liquidation and they were on a price cap I received an email saying it was Shell’s fault and I was still in credit. (She did that good of a job of explaining why I owed so much even i half believed her). The only proof I had that I was in so much credit 3 weeks prior was because I’d took a screenshot and sent it to my mother saying ‘i bet this soon runs down when the energy increase happens’. Well if Shell had had their way it would have literally decreases by £700.

Anyway, thinking I’d jump on the smart mater band wagon, I booked for an engineer to come and install one. He came, worked part of the fitting then told me he couldn’t finish it as he was only issued with this individual part he needed once a month. (Makes total sense to me too). He said he’d arrange somebody to ring me. They didn’t, shock. After multiple emails, (ignored) and web based chats that really don’t work well at all, I’ve finally got another engineer to come out, only 3 calender months after the initial install. Trying to make things easier for myself getting a smart meter, OH THE IRONY. I’ll be leaving Shell as soon as it makes sense to do so, or moving into a caravan living off a gas bottle somewhere seen as though it costs a few quid to breathe these days.

got switched to shell when my supplier…

got switched to shell when my supplier went bump,

took them over 3 months to even bill us, after paying that, i swithced to octopus, they have since magically closed my account so i cant see it, but now have another bill with the wrong closing figure, !! they text daily, email and ring, hounding terrible company!!!

Duplicated billing month after month.

There are some good reviews about Shell Energy, but I feel I must write my experience. My energy company went bust, I was automatically changed to Shell Energy in Nov 2021. I received no bill until Jan, when they billed me 3 months all in one go. This is very bad practise.

Then I received a bill in Feb, Mar, Apr and may. Each bill has the same dates for the opening read date of the previous bill, if you have shell you will know what this date is. So on each month bill, they include the same date as previous bill, in other words what I paid in the previous month I am paying again, so I pay for Feb, then pay again in Mar bill for the same period as in Feb and so month after month.

I go on chat, I explain to someone called Sam, and he ends the chat, great service. Next called Shell on the phone, after waiting in the queue I spent and hour on the call explaining very carefully the duplicated billing periods in each month bill, he agrees with me but then after about an hour he cuts me off.
I call back, and after waiting in the queue I speak to someone explaining the duplicated bills. She tells me details have been passed on billing team. She tells me the bill is correct!!. I explained that the previous agent agreed with me the bills are incorrect, she then changed her tune and said oh, yes they look incorrect.

So, here is the point, calling shell on the phone you end up speaking to someone with absolutely no authority, they are useless just there to take details which are passed on to someone else. So, if they don’t understand the problem, it will be Chinese whispers, I know the problem, agent does not and so rubbish is passed on the the billing team. You cannot speak to the billing team as they hide themselves from speaking to customers.

I am so fed up of this, I have paid over £1000 to shell in the last 3 months alone. I have provided month after month of meter readings most of these for Gas Shell rejected with no explanation as to why, but I read them directly from the gas meter!!!

The meter readings from Elec and Gas don’t suggest my bills should be over £1000, I know prices have gone up, but this is just an excuse for some companies to increase there profits by failing to bill correctly. I would urge everyone to check your bills.

I have raised a formal complaint, but have not idea how they handle this.

I am so so fed up of their incompetence.
I guess I am one of those they cannot resolve the issue and have slipped through the net. Shell if you want to speak to me you have my account number. I will post in this review what happens.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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