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Another fine mess by Shell Energy

“Its like Fred Carnos Circus run by people with no idea on how to treat customers.”: Avoid at any price!: wouldn’t trust Shell to boil an egg.”

27 June 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Another fine mess by Shell.

Just had my first bill after changing to fibre broadband and it should have been £32.88 per month. I didn’t get a first bill and was told I was in credit from paying in advance for my original broadband package of 2mbps with Post Office when it was migrated.
So no get billed is £196.54!!!! I ring and spend over half hour talking first to a computer then to Nazeem who says I had a call out charge added. I said yes as Openreach left cables to 5 houses disconnected after moving a telegraph pole. I was asked again if I requested a call out, well obviously as I had no phone/internet! Nazem contradicts a previous message that said if the engineer is called out for any reason there is a charge! Shell already paid me a weeks compensation for loss of service and yet I am still billed. Also no mention of how much I was in credit from my pre-change-over contract. Its like Fred Carnos Circus run by people with no idea on how to treat customers. As someone else said, another Talk Talk type company. Avoid at any price!

Terrible customer service

Terrible customer service. I had a so called smart meter installed nearly three months ago and it still isn’t working even after reporting the problem on five separate occasions! The display unit only shows the gas consumption not the electricity. First time they ignored my report. The second time they told me to wait 28 days as it might magically start working by then. Reported it a third time after 28 days and they said to wait another three days. Reported it a fourth time and they said they needed to reset a flag to make the electricity billable again. Still nothing. Reported for a fifth time and they say they will get the meter people to resolve the problem as something had lost contact. Another week nearly gone by and nothing. By way of insult I had a marketing phone call from Shell pushing their broadband! Not not way, no chance in hell with such awful customer service. I wouldn’t trust Shell to boil an egg. I’ll just add that it takes them a week to respond after reporting the issue each and every time; as I’ve reported it five times now, they’ve spent five weeks sitting on their hands before replying.

Completely useless!

Shell took over our tarrif from pure planet.

We used pure planet and had no issue was £65 in credit with with them and had a monthly bill of around £61.

Since shell took over they charged our online account £680! And have been charging monthly payments since of £200/£173/139 it only taking out the £61 and now it has landed in on £1026 worth of debt!

We requested paper bills at the start when they took over back in February and have not received one. We didn’t not get told or sent an email to set up our online account to view bills.

Try phoning customer service and get nowhere as the people on the other end of the phone are from some far away call centre just reading off a script.

How they came to a figure of £680 for a little 2 bed flat with 2 people living in it is beyond me. They are not getting that money and better find a way of sorting this out very quickly!

Absolutely disgusting behaviour from a company that like to pride themselves on putting there customers first… absolute tosh!

Don’t use this company if you want to get shafted!

It appears I have been acknowledged by…

It appears I have been acknowledged by a message from Sara of this company today in relation to my woes.
My title heading is heralded with I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START…..and I need to supply you with my reference number of my account XXXXXXXX to receive a call back.
I must admit you must see how bad all this seems to be with the public as the complaints are coming in thick and fast. Everyone seems to be fired up which isn’t nice for anyone is sensitive to people’s feelings. As you have possibly spotted my serious dilemma of being demanded to submit a repeat payment. Ringing my bank this morning I DO NOT have to pay again they’ve done this and quite simply no one has amended this deduction to clear what is still appearing as NOT PAID and can be a insult to my bank who attended to this for you. I will welcome a call as promised as it makes a change for me to try and ring yourselves. What I failed to add on my previous message is I suffer with angina and already I have been experiencing with frightening chest pain.

the worst energy company in britain

my account was past over from green star energy with my bills to come in every three months, in 2020 shell tuck over my bills come in march june september and december, on may 31 this year at 11-30am phoned shell with my readings for my june bill o/k, 14th of june tried to phone shell no good, phoned 15 16 17 20 21 22 23 24 i got through today 27th of june, to be told my next bill will be out september, i replied what about my june bill she told me your bill was march and your next bill will be september this will make my bill be six months, shell energy is the worst company in this country, they are not worth one star, the people at the top need to sort this lot at coventry out A-S-P and the bills are dated 1st of each month but do not arrived until the 15 of each month thats 15 days to come from coventry to my address witch is 21 miles

She’ll just gets worse …

I wrote a first review several weeks ago describing the poor treatment by Shell of my recently bereaved elderly mother. I was trying to put her broadband account in her name as my father had passed away and move her onto a reasonably priced package as fixed term of the one my father had initially signed up for had expired so she was now paying £35 pm for basic broadband and calls. They said they would put the account her name but she would have to sign a new 24 month contract at this inflated price. The more reasonably priced deals were not available to her. Had I not not intervened she would have agreed to this. I think this opportunistic exploitative behaviour towards elderly bereaved customers is shocking. I was contacted four times by the Shell customer services team after writing the review asking for full details so that they could help. I have replied three times giving full details and have just received a fourth identical email asking again for “full details”. Clearly they aren’t reading anything sent to them either. My mother will move to a more ethical/professional supplier.

The situation I am going…

The situation I am going through,well,I’m experiencing is it just me and are any others living in sHELL hole? So decided to try there review pages today!!! And it just isn’t myself who is in a miserable mess with this company.
Actually I don’t know honestly where to start to begin.
As my contract for my broadband is almost coming to a end ( luckily after 18months) after being transferred by the Post Office I cannot wait to escape before I let them take me on I wish, oh how I wish I had looked at the feedback.
I am having to “cut this what I’d love to say” down as I’ll be still writing by Christmas. Also I will omit quite a lot as I will wear myself down as sHELL have done this already.
At the beginning of the year l received a lump sum of a bill which I accepted I needed to pay. But there was help out there to get in touch and I knew I could pay in possibly in segments. However as previous folk have said it was absolutely hopeless to get through with measured waiting Times of over 45minutes. I simply gave up so that was another day gone. Tried to get in touch desperately as this company were set to take the owned amount direct from my bank and leaving me not much to live on that coming week. As so, it happened and due to outgoings theirs couldn’t be paid and it was refunded as a direct debt. In fact, and of course as I hadn’t spoke with them they attempted to take this again and were successful. I then had ,,£8.00 to survive on for the rest of the week. Taking things further funnily enough I got through and begged.for the return of this and although understanding advised the bank to collect it back. This occurred thank goodness and yet I knew I still needed to pay but in hopefully split payments.
I was still no further forward when I heard from my bank who in turn had got a indemnity direct debt instruction to give this back on 30th May. Unfortunately it had to be and returned it had to be. But wait for this….it’s still showing outstanding on a bill alongside my final months Bill to be paid 29th June. I appreciate I have been submitting the extra regular monthly payments whilst all this other problem was ongoing. So I just needed so I thought a final June one plus a small amount as I am terminating several days earlier than my contract finally ceases. Yesterday day and it makes me smile(!?) how when the conversation gets too involved they just cut my call off and I think how cruel you are, I was trying to sort out why I still being asked for this other money the bank has paid back and now no longer due. The answer was is it’s a bill needed to be paid.
I continued to howl: but you’ve got it paid and I only need to pay the existing amount for June’s month.
Well, I still have to pay it again as the computer it’s on and then it’s refunded when I leave. I continued to beg but you’re getting this twice and how can i be sure I’ll get this back and how long will I have to wait etc. Question is why do i have to pay only to get it back again? Naturally I’m not doing it and I received the same answer as others did it will effort my credit score.
I’m ringing the bank tomorrow and I can’t believe I have been asked this. Is it the norm I query with myself. However reading how this terrible company acts I don’t imagine it is. I just cannot wait to wave them goodbye and I suppose with my departure imminent it’s no wonder they take great delight in knocking off my phone calls. As an afterthought if things get nasty I will be meeting up with citizens advice and best they take them on. Thanks for listening everyone.

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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