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Shell is possibly the worst broadband supplier in the world

“We are experiencing high call volumes” blah blah blah. Why not employ some more people if you are always so busy????? I was 149 in the queue. That is ridiculous!!!!

5 Sept  2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Say no to Shell broadband

1, Waiting over a hour to talk to a customer service advisor.
2. Overcharged for a package of £47/month (from 153mbps to 304mbps; advertising with 290mbps average speed). However, the actual average download speed just 75mbps. And never fix the low speed problem. The internet will be suspended for 5 minutes between 2am to 3am.
3. Cancellation team is the worst customer service provider team in the world. Threatens me with £290 early termination fee. Bad and rude attitude.

Will update every 2 hours till resolved or blocked Possibly the worst broadband supplier…

Received this 2 hours after phoning them
(Exciting news – your upgraded broadband service is now up and running. That means you can start enjoying speedier streaming, surfing and online shopping.) WHAT A BUNCH OF CLOWNS
Possibly the worst broadband supplier in the world,
Was sold a shell broadband package 6 months ago, was told it would cover all my needs, it did not even get close, I put up with it for 6 months, then could not copy any longer, phoned them up to cancel, was told I was sold then wrong package for my needs and let them con me once again to upgrade to a new package, what a grave mistake, I was told would only be a short disruption if any no more than an hour, was off for 3 hour before ringing and hanging on the phone for 25 minutes only to be told that there is now a problem and need to send out an engineer Wednesday, Thursday or Friday today is Monday, what a joke, as if I was able to cancel he didn’t know, if need to ring back and speak to someone else, another 30 minutes of my life wasted, will update every 2 hours till resolved or blocked from trustpilot

Broadband – Zero C/S

It’s been 6-8 weeks, customer service portal is pointless, chat is never available, emails just do not get answered.
I really don’t know why to say. While everyone else seems to rate the service as good, once you get through the intense ques,
I just don’t appreciate the service myself.
Especially given that there’s no portal for reporting broadband issues or outages, and their terms and conditions say the usual if you have down time and rebates or fault findings etc.
Really, I regret ever signing up.

Impossible to contact them

An absolute disgrace of a company, they can’t even organize a contact service for customers, trying to get in touch with them is impossible. Online chat is not available, the only way is to phone them. I spent over two hours on the phone waiting to speak to someone, but as soon as my call got connected it was disconnected by a very rude customer service assistant. I essentially paid to listen to some very annoying music for two hours!

What a wait in a queue

What a wait in a queue
Every time it’s the same msg. “We are experiencing high call volumes” blah blah blah. Why not employ some more people if you are always so busy?????
I was 149 in the queue. That is ridiculous!!!!
When I did get through, Esma T was very helpful. But I wasted my life waiting. Not Esma’s fault. SHELLS FAULT

Avoid like the plague!! Have left a vulnerable elderly customer in danger and at risk, due to there own error and ignorance!! Shame on them and everyone needs to know

Avoid like the plague!!

My mums is 83 years old with limited mobility and Alzheimer’s. Earlier this year she’ll threatened to restrict her telephone services for non payment of a monthly bill which we had paid and had the receipt for.

After months of trying to speak to someone and emails and letters we got a short reply with no apology or explanation simply stating they would not restrict this service

Today out of the blue my vulnerable mum has had her services restricted. She cannot dial out and her fall alarm and emergency alarms are obviously now of no use!

My mum has paid all her bills as we sort them out for her! This company are aware of my mums situation in regards to her health.

Thanks to there blatant stupidity my mum is now alone isolated and at risk, and if she has another fall, no way of alerting anyone and receiving the help she needs! Heaven forbid this happens but if it does then I will be holding shell fully accountable!! Disgusting!

This is absolutely disgusting that a company would treat anyone like this beyond cruel!!

I will obviously be taking this matter much much higher now. But thought everyone needs to be warned to avoid this company like the plague!!

Worst energy company i have come across…

Worst energy company i have come across in last 50 years. Cannot get through on phone. Meter broken for 6 months. Have weekly emails from customer service and billing says i never contact them.

I cannot believe the 4.1 star reviews…

I cannot believe the 4.1 star reviews here! They absolutely have to be fake! Shell energy do not have a customer service! Six months, more than 12 phone calls and finally the Ombudsman before any action was taken. The fault? An inoperative economy 7 tele-switch. Six months of DAY rate only electricity later, the fix according to Shell was to install a SMART meter! This was installed by SMS leaving the service fuse covered with plastic sheet. After my questioning the legality of this, UK Power Networks had to be called out to fix this


I will say that i was surprised that it had so many good feedback.I order the broadband on 4th August. The email confirmation came that 19th August the person will come and do all the work to connect internet. Unfortunately no one came.. I call customer service the same day. They could not give me a reasonable answer why the engineer did no showed up. Ok. Change the date to next week … Lady said i will receive email. I choose 3 different days and times that is best for me . When i got the email the day was not good because I will be out off the country ,and that’s what I said in that time off my first call ….
My second call– spoke with other lady expressed my frustration for this situation… Still only apologize…. Again choose different days and times. Email received after 6-7 days saying that my new day is 29th September!!!!
It’s not acceptable. .. I have i child , work and study’s… My life is surrounded by internet…
Definitely not recommended…
This situation is not sorted. Will update when i will get in touch with them.

Beware of the underhand games of this…

Beware of the underhand games of this highly profitable, greedy multinational company.

I have a combined gas electric UK deal with this lot.

I pay monthly by direct debit. I am in credit to the tune of £14.26.

On the 15th September the direct debit goes through for £40.

My next bill is due end of September. I am on a fixed deal until 31st July 2023.

Now the cheeky devil’s were going to up my direct debit to £58. An email advice!?

My next bill for end of September will be less than £55.26.

The Government £66 payments apply to the UK energy company on 7th October onwards.

I rang to stop them. As in the UK the cheeky devils are getting £66 October and November, then £67 November to March 2023 from the UK Government.

The evil devil’s suggested when I rang to move to a variable direct debit thus cancelling my good fixed contract.

Pure evil, I did not fall for this. I want to warn everyone of the dirty tricks of this lousy company. Beware, they are greedy and evil.

Customer service terrible

Customer service terrible. Listened to music on phone for 25mins before giving up. Emails not answered for 4 or 5 days. Chat offline most of time when l looked. Couldn’t getting through how ever l tried. So l got out.

Constant headache

Never had a bill based on my actual usage – every meter reading I submit gets rejected. The reason? They put in the wrong reads as my starting reads. I’ve been in touch with their chat service twice about this (which sucks by the way, you have to wait for hours and you’re lucky to not get randomly kicked out of the queue for no reason) but nothing has been done about it. The first time the rep promised to fix it but didn’t. The second time the rep said they had to raise a dispute to get my intial reads fixed and that I would hear back within a month – heard nothing back. About a month ago I submitted a complaint via their website, heard nothing back. In a few weeks I am moving out of the flat and I dread to think about what issues I’ll have then. Seriously stay away from this company.

Customer services is poor and still…

Customer services is poor and still haven’t updated my Shell energy app I’m still on Junes usage they take my credit and I top up but the usage won’t move beyond June so I cant tell how much I have used each month since June and after numerous calls still cannot get beyond June and promised yet again give it 24 hours to update and weeks later still nothing ….i should of stayed with bulb energy and not been stopped at Shell petrol station by a shell energy rep saying they can offer me cheaper gas and electric as soon as my fixed rate has ended in March 2023 I’m off to a new supplier with better customer service and has an app which actually updates

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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