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Shell Energy Broadband left me a week without internet

8 Sept 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.




You even make Plusnet look like professionals!

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

Broadband broke due to degrade battery…

Broadband broke due to degrade battery at the exchange. Without broadband for 5 days and offered £4.60 compensation in full. Shell prorota the number of days and nothing for inconvenience and keeping you on hold for 2 hours. Don’t bother as awful company to deal with!

Date of experience: 06 September 2022

I signed over to boardband with them

I signed over to boardband with them, wished i never did. Left me a week with no internet. I work from home so lost £500, said they will send some one, no one ever came. said it be another week. asked to cancel, said i have passed my cooling off time. Explained i haven’t even go live. tried to blackmail me, saying it will take another 2 weeks if i left. joke BEWARE

Date of experience: 01 September 2022

Appalling service from start to finish

Appalling service from start to finish, worst company I have ever dealt with. Customer service a joke. Almost impossible to get through to, and then rude unhelpful call handlers if you do manage it. Blamed BT twice, our fittings, and even us. In reality it was just them and their sheer incompetence. Left my wife in tears on the phone, and made it really difficult to get any money back at all. Shocking. AVOID!

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

Like it or get lost response

Absolute disgusting attitude towards the customers with an i’m alright jack response to my inquiry.

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

upgrade nightmare and rip off charges

Since upgrading to their “faster” package, I haven’t had a reliable connection in weeks. First they forgot to send me an upgraded router that could cope with the new package, and now that’s it here it still just doesn’t work. Every customer service team I speak to is useless and reads the same script over and over again. Apparently engineers have been out over the last two days and they cheekily sent a text saying my internet is now fixed but it’s not. THEN they have the cheek to try and charge me for an engineer to come out and fix THEIR fault (as confirmed by BT worker a couple of weeks ago who was working in the area, it’s their fault).

Sick of dealing with them. Wish I hadn’t bothered.

Their online chat service is unreliable and often closed. Utterly disappointing and will be cancelling.

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

Poor customer service and threatening letters

When we moved to our rented property we had shell as default and quickly changed. In the 19 days that they supplied us they tried to charge us £144. When we contested it appeared that they had fabricated our opening read and it took us calling 5 times for them to recognise and admit this fault, as they tried to blame the provider that we switched too. Following them recognising their mistake they did not send an amended bill but instead sent us many threatening letters stating that they would transfer us to a debt collected agency. We called to pay the correct amount of £61 over the phone and received a dry apology and following this we received texts telling us to call and arrange payment of a bill we had paid. Customer service and efficiency were terrible and they consistently made the same mistakes with no desire to rectify them.

Date of experience: 07 September 2022


TRIED TO RENEW BROADBAND. …was given an offer of 46p per week discount on my package as a retention offer. Nearly laughed my socks off.
So much competition on the market that i find it hard to believe they retain any customers.

Avoid avoid avoid….unless you just take them for 12 months only and then go to another provider.

Not for me !

Date of experience: 07 September 2022


There should be an option on this platform to give 0 stars.
I called on behalf of my 86 year old parents to get a deal for their landline after it was migrated from The Post Office.
The whole sorry scenario took 3 weeks after talking to the same customer service adviser who did not listen to what we wanted, just kept banging on about broadband. Needless to say, we went with another provider for half the monthly cost quoted by these cowboys!
No regard for the needs of elderly, just scripted sales monologue, extremely depressing. DO NOT CHOSE THIS PROVIDER

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

Need to improve Broadband communications – installation failure!

My daughter has had Broadband Internet from Shell Energy for a couple of years. All was well with the very basic internet service until she moved flats in London recently. Awful mix up between them and Openreach (who provide the cables) and very misleading communications.

Openreach showed up at 7PM, an hour later than the installation appointment slot, waking the baby. After being let into the flat to check where the sockets were the technician went off to sort out the cables in the building, but came back saying he couldn’t find, or get access to, the distribution point in the building. He would have to leave it and she would have to make a new appointment. This left her without internet that she needed for both home and work.

She then received a message from Shell saying that she wasn’t home when they came round! Utter nonsense – she had conversations with the guy and let him in!

When she rang Shell the next day they said it was his word against hers, and basically, her fault! She pointed out that it was all on CCTV, the guy had seen witnesses and had been heard by me on the phone. She raised a complaint but was told she would have to wait another couple of weeks for them to come back, and there was talk of her being charged for a missed appointment!

Since Shell were trying to fob her off I raised a complaint with Openreach (OR) Management. Whilst the OR technician should really have sorted this out straight away rather than knocking off work, he had apparently made notes on their system to say the issue was to do with getting access to the utility cupboards in the block of flats, despite an onsite concierge. It was nothing to do with her being out whatsoever. Shell had taken ‘access issue’ to mean that no one was in. Completely wrong and misleading.

A new appointment has been made, for an earlier date, thanks to OR senior management. Access to cables is presumably sorted. Hopefully that will go okay.

Shell Energy should get their act together, stop sending stupid invalid messages and giving wrong information on the phone. Perhaps they should stick to selling petrol!

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

Incorrect billing and nightmare customer service

We recently applied to renew our mortgage and were shocked to be turned down on the basis of “poor credit rating”.

After paying for an Experian credit check, it turned out someone had opened an account in my Husband’s name with Shell energy, at a property we don’t live in. Shell had been asking for payment, but as we don’t live there we didn’t receive any bills.

We have spent HOURS on the phone to various customer service agents trying to find out how we can get the account number so that we can discuss the bill with someone.

The third agent we managed to speak to finally understood the situation and agreed to email us a bill so we would have an account number to discuss the issue.

Several more hours and several more customer service agents over the next few weeks insisted they couldn’t help us, or saying they would send us an email to reply to with evidence of where we live, only to not send the email.

Finally, I managed to force an agent to stay on the line whilst I waited for him to send the email, refusing to hang up until it was in my inbox. It took over 45 minutes of discussion and being put on hold for him to send one email.

This whole debacle is costing us thousands, as we are now out of our fixed mortgage period, and can’t apply for a new one until the credit rating is sorted, so we now pay £700/month more than we had previously agreed with the mortgage lender.

Shell have said it will take 6-8 weeks on their end to get the credit accounts department to remove the listing against our name, but don’t worry, they “definitely did” raise a task asking for that to be done (I’m sceptical, based on how many emails they “definitely sent” but never did until I held an agent hostage on the line for nearly 2 hours).

Once their accounts team finally do manage to remove that listing, Experian has informed us it will take 6-8 weeks to reflect on our credit rating.

So *if* the agent actually did raise the task (big *if*) then we could still be 16 weeks, four months, away from being able to apply for another mortgage, which takes about 12 weeks to process.

That means, that since attempting to arrange our remortgage in June, in September we are still seven months away from being able to get one, thanks to Shell.

Overall, this will cost me £4900 (7x£700), not including the number of hours of work my husband and I have missed waiting on hold for their customer service agents, or our phone bills for that time.

Absolute Joke.

Date of experience: 07 September 2022

An absolute horror of a company to deal…

An absolute horror of a company to deal with. Got sent an estimate bill out for a property which I own, but do not live in. The bill for 3 weeks was £33153, even though nobody lived there. Me and my wife have spent countless hours trying to get a proper bill sent out with the correct meter readings and we’d just pay it.

Date of experience: 08 May 2022

These clowns installed smart meters at…

These clowns installed smart meters at my brothers property a month ago, He is still having to call them daily to ask what his credit balance is as nothing is showing up on the meter outside or the IHD – Within the last month i have made calls several times a wk with regard to the blank meters outside and the IHD not working .This is unacceptable ; my brother is in his 60’s with major health issues & he isnt getting anywhere with the meter team .How is he supposed to keep an eye on his usage when nothing is showing up . Yesterday i were told that the IHD needs replacing as its obviously faulty then an email were received saying Shell are having problems with their IHD’S . How long is this going on for as its being a month now ! Surely you need to send an engineer out or at very least another IHD . Its an absolute joke !!!

Date of experience: 08 September 2022

Rubbish customer service

I called the customer service to reset my direct debit. Instead of resetting the amount the person charged me extra. I was told that I will get a refund and my DD will be changed.It was quick to take the amount out of my account but they were finding excuses to return it. Even though I explained to them my situation and how its affecting me. After all this I am definitely moving out.

Their customer service is absolutely shambolic.

Date of experience: 08 September 2022

Where Do I Start!

Where Do I Start!
I contacted Step Change regarding this account in June and they have me Breathing Space until yesterday (5th). Today I received an email telling me that my bill is now due, and if I was having problems with paying, to contact STEPCHANGE! It was they who contacted you about this account!! I cannot afford to even START to pay this bill as the Job Centre sanctioned me which meant, until the 20th of June I had no money! The DWP gave me some money from a Hardship Fund, which I am now paying back, between £20 & £50 per month! I contacted Step Change yesterday and, with me getting a very low income until after Christmas, how on EARTH can I afford to pay this bill? I have to eat & have other bills to pay which are well within my budget. Until Step Change come up with a budget I can’t afford to pay it off yet. I think you should come up with a budget that is affordable to me, not telling me you’re going to send Enforcement Agencies to remove my personal items to sell. I feel that I’m under threat about this. This isn’t the way to treat customers who are well below the Bread-Line. All ok do is threaten us. It’s not my fault I’m in this mess, Green Star Energy started it. Contact Step Change, see what they say. I like thousands of other people are below the Poverty Line, like me.

I have been in touch with Step Change regarding this matter and, they are working out a budget but, they can’t do anything until my benefit goes back to normal payment around Christmas time. Also I’m waiting for disability benefits too. That should start 1st November. When Step Change have sorted my budget out, I’ll let you know ok?
Thank you for understanding my predicament.

My benefit went from £350:00 down to £197:00 my current payment, this is because I had a sanction imposed on me by the Job Centre, the have me a Hardship Fund which I’m paying back. That should end by Christmas

Date of experience: 06 September 2022

What a waste of 2 & 1/2 hours

What a waste of time- I waited online for 2 &1/2 hours and the chat was cut off without giving me chance to correct my name when giving my details!! What’s the point of having chat if it one sided.
Also I agreed a DD and they increased it anyway and now want to increased it by 150% even though I am in credit by nearly £400 it’s a disgrace. If anyone knows how I can move away from them I’d love to know.
Plus been told if I cancel the DD they’ll charge me over £100 + a year. They need to update the way they take the mick on doubling the DD just because they can!!
Finally got a new chat and have again reduced my DD it apears for one month only and demanded a refund at least its in my bank and not Shells!! win win..

Date of experience: 05 September 2022

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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