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Shell Energy Broadband Service is Dreadful

“Out of 10, would I recommend Shell Energy to any friends, family or acquaintances? The answer has to be an emphatic ZERO out of 10.”

“PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY, its hard enough as it is these days with the energy hike, families don’t need parasites like Shell Energy adding to their problems”

 10 Sept 2022

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

Broadband service is dreadful

Broadband service is dreadful, you cannot contact anyone to complain, on hold for 30 minutes today without speaking to anyone. Now they have closed for the weekend. I have sent emails but not received replies. They have lost my payments. Avoid, they are not fit for purpose.

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

Rip off

I’m having problems with shell over charging on my acc .
Being charged £9 for calling them to report a problem and then they said it was not their number I called .01612229101.
It’s a shell number as advertised so beware all as it’s a heavily charged number. Also issues with a data protection act breach that is heading for the regulatory authority and police

Date of experience: 19 August 2022

Appalling Customer Service

After having moved away from an excellent energy company (Pure Planet died because of the energy crisis), it has been a deeply disappointing to be with Shell Energy.
After having been told the advantages of a smart meter, I agreed to have one installed in early August 2022… and then the problems began.
The first thing is that the meter did not register at all – with no readings for gas or electricity usage. I contacted Shell Energy via their chat service (spending an hour at least waiting to get to an operative) only to be told that the smart meter could take up to a month to come online. I then contact them at the start of September, as the meter was still not online. Again having to go through the chat (another hour wasted) and eventually having to send them an email via their website. They responded by saying that the gas meter was not working at all and it would need to be replaced. I replied to them to say, OK, I give you permission to come into the garden (there is no fence on this part) to repair it at any time. Almost two weeks later there has been no action on the part of Shell Energy. No attempt to contact me, no attempt to make a repair. So, today I go on to the chat system (you are at position 44!) Over an hour and a half later, I come to position 1, there is noise and my chat is disconnected. No indication of any position in the queue. I’ve merely been bumped off the queue.
In all my years in business, and as a consumer, I have never come across such poor customer service as I have received over the last few weeks.
Out of 10, would I recommend Shell Energy to any friends, family or acquaintances? The answer has to be an emphatic ZERO out of 10.
This is my first ever Trust Pilot review, but I am at wits end.

Date of experience: 10 September 2022

Awful company with only means to make…

Awful company with only means to make billions and billions. Firstly, they set up a direct debit with us, 6 months later contact us to say they got their estimate wrong and now we owe £2000, then when stated we wernt paying that all in one as it was at no fault of our own, they decided to send it too their recovery team, which it then affected our credit score, at this time we were also in the mist of moving home, so we contacted Experian which they had it removed from our report immediately, Shell then emailed us with an apology stating that it was never their intent to do what they did and they hope we have a better experience. We arrive at today and they take £660 off us, so we contact them again, they have taken the balance off us as we owe it and have no right to have not paid it by now. So back to the exact same argument we had in the 1st place, we explained again,that this balance is at no fault of our own and we are paying that separately, as agreed, along with our usual bill.

We have no just paid off the balance as we want to get well away from Shell. They are disgusting, vile and will take money from families struggling with no remorse. As stated above, the sales team are quite ruthless and will demand the money is paid regardless of fault.

PLEASE STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY, its hard enough as it is these days with the energy hike, families don’t need parasites like Shell Energy adding to their problems

Date of experience: 10 September 2022

Disappointed not to have a working…

Disappointed not to have a working smart reader from installation aprox 6 months ago when I was constantly persuaded to have one on numerous occasions!
Custumer service although a very polite operative she was unable to give me feedback as to when it was likely to be rectified so I’ve come to the conclusion of either putting up with it or swap to a new more reliable supplier.

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

Customer service support don’t do their job right and shell charges wrong!!

Customer service are so mentally exhausting! I’ve spent so much time constantly phoning and being lied to. I think the issue is resolved then check the account to see the same mistake! Now on the phone to shell again – waste of my time!

Really disappointed in shell, have caused my family so much stress in the last few months with charging us extra for months, when we finally got to the bottom they finally realised and our account balance was updated… we’ve been waiting for that refund since august 16th … it’s now September 10th.

How long does it take to refund??? Why am I chasing you guys for my money back that you was so quick to take out!

Date of experience: 10 September 2022

A series of unfortunate events…….Written on behalf of account holder…

Written on behalf of account holder Hetty Annalls. Utterly appalling.
In May 2022 they suddenly stopped sending bills or taking direct debits. There was no letter advising they would do this or why they did. My daughter deals with my account as I am 86 years old and had life-threatening surgery in December 2021 from which I am still recovering. On 1st August – having had no direct debits or letters since 4th May 2022 – I contacted customer services to resolve this. That’s when the nightmare started. After three phone calls I was finally given the true information. Shell had suddenly gained the technology which could take accurate meter readings remotely (I have no stand alone smart meter). Unfortunately this caused the system to cancel direct debit payments and letters to me. I wasn’t advised of this until my third phonecall. Long story short-(ish) – A review of the account revealed an underpayment as bills had been estimated for 2 years. It took a few weeks for Shell to calculate the true amount owed. Last week I was reassured that my account was cleared (I paid off the true amount owed) and that a direct debit was set up to start 4th October. all finished – or so I thought. This week I have received 4 letters stating I owe in excess of £700 and that debt collection agencies would be instructed if I didn’t pay this amount IMMEDIATELY. I am incandescent with rage, given that I had specifically asked that they NOT send reminder letters until the matter was resolved, and called complaints department. Complaints procedure states the first thing that will happen is the staff member will give you their name and job title. This didn’t happen. “Paul” refused to give me his full name and gave me the name of the person I first spoke to on 1st August. When asked why this was stated because she was the first person I spoke to in August. So I cannot get this basic information about my 2nd complaint today, despite their complaints procedure stating this will happen. I complained about the letters received and asked for a letter of apology (not a standard letter) and for them to consider and offer compensation – given I have spent in excess of 10 hours of my life on this matter which is none of my doing. The insulting offer was £20. I stated that they would not pay a member of staff this amount for ten hours work and I would be looking to much more than this – given that the shock of the letters received this week could have killed me. It was upped to £30. I have grudgingly accepted this for the sake of my mental health and will look to transfer to a better company (I know, I know they are all much of a muchness) in due course. It would be reassuring to know that some of the vast profits and bonuses for chief executives will be put towards improving customer service and general efficiency. I won’t hold my breath.

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

Terrible customer service

I received a message saying I had to submit a reading for my smart gas meter, which you can’t do through the app, so had to use the chatbot.

After waiting almost an hour to chat with a team member (Esma T) I was told that Shell were in fact getting my meter readings so i hadn’t needed to do anything. The only explanation that I got was that there was a technical problem with my account which would be resolved in the next 28 days.

I asked if this meant I should ignore any future messages and that I was only being charged for what I used and was only told to contact them again if the issue continued and they would try to resolve the problem.

The person I chatted with was polite, but could basically tell me nothing.

This is in line with pretty much every contact I have had with Shell – customer service very poor indeed.

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

Extremely poor customer service by…

Extremely poor customer service by Nester. Talked over me. No empathy to the fact that I was calling about an issue relating to my mother who has Alzheimer’s and dementia and currently in a care home. Point blank wouldn’t deal with me and told me I could “just pay the bill” A bill that related to broadband which my parent doesn’t and have never had. Refused to refer me to a manager or supervisor and put phone down on my. I rang back to make a complaint as per complaint info telephone or online form and was told again I could not speak with a supervisor or manager and would not deal with the issue.

Date of experience: 08 September 2022

App and website failures now for…

App and website failures now for several months. No evidence that company taking failures seriously. Can not get reliable information about energy use without getting down on hands and knees to read ‘smart meter’, which is what I did before the advent of ‘smart meters’. Shell’s failure to provide necessary information to manage energy use represents a breach of service contract.

Date of experience: 09 September 2022

The above are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last few days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy.

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