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Shell Energy Broadband Reviews recently posted on

27 Oct 2022

Reviewer Stephen Essex: Location Essex: Date 2022-09-30


The most appalling customer service. If nothing goes wrong with your bills then they are fine. But if you need to get something corrected (their errors) it is incredibly bad. Slow to answer, calls get cut off, promises made are not kept. I have spent HOURS on the phone trying to get their errors corrected. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

Reviewer Ezra Traf” Location Khyber Pass: Date 2022-09-30


I was with the Post Office for about five years and was completely satisfied. Then Shell took them over and everything started going to pieces. Lots of emails telling me about changes of rules and price increase.

About the same time my line began to regularly drop, multiple times a day. A coincidence, maybe!
I disliked their high handed attitude and when they started offering newcomers much cheaper deals, that I couldn’t access, I moved to another supplier.

Six weeks later they told me they wanted their old route back. Unfortunately, I had binned it as it was over five years ol and was rubbish anyway.

Now I suppose i will have to pay them their 35 pounds.
Note I am not complaining about the charge per se but about their aragance and lack of straight dealing. When I cancelled their service their email of acknowledge ment could have mentioned the router return rule. Big company scrabbling for a few pounds.
Luckily there are so many other broadband suppliers so that I can confidently say I will never need to deal with this awful company again.

Reviewer Barry: Location Scotland: Date 2022-09-29


Without question, every month since the day our broadband was installed, we’ve had issues, but the real issue with these “issues” is that they seem to happen at the same time of the month, every month, for at least 3/4 days. Currently as I am writing this the broadband has had 7 “DSL” error messages today alone. Nothing wrong on our side as we have had people out to check for any issues, and until now he have had absolutely nothing fixed. Shocking

Reviewer Natalie Marsh: Location: Dursley Gloucestershire: Date 2022-09-29


I live in a rural area I always had my broadband with Sky but I made the choice to move to shell energy it was the worst mistake of my life I couldn’t only get broadband from shell energy if I wired my TV cable to cable I could not pick up any WiFi on my phone or laptop TV I could not pick up WiFi at all I was left with no WiFi for 2 weeks until I reconnected back to sky who can provide a perfect signal WiFi no problems no issues at all and now shell energy has sint me a bill of over £300 for cancelling their internet within two weeks of a contract in fact the day she’ll energy connected live I rang sky that day to reconnect to sky they are now wanting I over 300 pounds of a disabled person I am partially paralysed and house bound they ruined everything for 2 weeks with a broadband service that wouldn’t work shame on shell energy my advice IS DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING TO SHELL ENERGY SERVICE. I TRUST SKY THEY HAVE NEVER KET ME DOWN.

Reviewer shan: Location birmingham: Date 2022-09-28


absolutely terrible wifi broadband. when the weathers bad the wifi basically cuts off and stops working. can’t even play the ps4 because all the games lag

Reviewer GAC: Location Redditch: Date 2022-09-28


When it worked it was fine, but customer service is non-existent. Hours waiting on phone, then get cut off, and get hilarious voice message saying we got cut off and please ring back.

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