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Shell BROADBAND speeds are terrible and the connection keeps going down

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Selection of reviews posted here 1st April 2023

Reviewer Peter: Location Looe: Date 2023-03-08


Shell took over from Post Office broadband. Since then the internet service has got worse and worse. The speeds are terrible and the connection keeps going down. Last straw was when they suspended my account by mistake and admitted it had been their fault. Now raising prices at an inflation busting rate. Avoid

Reviewer Annabel: Location Larkhill: Date 2023-03-07


We were with Post Office who then sold their service to Shell – without telling us by letter. We later found an email lurking in ‘Junk’. PO service wasn’t 100% but inexplicably Shell seems worse (same router!) I am using so much data on my phone despite being connected to WiFi because its just so poor. Twice in the past two months it has completely dropped out while I’ve been working from home, booting me off calls with patients. 100% do not recommend.

Reviewer UGUR OZCAN: Location Bristol: Date 2023-03-06


They are dodgy so don’t choose them.
First of all when you opening a shell energy account you can create a broadband account too so they offer both services in one phone call but when it comes to terminate your contracts when you have to terminate it due to relocation, then you can not expect a fast service and one by one you have to call their lines. So, they are really terrible and time wasting and average make you wait on phone call 10 minutes and also on the top of it it takes 5-10 minutes the actual talk. So to terminate my broadband I had to make 3 phone calls because they don’t provide an email service at all to terminate broadband service and their router return self-service barcode creation link is down. So I had to spend 1 hour at least for too much hassling.. Their IVR system does not make sense either, you provide your name, your all details but an agent ask them again..

secondly, they send me an email and a link in it to create barcode for returning router and it gave HTTP 404 error when I clicked it, so it means their server is down, actually they are not providing that service. So I had to call again and waste another 20 minutes.

Thirdly they issue 1 month bill even if you do not use anything that month. I terminated my contract 3rd of March, 00:00:01 they deactivated my internet so for 1 seconds or 0 second usage they requested 1 months bill apart from 2 months early leaving fine.. They could easily offer me to terminate it 2nd of March so that I did not have to pay 1 month extra but they did not.

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