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Without internet for a week!!!

22 April 2023

The content below is sourced from current verifiable customer reviews of Shell Energy published on Trustpilot.

The worst technical service EVER!

Shell energy has the worst technical service and customer service. I have exams and I am without internet for a week!!!

Shell broadband used to be decent

Shell broadband used to be decent. Now it is a pile of rubbish, not worth paying for. Junk.

Stressful shambles

Stressful shambles. I was transferred to Shell Energy broadband from Post Office Broadband and initially it seemed ok. When I had an issue with my connection it was obvious a cable outside needed replacing and an engineer agreed. I was told I wouldn’t be charged but it appeared on my bill. I couldn’t get through on the phone or web chat but emailed and after 3 attempts there was an apology and I was told not to pay. Then another payment demand. Then another apology. Now I’ve just been contacted by a debt collection company. Talk about stressful!

Very worst customer service

Very worst customer service, keep us waiting for ages and passing the call from one staff to another (as they call each other “technical team”. After waiting for ages before the call they pass to one another each time they ask the same questions related account holder details. They don’t seem to bother to know the reason behind our calls. This has happened to me multiple time. Today was the limit of my tolerance. I am going to change this broadband.

No idea what’s going on

Ordered broadband and emails came in saying the order was processing.
I then hear nothing for almost a week about any installation date.
I receive an email saying my direct debit has been set up but again no installation.
I called shell energy and was passed from customer service to technical and back to customer service only to be told my order has been cancelled. No updates or information as to why and the investigation may take 3-5 days.
I then wait and get another call (4days late) saying it’s been reordered but it may fail again but they won’t know for approx 5 working days.
What a joke. If I carry on I will be without broadband for the best part of a month.
Terrible customer service and by the sounds of it no idea what is going on. I will go elsewhere thanks.

Shell Energy have been utterly useless…

Shell Energy have been utterly useless and all customer service advisors I had the misfortune to speak to were rude, incompetent and unhelpful. However, Ronnie at the Portsmouth site was an absolute angel and helped me overcome the issues I had been experiencing in a kind and empathic manner. He did everything in one 10 minute phone call that all other staff members failed to do in 45 days. Thank you Ronnie! But I can’t wait to leave Shell and the the upset the company have casued. Diabolical staff with shocking customer service.

Company is run by greed and fraud

Company is run by greed and fraud. We have arranged many times to install a SMARTMETER and they keep cancelling it at last minute even after waiting for months, only to bill us what they feel like. SMSPLC who install smartmeters seems to have only two engineers who around wrecking peoples lives and homes.

Absolute joke of a company

Absolute joke of a company. Moved into a new home, charged us £240 for 1 weeks energy… Shell was the company the previous owners used. Called, emailed and web chatted and finally got a refund. We then found out they still charged us over £80 for 1 weeks usage including a £20 service charge for their mistake. For that week we barely used a third of that that cost. They told us that is how it was. Pathetic.

This is my second review still no service

This is my second review. My disabled elderly father 92 has had no phone service for a week now. No Careline which is crucial. Been on the phone today for almost 2 hrs. Calling from the USA .Told me now they have to go inside his home, which they have to have a code to get in my Father residence. They told me at first it was an outside issue no reason to go in his residence. Supplied them with a code so now they have no excuse to go in. The could of got in by pressing the manager button on the key pad, which is an intercom. To top it off they drafted money from my Dad’s account today and having no service for a week.

Appalling communication skills

Appalling communication skills, issues with readings and if wasn’t on the ball they would not have sorted! owe me money since March and now because someone has raised another final bill they are telling me I have to wait even longer! the last bill was finally right and yet refund never been actioned! Be very careful with this company as they don’t follow procedures like other big companies! so glad I moved but I want my refund!

Shell energy are nothing but a joke

Shell energy are nothing but a joke, we have come off direct debit which we have been on for over 6 years
have now spoken to 4 different people and feel like this call centre is a merry go round, every single i have called up they have me going round in circles. One person tells you one thing and another tells you something completely different!!! they are now trying to charge me £201.70 for a months usage when my bill in feb was only £76.06. Every time you ask to speak to a manager you also get fobbed off saying there not available to speak and the person on the phone will raise a complaint and the nothing happens .

i really hope the CEO reads this and your enjoying your massive bonus, this company should be called robber’s energy .

No phone service

My father who is 92 has been without phone service for over 5 days. I reported it 4 days ago and is still nothing.
I live in the USA so this is my only means of communicating with him. He also has a Careline which in order for that he needs a phone. I have called to follow up every day and still nothing. The man who I spoke to today was very nice. He said himself it should of been fixed within 24 hrs as it should of been an emergency and should of been top priority. He looked into it for me and said it was complicated by reading the notes. I had someone check inside his home by doing all the trouble shoots and it was none of that. I’m still anxiously waiting for this to be resolved.


Absolute complete rip off merchants. 700% increase in my bill with no change in circumstances and surprise surprise lost my case with the ombudsman who I have no doubt share in the rewards. £1000 per second in profits off of ordinary folk. Horrible Horrible Company and only one word best describes their management team SCUM

Rude Customer Service

My intention in calling today was to discuss an estimated billing charge I had received. However, the interaction with one of your representatives left me extremely disappointed and frustrated. I admit to being frustrated on the call myself, but only after the agent was rude first.

During the call, the agent repeatedly talked over me and talked down to me, making me feel as though my concerns were not valued. Furthermore, it was evident that they did not fully understand the billing situation they were trying to explain, which only added to my frustration.

He repeated multiple times that he did not care. This blatant disregard for my concerns as a customer is both unprofessional and disrespectful. As a paying customer of Shell Energy, I expect to be treated with respect and to receive assistance from knowledgeable representatives who can address my concerns.

Utterly useless.

Utterly useless.

Tried to set up broadband with Shell – we don’t currently have a phone line at all, so explained this and was told that it’d be free to set up.

Then I saw online there was a charge, so called again to be told that “yes, we would be charged”. So asked to cancel. I was then called by Shell and told there would be no charge. I asked to carry on with the set up and was told that I’d get a call soon, before the “go live” date for a line installation date. As the “go live” date was fast approaching, I called again to be told there would be a charge. Then I was told that there wouldn’t be, then back to being told that there would be.

All in all, Shell have switched positions on this 6 times with the various calls and e-mails.

This is how the last conversation went with the last lady I spoke to…

“so I certainly won’t be charged for a new line into my house?”

“100% there is no charge”

“Are you completely sure?”

“yes, it is in the package”

“so there will be no charge for installing the line in my house?”


“so zero cost”

“no, you’ll be charged for a new line”

I’d have been better off asking a lamp post.

Avoid Shell broadband

I moved across from BT to Shell broadband in December last year. Since the move we have had endless trouble, Shell is happy to take your money, their service is terrible and they charge for a technician to come out. I have just canceled my contract with Shell and have to now pay a penalty. I would no recommend this company.

The above extracts are from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted recently on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. Shell Plc CEO Ben Van Beurden (now retired) openly admitted at the Shell AGM held in London on 23 May 2022 that all is not well at Shell Energy. 

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