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Despicable penny-pinching company with no morals or customer commitment

29 June 2023

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Reviewer ALI: Location wakefield: Date 2023-06-02


Absolutely despicable penny pinching company with no morals or customer commitment. PLEASE AVOID AT ALL COSTS. They have the advertising money to bury these comments away from new custermers because if they knew they wouldnt look twice at this company. please dont be fooled by offers and discounts they are only there to reel you in . once you are in then they have you and will drain as much money as they can legally get from you. please please AVOID

Reviewer Susan Stichbury: Location Brentwood: Date 2023-06-01


I ordered broadband on Tuesday. I got a email to say about the line that outreach need to sort the line. So I phoned on the Wednesday on phone for 40 minutes before anyone answered, I wasn’t happy about that. So I phoned again on Thursday to find out more. They answered quick but they couldn’t understand anything I was saying and said the line is bad I heard them perfectly well. Then they put me over to another department and they couldn’t understand what I was saying at all. So we hung up he phoned me back and eventually the phone went dead. So I will phone again and cancel it. I was absolutely digusted with the service

Reviewer Jill: Location Tadley: Date 2023-05-31


I’d give no stars if I could. My landline doesn’t work frequently for days at a time. Currently, I’ve been without a phone for 4 days and no sign of Openreach. I’m supposed to be a priority customer but I can’t even dial 999 in an emergency. They know I’m disabled, vulnerable and don’t use a mobile phone. This is NOT an isolated incident and has happened at least 3-4 times. Broadband is very slow, often dips out and is non existent when there is a fault on the line. Staff are incompetent. Nothing gets resolved. Compensation is not given. Attitude is mañana mañana. Avoid this company like the plague. Shell Energy is a disgrace.

Reviewer SRH: Location Leicester: Date 2023-05-29


Very poor router, keepHMCTS Probate received your postal applications dropping Wi-Fi connections.
Stay away not worth even if given free, sadly.

Reviewer Peter: Location Gaskell: Date 2023-05-28


His can you justify a 2 day wait to get my dads phone line back working when he relies on a care line package due to his frail health conditions

Reviewer Gray: Location Durham: Date 2023-05-25


I changed to Shell Broadband tempted by the lower price after my supplier tried to put my price up significantly. I should have done more research. The Shell broadband worked for the first day and was ok. Speed wasn’t great but there are always teething problems. After that it stopped working. I was told there was a fault in the line and BT Openreach would be in touch to sort it out. My lines and sockets are new. Fitted by openreach two years ago. It looks like I’ll be without broadband for at least a week. The customer service lady was pleasant and professional but essentially did nothing. Give these guys a miss and go with someone reliable. I wish I had stayed with Now. Never had any problems with them.

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