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Shell Energy branded worst broadband provider on planet


Featured below are extracts from recent customer reviews about Shell Energy posted on the reoccurring theme – the difficulty in communicating with the company. 

20 FEB 2020

Stay AWAY from this broadband they are a bunch of scums, I had to cancel my broad band because my home was renewed,the engineer was there with my neighbour, t7ried to contact them the day before stating that my landlord didn’t allow me to have it they said I would have to pay costs over this, the broad band was not installed, it did not go live and the engineer was there called them on the 19/02/202 which they put me o hold for over 50 mins, to cancel again because there was no open breach cable, they scums twists the things around saying that there would be a cost for £65 for missing the appointment the scums first told me they needed 48 hours before the engineer updated the report, then after they kept on saying I miss the appointment and I should be glad there would not be any extra costs, requested to speak to manager she did not put m through to him instead put me on hold for another 40 mins. They still send an email to make another appointment with the engineer , i told them I would be making a complain to OMBUDSMAN they say I could do it on they website tried to go in comes to appoint that it doesn’t let you further. YOUR BLOOD Sucker just want your own commission to pay of your salary, an email will be send to every were I can to put your **** company down.

17 FEB 2020

Definitely the worst broadband provider ever on planet earth. Connection began to drop since December 2019 and have had to call them to repair it for 6 times, with them booking BT engineer for 3 times however after each visit the service begins to go off again after 2 days. I was forced to listen to their t&c every single time without exception even though the person on the phone provides absolutely no help at all. Worst of all is it is not possible to cancel the contract even though the service goes off on a weekly bases and a they’ve had to book a BT engineer over and over again. This company is disgusting and should be avoided at all costs!! Absolute waste of time!!!

09 FEB 2020

Appalling. Even if the speed was any good (it isn’t) it’s no use because it is constantly dropping out.

Customer service was basically a fifteen minute phone call that resulted in them suggesting I turned it off and on again.


06 FEB 2020

I am a disabled person who has to input my medical blood results every day, these incompetent guys have left me with no phone and no internet and are even trying to charge me £60 for a new line which wasn’t installed. I’m now left with nothing for a week because that’s how long they have said an engineer will take to come out. I do not know the levels of medication I’m meant to take because I cannot input my blood score so this time tomorrow I could be in hospital because I could have taken to much medication or to less and these people at Shell just don’t give a crap so they have left me frightened ***AVOID AVOID AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE ***

05 FEB 2020

Signed up for the service back when they were still First Utility, at which stage they were nothing to write home about, but inexpensive and serviceable enough – the occasional drop-out notwithstanding.

Since the takeover by Shell Energy, the company has become increasingly unable to provide the service we pay for. Of late, they have even resorted to aggressive ‘traffic management’ (throttling of downstream speeds) at peak times; it’s been a lot like using an ISP from the early 2000s. In 2020, with homes far more reliable on a stable, reliable internet connection than they were in, say, 2003, this level of service is wholly unacceptable.

Worse, from the moment we informed them we were leaving, the issues have increased. As we await the switchover to BT, Shell have quite blatantly de-prioritised our account in reaction to our departure… and will be charging us an arbitrary £15 for the pleasure of extracting ourselves from an inadequate and worsening service.

Poor to begin with and petulant towards the end. I’d strongly advise potential customers to opt instead for grown-ups who can operate a service fit for the 2020s.

Use Shell Energy only if you’re nostalgic for the early days of broadband. Or even, at peak times, the good old days of dialup speeds.

31 JAN 2020

Very frustrating company to deal with and extremely poor customer service and support. They certainly take you for an ignorant and a ride. I have been duped by this company and as a result I will never ever deal with Shell for any of their products. I am paying for Fibre optic but I am at the connection status for a normal broadband connection, I feel that I had been duped and I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole ever again when my contract expires. Don’t be fooled by the lower price they are offering you will end up spending lot of time and effort to try and sort out with them and they are extremely slow in half responding to queries, AVOID AVOID AVOID

31 JAN 2020

This is the worse internet provider ever! The first day internet did not work. We called the customer service line and we waited more than 40 minitues to speak with someone. They asked us to run some tests and then we had to wait a couple of days. Then we got a very slow connection. We paid for the fiber super fast and we go a super poor connection. We called them waited on the line another 30 minutes and they told us to wait 2 weeks… we waited the connection remained poor. We called again they asked us to run some more test in the next 24 hours and send it to them… we did. They never got back to us. We called them again they told us they had to run some tests for 48 hours and get back to us. At the end of their testing we did non have the connection anymore. We have been without connection for more than a week. We called them, again Waite on the line a long time to speak to someone and they did not fix anything. They told us an engineer has to fix this… but nobody came, no communication from them so far. They are terrible. we do not recommend this provider at all. We are paying for a service we are not receiving and they are not doing anything to fix it. They are in breach of contracts and they are getting money out of honest customers without giving them any service!

29 JAN 2020

The Broadband provided by Shell was extremely poor and its not what you would expect from a well known company. I moved to Shell from Bt to save some money but this turned out to be the biggest mistake I could’ve made.
Initially the router they provided me can only be described as unfit for purpose. Additional expense of around £100 to buy my own router which made things marginally better.
Constant drop off in the Internet
Made streaming, gaming etc a nightmare but when your tied into a 18 month contract you just need to grin and bear it.
Since going back to BT Shell are charging me a disconnection fee of £15.00 regardless if you out of contract and have also stated there will be a £35.00 charge if I don’t return their router in perfect working order.
My advice would be while their deals may seem a little lower the service you get is extremely poor.
In today lifestyle I’ve become reliant on broadband for paying bills, booking doctors appointments/prescriptions etc so trying to do the most basic of chores can become quite frustrating.
Please do take notice of their terms and conditions as they will charge you at any opportunity.
When you do get to speak to a customer service depot whilst being very polite will not accept any fault and will blame open reach
Since returning to BT I can only describe this as shear bliss with absolutely no problems so this can only lead me to the conclusion all the issues I had to deal with were actually down to shell

Do your self a favour if you’re considering Shell and look else where

20 JAN 2020

This has got to be the worst internet I have ever used I’ve not even had it a month yet and I will be getting rid asap.Signed up Aug 19
Nothing but trouble, minimal connection, router flashing red. Poor customer support and communication with false promises.

4/5 of no service but still collecting the direct debit but want to offer a £5 goodwill.

14 JAN 2020

AVOID. Go elsewhere, you will regret signing up with these clowns.

Wish I’d read the reviews before being lured in by the download speeds of 63mbps and low price.

Speed drops off repeatedly every day during the day and in the evening. Tried all kinds of troubleshooting but finally concluded the problem is on their end – they’re just completely unreliable. Customer Service is bloody appalling.

Cheap does not = good. Go elsewhere.

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  1. Freddie says:

    I mean, I have to 4g to even write this comment. The lowest speeds, constantly high ping, the repeated disconnections – all started ONLY when I switched to SHELL. 3 separate calls, 3 separate hours and of course the issue is magically to be resolved by on/off (never worked) or that I myself have sabotaged it…. I don’t think the banging my head against the wall was enough to disconnect wires so I’m pretty confident the issue lies with Shell. Please note they’re actively destroying the environment.

  2. useless says:

    unusable crap,
    emails dont work,

    capta dosent work,

    cant upload one!!!photo

  3. Chris says:

    I AGREE. They are simply appalling. And if you phone to complain they just try and sell you an upgrade to a new package!.

    Ive had over 7 months of shit internet.


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