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Damning reviews about Shell Energy are not just on Trustpilot


Featured below are extracts from customer reviews about Shell Energy posted recently on First Utility ReviewsNote the reoccurring theme – the difficulty in communicating with the company. 


Customer service is terrible been trying 2 phone 4 ages.and kept on hold usually for 30 to 40 minutes. And end up having to hang up. glad my contact is nearing end .coz I will b leaving them.


shocking service I am currently Shell Energy customer (won’t be long before I switch) I have find out that our gas bill is 3 times higher than what it should be, queried this in July last year and still waiting to resolve this issue. Just spent an hour and 40 mins with them on the phone, they took 50 mins just to answer phone??? Shocking service
Switched to Shell because they advertised cheaper fuel rates. Was initially billed £78 a month but this soon went up to £110. Since joining I have never been able to log into my account. Despite many emails over many months it was still not resolved. Trying to phone and talk to someone is a nightmare. Every button on the website always takes you back to the ‘live chat’ virtual assistant. When the questions get too hard for it, it tells you to log into your account!! I eventually put a complaint in. Low and behold, I received a few emails stating they were dealing with the case, followed promptly by one which said the complain was now resolved so now closed. I still could not log into my account. I was now back to square one again with the emails and trying to talk to someone. I have now cancelled my DD, lets see how fast it is before someone now rings me I will never use this company again!


I had a door to door sales man from shell, after looking at my smart meter said I could save £20 a month, as i was currently paying £85, i agreed n signed up only to find out after a friend said it was impossible looking at my units or what ever they are, rang to complain n they agreed it should of been £85 a month, am now going through ombudsman n just received my first month bill £120 !! What a scam of a company with no morals, they should be a shamed of themselves!! And i totally agree with the previous ladies comments about the trust pilot reviews, staff clearly writing those !!!


Awful company, thank god i wasn’t a signed up member! Moved into a property supplied by Shell Energy, switched straight away, took meter reading and supplied to them on the 1st day. Then they start sending text messages to say to call a number to pay, search of the number online shows it as a scamming number rated as ‘Dangerous’ on ‘Who Called Me’. When you call the number they want all your personal details and bank details without even confirming anything to prove who they are and they know who is calling them, they ended up hanging up on me when I asked them to confirm some of my details even just my door number. Go to the website, its just as bad trying to get some contact details, eventually had to fill out a form as even the online chat isn’t a chat, its automated. Eventually get an email from them confirming the details, and I pay and send them confirmation via email, then I continue to get threatening messages about outstanding payment and debt collectors. Awful company, I’m guessing staff members have increased their ratings on Trustpilot, have a look at their ratings on some other sites.
My Shell Energy experience has been quite appalling from waiting nearly an hour on the phone only to be cut off when 6th in the queue from 75th and then not being believed regarding a meter reading. Final straw came when the call back as promised did not materialise and so the saga goes on. To anyone thinking of joining Shell Energy …… don’t – you will bitterly regret you decision
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