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Trustpilot Review: Shell Energy Rubbish Broadband and Even Worse Customer Service

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted during the last several days on Trustpilot.  Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company. This article posted on 5 Sept 2020.

Rubbish Broadband and even worse customer service

I’ve been having broadband issues for the past two months, numerous phone calls and emails yet the standard response is too many devices, which I’ve proven to not be the issue by providing tests over Ethernet with only one device connected. Anyway the majority of devices are smart bulbs, smart plugs and a thermostat, leaving only a laptop and TV.

The pings spike up to 8000ms and nothing will load not even the Google homepage. Also the guaranteed speed range is 8-14Mbps yet I regularly get as low as 0.5Mbps, again they don’t see that to be an issue. Their advisors don’t know what pings are so their answer is that I need fibre when in reality they just need to fix my broadband.

To summarise, if it works you’ll be lucky not to experience their shoddy customer service. However, if you do have issues get ready to collate proof otherwise they won’t believe you! Then by some miracle escalate the complaint which is very difficult as they won’t usually let you past the customer service advisor! Overall pretty rubbish for a well established name but clearly they haven’t got their customer service right!!!

absolutely shocking customer service…

absolutely shocking customer service wanted to take £338 out of my account due to them over estimating my usage told me they would call me back before this bill was due they never cannot get hold of them now the bill is coming out tomorrow

Not good at all.

Unfortunately customer services have not been great.
My gas meter isn’t producing a reading and on three occasions they have
Not fixed it. Therefore my readings are all estimates. Now to top it off I am being charged much higher rates then what my email confirmation tariff has. It’s just terrible

Shell overcharging and bad customer service

Shell took over our account from first utility in May June and charged 400 pounds for gas usage for a month, when we challenged it … they conveniently blamed first utility … when it’s Shell who took our money without any explanation… Customer Service is really bad.. no one has answers , managers won’t talk to you to resolve issues. You get transferred from one person to another… and eventually get disconnected… during COVID other companies were helping their customers but shell increased our DD to £175 from £98..DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY ANYMORE..

Hi Sara
This to your reply we have smart meter which shows our consumption is 20 to 23 pounds a week for both gas and electricity, So how come it adds up to 175 a week,,, need to explain.. unless she’ll is adding on extra charges which we are not aware of….

Took 8 months to provide an invoice to…

Took 8 months to provide an invoice to do it wrong and still not got the meter readings properly. Very disappointing

Misleading & Unreliable

Very unhappy with this company – I’m not even a customer, nor will I be.

Gent came to house door explaining the advantage of changing Gas/Elec. Supplier. Went through the basics; savings, British call center etc. Took a few details and gave me Shell Energy leaflet. Said I would receive an email with the details of what we had discussed. Made a call to pass on my contact details and left as soon as I received call.
Call was from female representative, unfortunately call was cut off. I waited , 2 1/2 hrs, but no 2nd call followed.
Called number in leaflet (0330 094 5800) and was answered by someone with an accent who failed to understand why I was calling…passed on to 2nd representative who also failed to understand. Asked where they were based – BOSNIA! So much for the British Call Center.
Finally called the 020 3932 4563 number and spoke to a gent who knew what I was talking about. I mentioned that I would NOT be wishing to change supplier. He then insisted he call me back to cancel the contract! What contract? I didn’t sign or agree to a contract! We went through the ‘details’ with a clear NO to changing from me. He would then send me an email to confirm ‘cancellation’ of the imaginary contract.
To sum up:
– email 1 – never received (email address confirmed at door)
– British Call Center – Blatantly misleading as call representative confirmed based in Bosnia
– Contract made by door representative without my consent, or proof of such.
– email 2 – Never received (again email address confirmed and read back by rep. to ensure it was correct)

I was clear when speaking to the gent who came to the door that I NEVER make any sort of agreement, or pass on bank details when people come to the door – I did this on several occasions – There could be no mistake for him making a ‘contract’ out in my name!

Absolutely disgusted and would never consider changing to this supplier. If they are this untrustworthy before changing to them i would hate to think what would happen once they got hold of my bank details – the errors to be made.

Shell bad experience

I was with First Utilty until May 2018, then it was taken over by Shell worst day of my life.
They installed a smart meter as i was told it was compulsory because of the Tariff i was on. 2 ND WORSE DAY.

IWITHIN WEEKS the Smart meter so i was told , after I rang in complaining about my Electricty usage, apparently hey had been Estimating my from the start of my contract with them. I was also told that a ‘ bad batch of meters ‘ had been installed , so why did they not send engineers to either Change Meters or check meter, NOTHING was done, was told that the meters were being checked and sorted, that was in July 2018 as to this date absolutely nothing has been sorted. My bills have doubled in price and their Customer service is beyond a joke. I have now left Shell and STILL WAITING for my final bill which they tell me is £110 , I have been trying to get my final bill from them for 10 days as I want to see what I am paying for, I DO NOT TRUST SHELL AT ALL, which so sad for a big company . They have installed Snart meters which are NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE and they do nothing about it.

Over this last week I have sent many emails which have been ignored requesting my FINAL BILL, I want too see what I am paying for before sending then any Monies, THEY still have not contacted me which is BAD SERVICE

Promised Google Hub never delivered-

Anyone else not received the promised Google Home Hub after a change in tariff.
Email suggests contact 03300945800 if not received after 14 days. After six weeks taking into account COVID I used this number. Long queue and after a long wait call handler said he didn’t deal with this, it was for the Customer Service Team. Returned to another queue. Long wait and accepted a callback option. Call back failed as phone did not ring. Started handler refused to give me direct number. Waited another 42 minutes for Customer Service and they have to pass it to another team to investigate. Wasted 2 hours during which I noticed the sneaky £50 exit fee for electricity. Won’t be renewing with Shell Energy. I set up originally with First Utility should have changed when they were taken over

Cannot log in to my account

I manage the energy and water accounts for a relative who is unwell. I applied to switch her energy account to Shell but unfortunately she failed on her credit score (even though my wife and I pay). Shell informed me that this could be resolved by payment of a £300 deposit. This was paid on 26 August by use of the mobile app. I’ve heard nothing back although I did receive an email to confirm payment. Strangely, it hasn’t left my bank account. Every time I try to log in to the account, I get the message “Sorry. We’re experiencing some problems and are working to resolve them as soon as possible. We apologise for this inconvenience. Please try again later” and have done for the past week. I’ve tried the chat line without success for some security reason. I am now thinking it’s probably best to switch to another supplier.
Received a prompt reply which has gone some way to resolve my issues. Still awaiting a response from my reply to theirs so will await that before I decide to improve the star rating

Pathetic shell energy

Without a shadow of a doubt the worst company I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Over charged for services even though I am meant to be on a tariff. One number to contact company so you can never get to customer services to deal with your problems. Wrong billing, set up 2 accounts for one property, sent final bill with no way of seeing usage, over €240 yet pay with direct debit every month, app will not allow you to send meter readings. And the worst experience of all is trying to explain your problems to an under trained member of staff with the telephone manner of a dead wombat. Believe there is a circus out there without any clowns as they have all joined this company and are wearing bright yellow uniforms big wigs, a red nose and massive shoes. Utterly pathetic company who should be forced to quit trading due to complete incompetance and lying to its customers and the inability to perform the easiest of tasks, I would be embarrassed to work for such a shambolic institution and roll on February 2021 when my make believe tariff ends. Please avoid this company at all costs and save yourself from constantly banging your head against the wall in disbelief. This shell has been washed away by the tide and drowned years ago

Horrible customer service

Horrible customer service. They provided my electricity for about 2 years and everything seemed fine until I moved house.
I asked them to transfer my account to the new address. A few days later, they took £400 from my bank account without providing any bills (it’s funny as I live in a small studio flat by myself and no way I’ve used this much energy!). I had to call them everyday and each of them would give me a different answer. Finally, they reduced the amount to £200 which I still don’t think was correct but I had to agree cause the complaint team basically told me that you have no other choice and I was tired of calling them everyday.
Apart from that, it took them about 3 months to give me an update on transferring my address, and that was when I called them after a million times not them informing me! they said my application was rejected cause apparently the contour in my new flat is different than the previous one and they cannot offer me a tariff on that! which is again funny cause I still live in the same building and every flat has the exact same contour.
They weren’t helpful at all. Whenever I emailed, I didn’t get a response and they didn’t try to reach me themselves. Instead, I had to waste my and stay in the line every time to get a nonsense answer. They don’t seem to communicate with each other in any way.
Please don’t waste your time and go with a company that you can trust. This company should have been closed by now I don’t even know how they’re still running.

Changing to a new tariff

I have been a customer since approximately April 2019. No problems.

Tariff was finishing 31 July 2020. They offered me a new tariff starting 1 August, quoting a new yearly and monthly cost, which was a reduction of approximately 15% on my existing tariff. Via Moneysavingexpert Energy Club, I could have swapped to a new supplier to save £4 per month on the new quote from Shell Energy.

Did not think it was worth the hassle of changing suppliers, so signed up to the new tariff with Shell Energy on 24 Aug 2020. They confirmed by email.

On 2 Aug I received an email from Shell Energy advising me that my monthly direct debits were not actually going to change. Clever them!

I really cannot be bothered to try to contact them – I cannot find an email address or telephone number for them even when logged in to my account. I will just leave next August when the new tariff expires, even if they are 50% cheaper than any alternative supplier.

So, if you are an existing Shell Energy customer, and you want your direct debits to actually fall on signing up to a new tariff, you need to change suppliers

I have been using Shell energy more…

I have been using Shell energy more than 5 months however their broadband service is too slow and some times Internet stopped working which is unexpected from Shell. I reported them to upgrade their service and stable Internet facility but not received positive yet

Unethical, dishonest, greedy & dishonourable

Unethical (persuaded 85 year old to switch whilst shopping in Asda). Misleading (direct debit fell far short of usage & so accumulated a huge debt). Dishonest (agreed her repayment proposal & then additionally took an extra £100 by direct debit). Greedy (want to charge an exit fee). Dishonourable (blocked her move to another energy provider). Unreasonable length of time to get through to customer service. Agents pleasant & sympathetic but they have no authority.

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