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Trustpilot Review of Shell Energy: S.H.I.T.E

“Terrible. Avoid. Terrible customer service (when you can actually get through), online doesn’t ever work, account issues constantly. Terrible”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted by John Donovan on 11 November 2020.

S. H. I. T. E

If anyone is thinking of going with shell energy for broadband and phone, I wouldn’t even bother!!!

My go live date was 2nd and I’m still waiting on the Internet all I get told when I ring is that it will be 48hours for them to review the problem (I have been told this 3 times) oh, but I am still expected to pay my bill on time, even though I am not using their services
Absolutely ridiculous


Terrible. Avoid. Terrible customer service (when you can actually get through), online doesn’t ever work, account issues constantly. Terrible

Very bad experience still not received…

Very bad experience still not received my Google hub after 8 weeks


Stay away from SHELL ENERGY they will overcharge you and have terrible customer service. Be warned

Terrible customer service

We moved into this property on July the 17th,and ever since have been trying to get the account activated.I’ve rung several times and been told that they took over 15th of September,sent readings twice but still no joy.Sent 2 emails of complaints which haven’t been acknowledged.What else can we do.When you ring and tell them the problem they always say it will be sorted,but it never is.I had a kidney transplant just before the first lockdown,and this stress is not good for my health.Can someone from Shell please sort it out,were both in our 70s and don’t want a big bill at the end of all this,in fact I think we should be compensated for all the grief you’ve caused!!!!!

Absolutely awful company

Absolutely awful company. I switched to Shell back in June of this year, no correspondence what so ever with the company, ive had no bill, no emais to say my switch is progressing. Tried to call their “customer service” what a joke, not one person could help me on the few times i did get though. The last call i was on hold for over half an hour then i was cut off!! disgusting, totally disgusting. I have nearly 6months not paying my energy bill and you know what will probably happen? I expect i will get one big bill and expected to pay straight away. PLEASE DO NOT SWITCH TO SHELL ENERGY, THEY ARE A JOKE.

This was the second day of annual leave…

This was the second day of annual leave I have wasted waiting for an engineer. I rang 4 times and each time told the engineer was coming, apart from the last time when I was told there was not an engineer assigned to my job. Useless

My experience with this company is…

My experience with this company is terrible. I lost my money to this people and no one was talking about a way out of the mess. The customer care representative I spoke to kept saying there’s nothing they could do and then they stopped picking my calls or replying my mails. It was after I involved Mrs Anna, who helped me to return my money.

Shouldn’t be allowed to Trade

This disgusting company have been harrassing me for over two years for payment of gas from a meter that was replaced and not ever signed off . Even though I’ve never had (or will) have an account with them . The bill they chase me for is either to the occupier or to park lodge freeholders . Now we have called , waited for hours to be passed around to different departments to get absolutely nowhere . Then finally it’s taken two years I manage (through a lot of stressful emails and phone calls ) to get them to send an engineer out to the property to do a burns test . This was at the beginning of October . The engineer clearly told us that the meter was an old meter that had been replaced but had never been signed off . He told us don’t worry I will write the report and it will go straight to shell , well it’s now half way through nov and nothing . Where’s the report ? Why’s it not been dealt with ? So I complain again , I send them all the pics of the bills we have paid to our ACTUAL supplier . Send pic of our meter which clearly shows that the meter they are trying to charge us for is an old out of date (by years) meter . So what do shell do (Marian) , they don’t even bother to read any of the notes or pics and say oh we will send an engineer around to the property in nov to do a burns test . We’ve just been going round and round in circles whilst they still demand payment from us . Now why would anyone pay two suppliers for the same gas ? This has got to be the worst company I’ve ever dealt with . Customer service is appalling , telephone contact centre is appalling and the customer resolutions are not the slightest bit interested . Don’t use these people . They are vile.

Not even connected with them yet…

So far I have asked to join there Broadband service as they had an offer on for the G.Fast in my area.

First sign-up online I got a completion page with an order number. But knowing that it’s all digital, i’ll receive an email.. Nothing… closer to the two week connection date I rang to make sure. They hadn’t even got any details on file!! Not a damn thing. I hung up and registered again keeping the NEW order number. This time an email came through, and i had a new connection date.. fantastic!

Couple of days later, I get a call saying the connection date can’t be met. So I organised a second date (3 days later from the first date).
Then a couple of days later from that I get an email saying it’s changed AGAIN!! to 30th Nov another weeks after the second date…
I logged into my account to find i have a “Cancelled Service” status next to my order… oh .. well done shell.. well done indeed… are these just prats employed in this company or what.. I get no true answers from them, no reason to the delays. I wonder if im now doing the right thing in trying one last time with them or go with V media, as these guys can’t even dress themselves.

Terrible service

They take forever to pick up the phone. They put to on hold after literally every single question. While you are on hold, they will cut your call so you have to start all over again. This happened after being on the phone for TWO HOURS for someone just to tell me I had to ring the UK Power Network, which, by the way, I did and I was told that they must have misunderstood because the issue was something only Shell Energy has to deal with, not them. So after 2 hours on hold with Shell, I am given the wrong instructions, I call again, someone disconnects my call after waiting again for 20 minutes, and people can’t answer questions and do anything without having to put you on hold every second to double check with someone else. Can’t they just put someone who knows what they are doing on the phone? I will be changing my Energy Provider as soon as I can.

UPDATE: after 3h30mins on the phone, I am still waiting for my issue to be resolved. I ended up pressing the “call me back” option. We’ll see how many weeks it takes them to actually get back to me.

Missing debit card payment.

Fairly new to Shell Energy. I have made 9 payments using my debit card via the make a payment in my account. 8 payments have appeared, but the last one has not appeared on my account, I have contacted Shell Energy numerous times about this but I seem to be getting nowhere with this issue. I even have sent an email with a photograph of a print out from my bank account showing when the payment in question was taken from my bank account. Have had emails from Shell Energy saying they are looking into this matter but I am not satisfied with the way they are dealing with this. Would be grateful if Shell Energy get this sorted. Certainly will not be making any more payments using debit until this is resolved.

Incompetent and pure scammers

It’s clear Shell Energy Broadband are pretty incompetent given my experience of them for the past 5 months +

Their service is pretty much “computer says no” or they won’t reply at all.

I have had issues with my broadband including packet loss >20%, ping spikes >8000ms, speed issues getting <0.5Mbps when guaranteed range is 8-14Mbps, which apparently they can’t see on their end despite having provided them with extensive proof it’s still “computer says no” and they won’t believe me!

Then there’s the “cease” charge in their terms and conditions but they actually charge you it for switching supplier, abit confusing and certainly not industry practice. If they have to rip customers off why not just call it a “switching” charge so people know they will get charged it when they switch??

There’s no forgotting their constant 30+ mins call hold times and 60+ people Infront of you on webchat!

The final straw, Shell’s network team found a sync issue on my line causing constant errors and THEY wanted to arrange an openreach engineer, having agreed to pay the charges if it’s a fault within my property the appointment was booked. When the engineer arrived a week later he couldn’t find a line fault so Shell have charged me for an engineer call out because Openreach couldn’t find the fault Shell network team found a week earlier. Absolute scammers!

Deceitful …. steer clear

Signed up for Shell energy, turns out the smart meter was mandatory it wasn’t mentioned anywhere prior to signing up ( probably in small print somewhere I am sure). The landlady didn’t agree to it, and we will be moved to a crazy expensive tariff… 60 GBP to cancel the services…

Also, the direct debit amount is imposed, and they keep raising it as they see fit which I find it disgusting ..

Customer service

Did the comparison, came out at under £16 p/m yet you set up £30 p/m direct debit, no easy way to contact a representative
Forcing people to accept your terms and conditions regardless of whether they actually do accept them or not in order to be able to make contact and voice their opinions

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