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Trustpilot Reviews of Shell Energy: Terrible, Crappy Service, Horrendous

“Appalling customer service. They’ll keep you on hold forever and then ditch the call.”

Featured below are extracts from negative customer reviews about Shell Energy posted over the past 4 days on Trustpilot. Visit the Shell Energy page on Trustpilot to view all reviews in their entirety, positive and negative (and Shell Energy responses). Watch out for any fake reviews. Note the reoccurring themes in the negative reviews, including difficulty in communicating with the company.

This article posted on 19 November 2020.

Appalling customer service

Appalling customer service. They’ll keep you on hold forever and then ditch the call.

Horrible company

They mess you round, can’t install meters properly, set you up for accounts without telling you, then pass your details to debt collection agencies.

Absolute disgusting how they treat…

Absolute disgusting how they treat customers had Lola giving me abuse working from home told me there was nothing they could do as I needed an engineer to come out to do work and because I work past 4pm they couldn’t help so I cancelled and got told £140 bill disgusting!

Customer services is beyond useless

Customer services is beyond useless. Emailed multiple times with no reply. Online chat always has queue of 80 or above. Whenever I ring been waiting over an hour. Also can not submit reading a bet the phone as the system is “undergoing maintenance”.

Worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Security deposit

I have very high credit check and on my address nearly 6 years .. i wanted to switch to shell energy and they asked me £300 security deposit … joke???

Omg what joke shell energy are

Omg what joke shell energy are. Lauren has replied to my review and has said keep liasing with my complaints handler? What the hell are you talking about? NOBODY has contacted me from shell, noone so to suggest i have had a contact with anyone is a joke!!! Thats the whole point, i seemingly dont exist in shells eyes and their total lack of any correspondence is insulting. Shame on all of you at Shell energy, you disgust me.

I pay £135.00 per month for gas and…

I pay £135.00 per month for gas and electric for a quasi semi. My account is £36.00 in credit and received an e/mail saying they were putting my payments up to £259.00 per month???? Cannot get through to them, they have ignored all my emails leaving me with no other option to transfer to another supplier. Good riddance to you. No loyalty to your long standing customers.

Appalling Customer Contact

I’m an 85yr widow who switched to Shell on 22nd August, through my Son in Law (who deals with my affairs). We first tried to contact Shell on 25th August but the call dropped out and their Agent never rang back. In early Sept we tried contact to their on-line chat where their Agent was off-hand, refused to verify my account and then left. Frustrated, on 5th Oct, we wrote a, poor, Trustpilot review to which they replied giving Dani as a contact and an email address. We sent weekly emails, still no reply. So on 5th Nov we posted a second poor review. Sara replied saying she had scheduled a call for Monday 9th to sort our issues. It’s now a week later, still NO contact from Shell. Shell demonstrate a lack of respect for their customers and no-one takes ownership of resolving issues.

Shell energy Be Very Wary.

I am disgusted with this utility company. Every few months I get emails telling me they are putting my monthly charges up. I am an 80 year old widow live alone and now pay £83 per month which means I am
In credit now they want me to increase my payments to £128 per month. Be very wary if any of you are thinking of changing you user supplier to them I have to spend most of my time emailing them as trying to talk to a human being is totally impossible. This is one of other reviews I have given about this company. Be warned.

Been with shell about 6 months all told…

Been with shell about 6 months all told now, moved out of my place about 3 months ago & bills still quite high!……tried to spk to shell to no avail, eventually sending email, no reply next correspondence just another txt saying bill due…..after 3 day ……,online chat over 80 I queue at all times obviously a lot of people not happy…… horrendous service!!!!!

I was migrated to shell from green Star…

I was migrated to shell from green Star as that is who my tenant was using. Service is shocking I can’t get through to anyone by phone. Communication via messenger is the most success I have had but even then they fill the message with jargon and ignore some of my questions. I have been passed to a collection company because I haven’t paid a bill but each time the bill is different and they want £230 for a one bedroom flat that has empty for 6 months!!!!! They haven’t changed the correspondence address as requested so all mail has been going to an occupied address yet they are demanding money. NEVER would I use this company.

Extremely poor service

Very Very poor I’ve been passed over to them from green star, I always pay bill when it’s due and neither of the last to payments have been credited to my account despite them both coming out of my bank, it has happened before and the last time I had to borrow an i phone to send them a copy of bank statement to prove I’d paid will they return my emails or phone me, no they just continue to bombard me with demands for payment, can’t wait to find better provider.

Broadband .poor service.hidden charges

No broadband help on weekends. Through the week your waiting and waiting. They didnt even check my line , just offered an engineer . Online sites poor, online help isnt any better , the virtual assistants rubbish.. to cap it all i gotta pay £ 15 to cease using them . I only used them as they bought out the company i was with !!! I Shouldnt be liable for this. Re comment by shell energy… look into what? The fact your not on line at weekends? Or the 15 quid your scamming??? Btw, iv already sent an email asking why your charging me, i got no reply… rob dogs
Edit.. they replied. Still charging me, and no excuse for the crap service. Nice…..

I feel nothing is being done about my query.

Still waiting for a transaction I made on the 20th of October 2020 and payment taken from my bank account on the 22nd of October to appear on my Shell account. Did get a reply about this from a assistant called Lauren. Thought i was getting somewhere with this matter. Contacted Chat help yesterday assistant called Maggie was helpful but i still feel that the missing payment which I have been informed has been found and is waiting to be allocated to my account is taking a very long time to but sorted out. How much longer is this going to take. I am seriously thinking about going to another Energy supplier once my present contract ends with Shell.

Shambles of a company

Now 2 months with shell energy non existent customer service I’ve spent hours on phone trying to speak to a customer advisor
Although I have smart meters fitted and had email saying they were now live they still managed to read them incorrectly.
After my last negative review of this shambles of a company received email from Sara from shell energy’s trust pilot team guess what after 2 emails I’ve not even had the curtesy of a reply if any one else is thinking of switching energy companies don’t choose shell energy


I set up a direct debit for my Energy bills, I had set it up for around £60-70 my monthly average usage.
One month they took that amount the following month the attempted to take over £200 out of my account without notice or any letter informing me. I then call to discuss the matter, they refused to return funds and stated I had authorised the direct debit. I informed the lady the direct debit was approved for the amount up to £70 , she informed me that due to arrears on account they were taking full payment, I asked if I was going to be informed at any point and she said no. They continue to bombard me with calls and messages, as I now need to make monthly payments myself. As I will not set up a direct debit from which they can take any amount of money they wish! TOTAL WASTE OF TIME with Crappy service! Very untrustworthy and terrible trading practices.

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